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A Subtle Indignity

Posted: March 18, 2011 by BrandonConley in BethanyC

I watch you weep from across the room.
Counting the tears as they tumble, one by one, down your cheek.
Good tear, bad tear.
Tears are simply catalysts for memories.
Bad memories bring you to tears
And good memories keep them flowing.
Good tear, bad tear.
They’re all gathering upon the fabric below, as if congregating for some communal offering.
And I can’t help but wonder about their intentions…

We martyrs, we struggle through life.
Sluggishly executing that which is thought to be irrelevant.
Formulating theories and equations…attempts to justify our existence
Through letters and numbers lacking color.
Lacking merit.
Innate behaviors, to us, seem alien.
Futile attempts to survive seem to extort themselves of depth.
But we do not cry.
No good tears or bad tears.
No offerings from the fabric of our shirts.
Maybe we’re wrong.

Our cheeks do not burn with theatrical self-involvement.
Our eyes never redden with the cold ignominy of defeat.
And if we are wrong,
I suppose we’ll keep running. Every step separating us from normalcy.

And if you’re wrong…
I suppose you’ll keep crying.
As if it can mold reality into something more bearable.
A smaller pill; sugar with a spoonful of medicine.


True Love

Posted: October 10, 2010 by bethanyncarter in BethanyC

And quietly she said to herself :

“When I wanted you , why were you never there ?

When I cried for you , why weren’t you there to put my heart back together ?

When I need you the most , why weren’t you ever there ?

Why , when I told you how much I loved you , you walked away as if you didn’t even care ?”

He walked up behind her , as he reached for her hand , he said :

“When you wanted me , I was always right there .

When you cried for me , I was there wiping your tears .

When you needed me the most , I needed you just as bad .

And when you told me how much you love me , I was just so in shock that you care for me just as much as I care for you .

The truth is you mean everything to me and I love and think about you twice as much as you do me !”

He reached down and kissed her hand , and walked away together .