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controversial topic by Kelli

Posted: May 18, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli

Hunting is now such a controversial topic. Its either people 100% disagree, 100% agree, or could honestly care less. I, however, agree with hunting. I love the watching the excitement rise from people from the preparation, scouting, and the final hunt. It’s all so common to me. My dad has hunted for as long as I can remember; I guess someone could say I was raised in the sticks. But, I can’t call myself a hunter, because I’ve only went squirrel hunting a couple times and I was too loud and never killed anything. I can see hunting in my future one day though, especially with a bow. Not so much a gun; they scare me. The pulling back of the string, release on my wrist, finger on the trigger ready to pull. It’s all such a rush to me.

Save by Kelli

Posted: May 13, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli, Uncategorized
Save that picture in your memory
go back to that chilly night
remember the blanket of stars over your head


Save his words in your memory

go back to them

play them in your head over and over

disect each word


Remember the look in his eyes

on that 23rd night of April

they were blue as they’ve ever been


Remember the feeling of your first hug as an official couple

remember the amount of comfort you felt

remember the feeling of stress lifting off your shoulders




Falling by Kelli

Posted: May 11, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli

Someone is falling in love. Her actions and emotions show it. A smile never leaves her face and she refuses to let a tear run down her cheek. Her days are now so bright and cheerful, never having a dull moment. She finally found the missing piece to her life long puzzle, someone who makes each day worth waking up to.

Someone is falling in love and throughout the process she has learned to forgive and forget, but most of all she has learned to never regret.

When I was Young by Kelli

Posted: May 10, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli

When I was young in Whitman Creek

The alley was my limits, and my bike was my way of freedom.

Tag you’re it and hide-n-seek were my ultimate thrills and watching cartoons with dad on Saturday mornings made my week.


When I was young in Whitman Creek

hunting, fishing, and fourwheeler riding were common activities, and the mountains were my security.


When I was young in Whitman Creek

I found out what was important in life. The mountains made me who I am today.

The Best Time of Day

Posted: May 8, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli

Summer day is…

A lawn mower

Freshly cut grass


A grill

Filled with slightly burned hot dogs

Flames dancing all around


A wind chime

Playing soft melodies

Blowing in the warm breeze


The blossomed flowers

Heavy with pollen

Creating a heavenly scent


In the pool

Waves crashing

My float rocking hysterically


Waspers ambushing

Hovering over mom’s shoulders

Buzzing by her ears


The roar of four-wheelers

Clinging to the asphalt

                                                           Kelli Akers