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When he was thirteen, he believed there was no better age, even though he found out later there was. He was a teenager, that was all that counted. His dad let him rifle hunt on his own for the first time, float the river without him, and even run a chainsaw by himself, but only if his mom couldn’t hear it. He could ride his four-wheeler were ever he wanted to in the mountains. The first time he done that he thought he was lost behind his own house, just because his dad wasn’t there, and with him he traveled the same road time and again without his father’s guidance. Thirteen, he found out, isn’t sixteen or seventeen. He couldn’t drive or go anywhere without someone that could, and even though he is sixteen going on seventeen, he still doesn’t have his license. So I don’t know why he is complaining about to me for.

“My Rambling Autobiography”

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“My Rambling Autobiography”

When I was eleven, I believed that Santa Clause might still be real. I only worried about silly things, such as what I was going to have to eat, or what game I was going to play next .I understood that I can’t always have the brighter things in life. But no matter what I believed that there was no such thing as a bad day. When I was eleven I believed that life was only, worth living through one little tiny step at a time.

When I was eleven, I knew it was alright to go to bed late knowing I had to get up early.

I endured then what seemed to be horrible things, but looking back now it was actually nothing.

When I was eleven everyone I encountered was best friend if they so much as said hello.

When I was eleven, I lived life to the fullest and was at times considered to be crazy. I got along with everyone in my family. I enjoyed family gatherings. I miss talking about what used to be.

I remember playing day after day in 101 degree weather. And all the times I helped my mom rock my newly born baby sister to sleep at night.

Looking back know, there was really never a bad side to the story of my childhood. It helps me a lot knowing that I can still remember everything about my childhood. But it also bothers me knowing that I maybe changed the wrong way. But I know in my heart that in everything I do I do with Jesus by my side. So as you can see I hopefully changed for the best after all. Maybe Someday I can look back on my life as a 15 year old teen instead of and 11 year old child and feel the same sense of joy…

Cara Simpkins

Just Me, the Deer, and the Shot

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Just Me, the Deer, and the Shot

It’s just me, the deer, and the shot

The deer may run

The wind may blow

The snow may be thick

But, I can still shoot

I’ve got five shells

No obstacles in my way

No snow in my scope

The deer haven’t saw me yet

No body scent blowing in the wind

It’s just me, the gun, and the shot

I slowly raise the gun

Flick the safety button off

Smell the warm, moist gunpowder


Running In The Dark

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Is it always me

Who gets stuck in these

Situations I can’t find

Ammo or grenades monsters

Keep following and I

Can’t find my partner he’s

Probably doing better than

Me I think something brushed

My leg and I still have no

Ammo maybe this flash bang

Would work oh my gosh

It did legs move faster

Almost to the door the

Door slams shut behind

me and all I hear is


“Isn’t this one big family reunion?”


Why do I feel as if my nightmare has just begun?

“Just Me, My Heart, and a Dream”

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It’s just me, my heart, and a dream

friends have their doubts,

Family dreams otherwise

They all try to talk me out of it

But I don’t acknowledge them

I keep on believing

No doubts

No changes

No regrets

My mind is set, and my heart is pure

Just me. my heart, and a dream

I take off running

I stumble

I fall




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Riley TMB 3

I asked you to go hunting

Because you were my papaw

I handed you your rifle,

But you just shook your head

I guess I just didn’t realize you weren’t able to go.

I ask if you wanted to ride the truck around the hills

You said, “Lets go”

Then I asked if it would be like this forever

You said, “No”

Then I started to cry

I didn’t want to lose you

But that day came anyway

And you just don’t know

How it would make me feel

Just to see you

One more time.

Depression by Cara Simpkins

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Comes quickly, drags by.

That is pretty much the way it works out for me.

One minute you are happy and smiling.

 The next you are completely down and out.


Each moment that passes by,

Seems like you are desperate for a breath.

You cannot satisfy your hungry self.


It is all because of you O’ burdensome heartbreaker.

Woe you to have to see me this way.

So down and out.


These feelings I am having have a name.

The dreaded point in every teen’s life,


By Cara Simpkins 9.28.09




Justin By Cara Simpkins 10.6.09

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I tried to make you see.

But you just shut your eyes.

I gave you my whole heart.

But you just threw it back at me.

I offered you my whole world.

But you wouldn’t accept it.

I loved you like no one else could have.

But apparently it was not enough for you.

I put on happy face for you.

I offered you my happiness.

I tried to show that I loved you.

But there was no breaking through that thick wall surrounding that thing you call a heart.

So I cried.

And you didn’t seem to care.

I can only ask for one thing back.
Justin all I ask for is,


Cara Simpkins  10.6.09


Lion Heart By Jessica B.

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I have a heart that can be broken 
So I’ll guard it like a precious jewel.

No one will get through my rock hard shell.

No one will shatter this jewel to pieces.


But then you come along and put on a charade.

You get my barriers down with cute little lines and I unfortunately fall.


Fall deep.


Fall hard.


Fall fast.


I thought I was smart when I gave you that heart-cut jewel.

 You even put on a good act for three months.


And then you broke it.



Shattered it.



Destroyed it.



It felt like a knife had cut me as I stared at the pieces on the floor.

 Then you walked away and I cried for awhile.

