My Daddy Always Wanted

Posted: December 9, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

My daddy always wanted a talented little girl,

A softball star!

I had convinced myself I wanted to play

and I loved it… At first.

But then daddy stressed the importance of practice, practice, practice everyday.

I was only eight and was doing it for my benefit

Then quickly it changed to me doing it for him, and there was no option for if I wanted to play

I had to

Daddy says he’s only hard on me to make me better.

After years of playing, I finally got burnt out on it

but still

quitting was not an option.

I am now 16 and still stuck with this sport until I’m 18.

And yes, Daddy was right,

being hard on me had made me a great player

but when will he ever understand that these are not my intentions for my future?

  1. briannaadkins says:

    This piece makes me feel like you’re stuck in a hard spot. It’s really good.