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What is Love?

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley

What is love

When you no longer have it

When you are no longer able

to reach out and grab it

Longing for a certain someone

who’s hundreds  of miles away

Sometimes you sit wondering

to yourself, thinking that

maybe you should have stayed?

Hoping that you’ll have the chance

to be reunited once again

Or maybe just see them

Even if it’s just a passing glance

Sitting next to yourself

wondering if they’ll be alright

Staying up, thinking

hard and long

Being deprived of sleep

Almost every night

Short stuff.

Posted: December 9, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

It never fails. Everyday she is picked on and teased because she is short and skinny. She’s called shorty, short stuff, midget. She is underweight, so people think she’s anorexic. She’s mastered the ability to play it off, but it will always hurt just a little. From school to her home, she can’t escape. She’s nothing more than someone to pick on, right? Just someone to bother when you’re bored. And that’s okay. Because through this she grows stronger. She learned there’s so much more to people than what’s on the outside. Beauty lies beneath the surface. She’s learned who she is a person. So continue to try to tear me down, and I’ll continue to build myself back up.

I’m Old Greg

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley




Muscular bodies mangled together

Both trying to prevail over one another

Both fighters going in and out

bobbing and weaving

With an occaisonal

right hook here,

a left jab there

And it seems as if both fighters

pants are too big,

because they are fighting over a belt

When I was Young at Home

Posted: December 9, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

When I was young at home, I climbed the hillside with my sister and cousins.We tied a yellow rope to the lamppost so we could climb up and slide back down.There was no place on us that wasn’t covered with dirt.

When I was young at home, I spent my days building dams with my aunts and uncles. We looked for salamanders and craw dads to put in our bucket along the way. My parents told me not to get wet, and of course I got completely soaked.

When I was young at home, I rode a mattress around the garden knocking down grass. I played softball until dark with my family. The garden was where I learned how to ride a bike and fly a kite.

When I was young at home, I spent Sundays and Wednesdays at my church. One year I was Mary in the Christmas play and forgot baby Jesus in his manger. During Easter, I found brightly colored eggs scattered everywhere.

When I was young at home, I practically stayed on my Aunt Abby’s back porch. I helped build fires and roast marshmallows for Randy until he couldn’t eat any more. The back porch is where mom put band aids all over me and laughed when I came back for another.

When I was young at home, I sat and listened to my family talk and laugh all night. I never wanted to be anywhere else, for I was surrounded by the people I love the most and that was always enough.

Beach Time Mission – To Do List

Posted: December 9, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Drive 8 hours to Myrtle Beach

Jam some music on the way there

Stop and get gas

Pack my things into the hotel

Take a walk on the beach

Go wade in the ocean

Lay out for a nice tan

Go back up to the room to get ready

Take a walk on broadway with all your friends

Meet new people

Go dance in Karma

Get shot hundreds of feet up in the air by the Sling Shot

Go shopping with all your friends

And take a late night swim at the hotel

Midnight walk on the shore

Return to bed

Nia, its time to get up. Your gonna be late for school

in the world today

Posted: December 9, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

in the world today,there’s a baby crying,while someone else is falling in love.

somewhere in the worl,there’s a flower blooming,that’s when people believe all things are possiable

there’s an angel dancing on the fluffy,snow white clouds to watch over and to help that flower grow

In the world today someone has lost there life due to a very bad sickness

and,people just dont understand whay GOD has a time for everyone to go home

the power source is getting weaker and almost gone a little child suffer’s

in the cold, dark night

would anyone help him

somewher ei n the world that flower is bloomed and has made difference in someone world,and finally,they believe in thereselfs


Posted: December 9, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

The dirt is everywhere,
surrounding the mound where I stand.
The cheers and screams coming from the stand
slowly come to a stop.
I wind up and release
and the batters out.

Once again the crowd is screaming and cheering,
it’s hard to concentrate, but I manage.
One more out and we win.
The pressures on.
It’s time to pitch.

I wind up, the first pitch whirls toward the batter.
The smack of the ball hitting the gloves,
lets me know it’s a strike.
The next one,
a strike also.
The crowds on the edge of their seats,
place back by a disappointing ball.
Then, the ball hits the glove,
and we win the game.

