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Posted: May 5, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

Anger fluttered.

When anger arises, where does it come from?

Does it flow like a river?

Or does it rise like the sea?

Does it fall like rain?

Or does it explode, like fireworks in the sky on a hot summers night?


Posted: May 5, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

You end

Soon winter will come to an end

But before that it must begin

The short chilly days that only

End with long cold nights

Your days go by with the blink of an eye

But your nights pass in years of quicksand

You will end

We all do in time

Within Her

Posted: May 3, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

Within her there is a fire burning bright

Brighter than the sun

Brighter than the moon and all the stars


Deep down inside her so deep, so hidden

There is a LOVE

But for what

Why does she hold it so deep even though it burns so bright

That she never lets anyone see

It’s not like she wants it this way

It’s not like she doesn’t want anyone to see


Every time she pulls open her rib cage to play for them a melody

They are to distracted by the smoke to realize what she has just done


Posted: May 3, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

When she scribbled

Words were no longer just words

They were Feelings


When she scribbled

She could make words into worlds

When she scribbled

She made you feel.




Posted: May 3, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

When dreams mix with road dust

You absolutely realize

One split second can change

Your whole life

Change the way you think about everything

Change the way you you view your responsibilities

Change how you see tomorrow

Change the way you treat others

Change how you react to situations


It is when your rainbow ends

You find out what you are made of


Just how STRONG you can be!

About Time Somebody old Me

Posted: May 3, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

It’s about time that somebody told me this…

I am smart.

I am talented.

I am going to succeed in life; because I am crazy enough to try.

I will achieve my dreams; after all dreaming is a form of planning.

I am pretty; Just not like everyone else.

I am going to get through this; it’s just another bump in the beautiful journey called life.

I am enough; maybe not for everyone, but for myself.

I am a blunt person, and there is nothing wrong with that. People can get over it.

I am awesome.

I am a good person.

I am a  good daughter.

I am a good listener; for those who need someone to care.

I am me, and there is no one I would rather be.

You Couldn’t

Posted: April 21, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

I tried to talk to you about the good ole days

But you couldn’t remember


I tried to let you help me make baked spaghetti

But you couldn’t breathe


I tried to make a quilt with you

But your hands were just too shaky to hold the needle and thread


I asked you to tell me a story about your childhood

But you couldn’t get your words straight


I wanted to go swimming with you one last time

But you couldn’t get out of bed anymore

You couldn’t walk any longer


I tried so hard to think that you would get better

I tried to have hope

I tried to have faith

But you just got worse


Oh what I would give to hear you call me “Nanny’s Baby” just one more time

As I lay awake at night remembering the good ole days, hoping for some miracle that you will get better, longing to go back to those summer days of us swinging on the porch, I start to cry.


I cry.

I don’t cry because those times are over.

I cry because of all the things you just couldn’t do anymore.








Posted: April 20, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

Time is your choice

You choose how it’s spent

Whether all your time is spent being happy or sad

Ultimately it’s your choice


That’s what they all say

That is what we all have been told our whole lives

But now

I think it’s time we change that


It’s not always our choice how our time is spent

There are always things that happen

Stuff always gets in the way


Our time spent is our choice

Or so the say


Time is happiness and joy

Time is sorrow and heartbreak

Time is love and laughter

Time is pain, but time is also laughter

Time is all the little things in life


One day when its all too late

We find out that the so called

Little things weren’t so little


Time is what we make it

Or so they say



Time is endless

Time is the best days, and time is the worst days

Time is everything we are

Time is everything we are made of

Time is the three a.m. calls from your best friend

Time is taking care of your great-grandmother

Time is anxiety

Time is depression

Time is Beauty

So yeah

they were right

Time is what we make it so make the most of your time!