 Not for you, but to myself for being so stupid as to trust you.


Now over 365 days have gone by and I finished repairing my jewel.

 But one thing is missing.

 The shard you took with you.

“Stars” by:Cara Simpkins

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I am a sparkle.

Who doesn’t shine all the time.

I rather shine when it is convenient to me.

I am happy and radiant.

Though to several they see me as sadness.


I twinkle in the darkest hour.

I disappear with the break of day.

I see things most will never see.

And marvel at things others see that I do not.


Don’t compare me to the bright blissfulness of the sun.

It is far too grand.


Don’t compare me to the bright blissfulness of the moon, that doesn’t shine so bright.

Yet both are still more marvelous than I.

I am not a cloud which drifts by and by.

I am but a star.

I have my time to shine.

And have my time to just disappear.

I may be small to the eye.

But to those who know me

I am grand.


Some think I serve no purpose.

But if they only knew what I were capable of,

They might think otherwise


Though I sometimes stop shining in the morning hours.

There will be other days.

Other days when it’s not so much my time to twinkle.

It is my time to shine!

-Cara Simpkins 10.1.09


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              A Pine TMB

I am a pine

I stand tall and firm

No matter how much wind


I am made of tough bark on the outside

 hard, sticky wood on the inside

I am stronger than most other trees around me

Unlike a willow,

I don’t bend and let others topple over me


As I become older

 I only become stronger

Unlike others

 who become brittle

and uproot with the slightest breeze

Mother Nature doesn’t get me down

I stay green and active

 no matter the season

All of my neighbors become dormant

 lifeless with no activity

I stay bright and strong all year


Even the wildlife found out I am no Hickory

 squirrels get gummed up as they try to get my pine cones

deer, bear, and coyote get poked and jabbed by my long and sharp spurs

They can’t live off of me

like they can a walnut or beach tree.

I have no food to offer them.

That is why I am always green and strong

all year round.

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November 23 TMB

First morning of rifle season

   alarm blaring, 4:15 a.m.

   at the house deep in the Mongalia National Forest

Bacon and eggs frying

   coffee in hand

Dad and the guys still asleep

   getting up soon after

Forks and knives scraping plates

   The Andy Griffith Show blaring in the living room

Setting down to get another moment of rest

    While everybody is donning camo and orange vests

Loading the 30-06 deer rifle

     Boots waiting at the door

Outside bundled up

     five degree wind-chill

Trekking deeper into the mountains

     each passing moment

All just before sunrise

All just before sunrise

Each passing moment

     Trekking deeper into the mountains

Five degree wind-chill

      Outside bundled up

Boots waiting at the door

    Loading the 30-06 deer rifle

While everyone dons camo and orange vests

     Setting down to get another moment of rest

The Andy Griffith Show blaring in the living room

     Forks and knives scraping plates

Getting up soon after

     Dad and the guys still asleep

Coffee in hand

     Bacon and eggs frying

 At the house deep in the Mongalia National Forest

     Alarm blaring 4:15 a.m.

     First morning of rifle season

Home..3:50 pm, By Cara Simpkins

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HOME 3:50 PM


Afternoon is excitement, long awaited enthusiasm

My mom’s tender voice my dad’s blunt reassurance

The laughter of my two sisters (who care more than any)

A zero percent stress level, Soothing even to the most bitterness.

  The sound of the gravel as we pull into the driveway

The opening if that white steel door

To the happiness that would feel my heart in seconds


  Loveliness to the scent of moms clean house

I’d waited so intently to encounter.

                      -Cara Simpkins 9.17.09

My Spcecial Most Sacred Place. By: Jessica Ball

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In mornings

You’ll find me there

Groaning as I’m made to get up.


In evenings

You’ll see me there

Laughing at every little thing.


Sometimes, you’ll see me there in the middle of the day.

Just laying and sleeping

Resting my sick head.


This place is my room

And to me it’s neat.

It has all the little secrets I like to keep.


If the walls could talk

They would tell you a tale

About all the things that go on in my lair.


From sitting and laughing

Jumping and cheering

Crying and yelling

To being startled and screaming.


So many emotions lie trapped in four walls.

A skeleton or two remain locked in the closet.


Ten years of memories stay shut up tight

In case I want to remember the good

The bad

And the extremely ugly.


But no matter what

I think it’s plain to see.

My room is the most special sacred place

To me.

Tragic Changes by Cara Simpkins

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Someone who was there

Now seems so far away.

Though they might be right beside me I feel like their miles away.


I believed in my heart I may have finally found love.

But that live soon turns into hate.

I told them my whole heart.

I knew the only way to describe what we had was happiness.


Then in the midnight hour,

Everything began to change.

I can no longer trust him.

He and I can no longer bear to hear each other’s names.


It breaks my heart to know that someone I once held so close.

                                                         He is now slowly slipping away. 

                                                Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find that kind of happiness again.

I have benefitted one thing out of this heart breaking experience that I will hide in my heart forever.


                          When you think you love someone, give yourself time to know for sure,

                            If you are going to be left heart broke in the end just like I was.

                           I will probably never understand how or even why this happened,

                        But I do know one thing for sure, and that is that the love I felt for him,

                      Was so strong that I will never love anyone else the way I loved him.

                                                                                            -Cara Simpkins 9/25/2009