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Posted: May 20, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized

I lay in bed wondering what went wrong

Wondering what I could have done to prevent this from happening

I lie in my bed tears burning my young, pale skin

I’m only 15, why does all this happen at such a young age

I try to understand what happening, but it doesn’t make sense

Why do the adults have to lie and cheat

Aren’t we all taught to tell the truth and be fair?

So, why do all of these bad things happen

My feelings are confused; I use to trust you

My other parent now gone and forgotten

I made the right decision, but now it’s just my mom and I

I hope you remember all the nights you allowed me to lay and cry.


Posted: May 20, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized
He was the one who made me laugh, but could make me cry. He was the one who stole my heart, but gave it back broken. He was the one who swept me off my feet, but threw back on the ground. He was the one who had the looks, personality, and the fame, but was too full of himself to see the ones who cared. He was the one I confided everything into, yet he turned and used it against me. He was suppose to be my,” Forever and Always,” but yet he walked away leaving me behind. He was the other half to my story, but now I’m here having to rewrite the ending.

Above the Clouds

Posted: May 19, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized

If I could float above the clouds

What would I find

Lost Love?

Broken pieces?

Would I discover the truth

of why you no longer love me?

Or maybe why I wasn’t good enough…

Above the clouds you couldn’t get to me

I’d be weightless

Uncontrolled by your bitterness and lies

Flying in the sky, I wouldn’t see or hear you

You would be a whisper lost in the wind

But even in the sky you’d be the clouds, you’d be the storm

The thunder upsetting the peace and beauty

So I’ll saunter on the ground below

trying not to let my true feelings show


My Dark Side

Posted: April 25, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized

There’s a place within me that no one ever sees

The dark side that doesn’t try to please

I keep it hidden under lock and key

That way nothing can ever get to me

I stress, get angry, and feel pain

But I hide for other people’s gain

So I’ll put on a smile and flash a brave face

Yet nobody knows how horrible my case

Just Another Heartbreak

Posted: April 13, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized

Just three simple words was all it took

I love you……

We’ve spent time apart, but it’s like nothing’s changed

I can’t keep my thoughts or eyes off of you

We are forbidden to speak, forbidden to love

My heart is breaking the longer we venture apart

Does he still love me?

Does he still care?

Or would it all go back to the sadness and anger we shared?

I’ve had relationships since you and I were an,” us”

But, no matter how many others come and go you’re the one I can’t let go

Just three simple words are all I feel

I love you……

And only you


Posted: April 12, 2016 by alexisp21 in AlexisP, Uncategorized

They are the,”Perfect ones”

They’re the ones with all the fame and fortune

The ones who have it all

The ones who walk with their noses high and their ego’s higher

They are the ones who don’t notice us…

We are the ones who don’t get noticed or stand out in a crowd

We aren’t considered,”The most attractive,” or,” The cool kids”

We are the ones who stand by each other and don’t judge others by what they have

We aren’t seen as,” The perfect ones,” but we are close enough.