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An unexpected turn

an unruly fight

A horse that never ceases to burn

out all of its energy over night


A castle wall protects

the king and his prince

from the world that respects

a lack of common sense


The nobles relinquish the claims of foul play

and feed the people lies

while the commoners were forced to pay

and drop off like flies





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you stand there

in the open door way

watching as the smiling faces pass through

No hesitation

Or fear

But you?


you stand there

Paralyzed by your own Fears

Your. IRRATIONAL. Fears.

Get over them!

The bond that once held you together has been slowly depleting for a while now.

But you refuse to accept it.


The thought of not succeeding creeps into your mind.

The thought of being The First.

but not.

It overwhelms you.

One Shot.

that’s all you get.

You realize

What’s the point in even trying?

It will Always end the same.

With you

Spiraling down that dark, empty tunnel

All over again.

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Where is my heart?

The answer is….

I don’t know.

But I can tell you where it’s not.

My heart isn’t in it to win it.

My heart isn’t focused on greed.

My heart isn’t in medicine

Or law.

My heart isn’t where it should be.

But that’s only because where it should be..

Isn’t where it wants to be.

So what does one do when their mind is in the middle of a civil war?

Left vs right.

Creative vs analytical.

Which side do you choose?

I don’t know.

And neither does my heart.


Judgement’s Failure

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Don’t go any further.

He will get you with his cold bony fingers.

He grabs you.

Pulling you deep into the abyss.

A train whistle sounds.

But you missed it.

Horses hooves pound against the concrete.

Unrecognizable faces pass by.

Energy surges through you.

Bricks crumble

And an icy wind freezes your soul.

Rain blocks your vision.

Cries of agony fill your ears.

Whips thrash behind your head.

Low grumbles erupt.

Sourcing heat suffocates you.

Scales wrap around you.

An finally.

Freezing cold cools you.

The pain seeps away.

And numbness takes over.

Why do the worst crimes receive the least punishment?

I am…

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I am undecided and afraid.

I wonder about the person I’ll become.

I hear the advice of my parents, my friends and my teachers,

     but it just doesn’t make sense.

I see an open book waiting for the last chapter to be written.

I want to help those who need it in an nontraditional way.

I am undecided and afraid.


I pretend I know what my future holds,

     but inside, I know that I don’t.

I feel the pressure of life far too soon.

I touch the truth but flinch when it reaches for me.

I cry in frustration of my naive nature.

I am undecided and afraid.


I understand that life presents us with challenges.

I say that I can do anything, but I struggle to try.

I dream that one day I’ll make anyone proud.

I try to make the best of a horrible situation.

I hope that I can accomplish what society expects me to.

I am undecided and a victim of society’s wrath.