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Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

The lonely walk down

the aisle of truth

to my light of judgment

shreds my nerves and

collapses my heart and lungs.

Harsh ears and eyes wait their turns

just as I waited mine to

serve myself up on a silver platter.

Then it begins.

Each word spills out of my mouth

like a waterfall into the ocean;

each drop is so insignificant

but adds to a greater cause.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

This tragedy is like no other,

My road is bound by the

Rails of dark reason.

Icy visions from the past

Reply for the future.

Something was lost,

Yet nothing was found.

Unhappy and at home

Like a fly to my mother.

She opened the door and

Smacked me out.

I was free as the wind

Free to stay in everyone’s home.

Her ghost lingers with me,

So I never really feel alone.

There’s is some comfort in believing that

But in our hearts we know

We are all inevitably alone.

What does a cat know?

Posted: May 30, 2014 by riki244 in RikiW

What does a cat know?

Bugs and grass

Cuddling, playing fetch

There name and loyalty

The way it feels to run free

Hunting between the tall trees

Who loves there owner and keeps secrets

That’s what a cat knows.

July reminiscences

Posted: May 30, 2014 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW

Dad and I sat downstairs in the damp smelling room while the neighbors casually worked to carry my aunt’s bedroom set down the 16 steps I’d counted time and time again. Dad looked at me nervously while I scrolled through myspace as if it were actually interesting. A beautiful melody escaped from behind the rocking chair. I looked back to find my father strumming ever so carelessly. I shut my laptop and scooted out of the leather chair, hoping he wouldn’t notice my sudden interest. My dad was always the kind of beautiful that everyone enjoyed to look at and appreciate. “Coldplay,” the hidden smile behind his long hair whispered. I smiled goofily at him while my mother danced down the stairs; she ran over to me and grabbed my hand, pulling me off of the hard concrete ground. It began, the deep humming my father exposed and the high pitch bells from my mom. “He played this for me when we had nothing to worry about,” she danced around me.

That’s how I want to remember my parents.
Genuinely happy and in love.
So I smiled.

With You by Lexi Morgan

Posted: May 30, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

With you,
I found my place.
Anything we do,
As long as I’m with you,
I’m home.
With you,
I feel happy.
Driving with you,
Sights I’ve seen a hundred times fell new,
And I feel happy.
With you,
Nothing hurts.
I can fall all day,
But when I hit the ground,
A smile on my face, I say,
“I love you.”


Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

I’m running

in a foggy haze.

The sky is a bright pinkish purple color.

The gravel under my feet is slippery;

I stumble.

But I keep going.

Running and running,

I don’t know what toward.

Maybe I’m after that falling star

at the far end of the sky.

Perhaps, the leprechaun’s pot of gold

is hidden among the trees.

Or maybe I’m searching for the untouchable spot

where the sun meets the moon in a changing of the guards.

I just keep running

toward something,

or maybe nothing.

I pull my jacket hood over my eyes.

I’m in a dark jungle

oblivious to the dangers lurking around me.

I feel a pounce on my shoulder…

I pull the hood back

and awake with a start.

Wake up little girl.

It’s time to go to work.

Sandy Hook Poem

Posted: May 30, 2014 by riki244 in RikiW

Blood and sorrow

Run through my trunk

20 leaves have fallen

20 leaves have died

December 14th 2012 is the day innocence was taken with a shotgun

I am a sad tree

With no reason to be