♥About you♥

Posted: December 9, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

this morning after you leaved me

i was thinking about you

hoping you was doing the same as me

i got to school a few ago,you tell me

“i love you”over text

with two hearts combined,it could change the world

and see how much we’re in love

to dropping rose petals

down a white norrow way

someday soon

waiting for that day

Its Just Me, the Bat, & the Ball

Posted: December 9, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Its just me, the bat, & the ball

The coaches may scream

The players may cheer

The umpire may yell strike one

But I don’t hear nothing at all

Its just silence, and concentration

The pitcher winds in motion and pitches the ball

Theres no ground balls being hit to me,

I don’t have to worry about making a good throw

No eager fans wanting me to make a dive to catch a fly ball

Its just me, the bat, & the ball

I slowly watch the ball as it comes my way

I take a step

Swing the bat

Follow through

I watch the ball soar through the air


Dark Cloud

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley, Uncategorized
Far in the east there is a dark cloud

away in the distance

I can see the gloomy giant coming closer

I tried to run

but in this dream I walked

I can see it, hear it, and feel it

destroying everything in its path

everything was gone in an instant

I know the things I have lost

during that day of epic proportions

But it seems as time ticks away

I lose more

If the dark cloud were a man

and the world a woman

all I would say is,

She fears him

But for the cloud to be so dark

it brings no rain,

a dry dream

sending everything into a miserable drought

Taking, but never giving

But if not for this dastardly cloud

bringing destruction and agony

Where would this writing be?

I would not be writing these lines

We would be having a celebration

because the world would be joyus

But things just don’t happen that way

And with a few strokes of ink,

I retold the tale

of the Dark Cloud

Far in the east

When She Was Fifteen.

Posted: December 9, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

When I was fifteen, I believed the world revolved around me, and nobody else mattered. I believed that the most important thing in life was having the most up-to-date electronics or going out with friends. I believed that I was the most intelligent person in  the world, and nobody would ever know as much as I did. I believed I could make a difference. I could be anything and everything I wanted to be: a nurse, a lawyer, a cop. I thought we were rich because I always had what I needed, and  I never went without having the things I wanted. I believed that the world was fair, and all people in this world were good people. I thought I knew what hard work was. During the day, I spent my time working at school. In the evenings, I worked two hours helping children with their homework. After working ten long hours on school each day, I came home to a clean house, clean room, clean clothes, a hot dinner, and no mother. She’d just left for her twelve-hour shift at work. When I was fifteen, I thought I knew it all. I knew nothing.


Posted: December 9, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

The field is rough, rough, rough

The air is thick to the taste

The sweat running down my flesh

They line the field up with chalk

Intensity begins to build up in everyone

They make the finishing touches

I know the game is bound to begin.


Posted: December 9, 2011 by aburroway in AdamB

The words came down like a hammer to his heart

He had no clue

He had no reason

Oblivious to all that was around him.

Without a doubt it cut clean through

He had no idea.

Confusion set forth

Shock struck like lightning

I’ve this many times before

The inability to capture the attention of what he is doing.

Unknowingly walking the fine line of fun and hurt

The victim sits by keeping his thoughts to himself.

He suddenly stands up

The others are left in shock.

The Challenge

Posted: December 9, 2011 by aburroway in AdamB

The food was being prepared

As we eagerly awaited at our table.

Some were calm, some sweaty, some fearing for their lives.

The food came out

Triple atomic wings, hotter than the hottest.

Each piece stared at me with a sinister look

As it looked up from my plate.

On the count of three we took our first bite.

Eating furiously like a hungry dog,

Stopping would only make it worse.

I felt no pain.

Were these a joke?

Then into my third one,

It suddenly hit.

The pain growing and growing

I pushed through.

When I was done I was okay

Until the day after.

My Daddy Always Wanted

Posted: December 9, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

My daddy always wanted a talented little girl,

A softball star!

I had convinced myself I wanted to play

and I loved it… At first.

But then daddy stressed the importance of practice, practice, practice everyday.

I was only eight and was doing it for my benefit

Then quickly it changed to me doing it for him, and there was no option for if I wanted to play

I had to

Daddy says he’s only hard on me to make me better.

After years of playing, I finally got burnt out on it

but still

quitting was not an option.

I am now 16 and still stuck with this sport until I’m 18.

And yes, Daddy was right,

being hard on me had made me a great player

but when will he ever understand that these are not my intentions for my future?