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Posted: March 15, 2011 by travisplumley in TravisP

He just stands there

with the bloody knife in his hands,

hovering over top his victim

As the adrenalin courses through his vains

the bursting shock of reality,

of what just conspired,



Falling to his knees,

praying to his illforgoten god

a god, until now, he has never admired

He needs help,

he needs salvation,

from the situation

he has now found himself in


All of the drugs

and all of the long nights

have utterly altered his personality

A feeling he hasn’t felt in awhile

hits him like a tsunami wave

and crashes down



But as he failed to realize,



The sirens squeal and flash,

he knows whats coming

he sees a gun,

picks it up,

and puts it to his head….



And it’s all over

Life Kills

Posted: March 8, 2011 by travisplumley in TravisP

No matter how much I try to stay

I feel this invisible force

pulling me, tugging me away

I’m wrapped up in conflict

and feeling so astray

from my former self

The happy-go-lucky guy

that was once me

has turned into a sentimental freak

holding on to everything

that reminded me

of how I used to be

of how life used to be

And now I find myself

wrapped up in nothingness

which kills more

Hopes, Dreams, and Lives

Than Cancer Itself

Distant Reality

Posted: March 7, 2011 by travisplumley in TravisP

Somewhere in this world

there is a life beyond this

Where everything is portrayed in dreams

Where nothing is as it seems

Then one after the other

the earths buds start to die

Then I think to myself,

“This place is one big lie…”

One Mans Death Is Another Mans Bounty

Posted: March 7, 2011 by travisplumley in TravisP

The fight for survival

tears the nation to ruins

As the walls begin to crumble,

as do the hopes and dreams of the innocent youth.

It is a place where everyday,

is a battle.

A place where

one mans death,

is another mans bounty.

People want to believe again

but belief is a graveyard.

They just can’t help them selves

with their addictions.

Walking around fixated,

dressed in black.

They are wishing

that their life story

was fiction.

Never to be Loved

Posted: December 2, 2010 by travisplumley in TravisP

I wanted to show you the moon

but your eyes were filled with tears

I wanted to give you the stars

but you said it was impossible

I wanted you to ride the Milky Way with me

but you said you were scared of heights

I wanted to give you the world

But you said you already  had one on your shoulders

Winter is A Plague

Posted: December 1, 2010 by travisplumley in TravisP

Winter is coming

slowly but surely

everyone is waiting

for a flurry

Time to hide

time to kill

Everything in its path

A Fight for His Life

Posted: December 1, 2010 by travisplumley in TravisP

He was running as far as he could

going fast, as fast as a crack head’s heart beat

All his troubles were catching up to him

There was almost no way out of it

but to maybe jump states

But he couldn’t bring himself

It seemed as if it were a dream

and he was on a treadmill

trying to run away

Going no-where fast