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A Slice of Life- Kelsey Crum

Posted: March 27, 2013 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

What’s as confusing as everyday life in general?

Can be as smooth as honey?

Then, hard as a rock?

Comes quickly,

But with no way to control it?

Can take you places you’ve never seen,

Or leave you right where you stand?

Just when you think you know the answer,

Someone pulls the rug from under your feet.

Older, wiser people

Always try to give advice,

Sometimes, it just makes matters worse.

Don’t stress about it too much.

Because in the blink of an eye,

It’s done and over with.

It’ll all be in the past.

A slice of life called


I Asked To Forget About You- Kelsey Crum

Posted: March 27, 2013 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

I asked to forget about you,

But you still pop up in my mind.

I gave you all I could give,

But in the end it wasn’t enough.

I gave you everything you wanted,

But you were never happy.

I gave you my heart,

But you ended up shattering it.

I tried to make things work,

To not be so upset,

To just keep trying,

Nothing ever worked.

So I gave up,

Which depressed me,

You don’t know

How much your words hurt me.

And you don’t know

That my heart still longs for you

Even though my mind screams, “NO!”

You don’t know

How much you mean to me.

If you would at least

Tell me how you feel,

Instead of being distant,

It would give me closure

Just to know how you feel.

I asked to forget about you,

But my heart won’t let me.

Words You’ll Never Hear- Kelsey Crum

Posted: March 27, 2013 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

You slipped through my grasp

Like sand through an hourglass

How did I let you go?

I love you, I miss you

But you’re in someone else’s arms

And with tears threatening to pour from my eyes

Like an ocean

I say words that you’ll never hear.

Forget the words I said when we parted

The feelings are still 100% there for me,

But you say no, they aren’t there for you anymore.

How did I let this happen again?

If I could give you anything,

I would take everything I could find,

Every star in the sky,

Every drop of the salty ocean,

Every single blade of grass,

Every ray of sunshine on a bright summer morning,

So you will never go without,

So maybe you’ll understand

That I love you way more than she ever will,

She’s a child,

She’ll break your heart,

Again, I’m saying

Words you’ll never hear.


Posted: March 26, 2013 by katlynmollett in KatlynM

I am backed up against a wall.

How can a five letter word hurt so much?


It knocks the air out of my lungs

 causing me to  gasp for air, and I collapse on the ground.

Teary eyes look down at me

“She’ll be okay” they mutter

 trying to convince me but also themself.

My eyes look up at them disconnected.

My body goes cold, and my vision is blurred.

My body is a shell for this cold soul to dwell.

I am alone.

I am alone.

When my back is up against the wall,

it is the only support I have.

This Morning

Posted: March 26, 2013 by Ethan G in EthanG

Yesterday was but a dream, a hazy memory of a reality in which only moments remain. At this moment, however, I remember every feeling and every image of this morning: trudging to the shower, trudging from the shower, collapsing on the bed, hearing beloved melodies, dressing hastily, feeling the warmth of a car after being exposed to cold and disheartening weather which sent chills to my soul, all the little moments of unimportance.

Beginning of the End

Posted: March 26, 2013 by vjbc21 in VivanC

Everything has a beginning.

A sudden stillness,

Empty and alone.

Always searching for something.

Someone to hear you.

Life is always changing,

And leaving us crawling to catch up.

It’s your choice to stand.

Scared to risk,

Yet scared to be alone.

Time is a forceful wind,

Blowing you away.

You can throw your punches,

But it still knocks you down.

Your life is only a breath of time.

Everything has an end.

Most Memorable Day in My Life

Posted: March 26, 2013 by kaileed7 in KaileeD

365 days in a year. In which I have fifteen. Fifteen years and so many days to pick my most memorable.

The day I rode my bicycle without training wheels? The day I ran on a sandy beach for the first time? The day I met my little, baby brothers? The day I swam all by myself? The first day of high school? The day I turned fifteen?

There are so many days to choose from. How to pick just one? Bits and pieces of the memories remain in my head. I will remember and cherish them for as long as I can. It is always nice to relive moments of the past.