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I Am A Dreamer.

Posted: October 10, 2012 by cooperbaxtertrinityjustin11 in TrinityC, Uncategorized

I am a Dreamer.

By Trinity Cooper

I see myself soaring through the sky, the sunset so beautiful over the mountains.

I am the rosebush in the backyard, soft with rose red petals, but sharp with thorns.


Definition— A Beautiful Lie.

I am the bubbles that can’t be popped, the bubbles that never float down

but always float up, shining in the light with a million different colors.

I am the color Yellow, bright and loud with love and a twist.

What’s real?

Death is real, pain is real.

The loss of a loved one, somebody that you never thought you could lose.

The harsh reality of realizing their gone.

Realizing your regrets , mistakes you want to take back.

That’s Real.

I am Driven and Opinionated

Posted: October 10, 2012 by gracianarose13 in GracieD

I am driven and opinionated

I wonder what my life’s purpose is

I hear a voice I ache for

I see my future looming

I want this to be one of the best years of my life

I am driven and opinionated

I pretend time isn’t slipping away

I feel uncertainty about graduating high school

I touch my reflection in the mirror, unable to believe college is close and life will change

I worry about everything, even small details

I cry when frustrated because I’m angry at myself for getting frustrated

I am driven and opinionated

I understand life isn’t always fair

I say I will accomplish my dreams

I dream about the day I meet my first patient

I try my absolute best at everything I do

I hope for a better world

I am driven and opinionated

A Slice of Life

Posted: October 10, 2012 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL

But with no instructions on how to handle it?

What is confusion?

Surely not of God right?

It only leads to destruction.

What is misunderstanding?

Is it only bad judgement?

or refusal of the known?

It’s too much judgment.

Is Jealousy a root of mayhem?

or just an inward struggle that up rises.

Often destroyers hold envy toward others.

War, ignorance, judgmental thoughts, uncertainty are confusions that cause conflict.

Often you sit and bicker about what isn’t being done

but how are you changing anything?

That’s confusion.

A Slice of Life

Posted: October 10, 2012 by kaileed7 in 2013, KaileeD

But with no instruction on how to handle it,
Life pushes us into the world.

We have to figure everything out for ourselves.
And just when we think we know it all, Life throws us a curve ball.
Then we step back and realize,
Realize that life isn’t about understanding everything,
But about living life while you can.

The world is always being altered.
The only thing constant in life is Change.

I Am

Posted: October 10, 2012 by peytonporter1995 in PeytonP

I am crafty and unique
I wonder what tomorrow holds I hear a million buzzing bees closing in around me
I see a million stars and the Eiffel Tower at night
I want to be a famous author
I am crafty and unique
I pretend I’m in every book I read, it let’s me escape reality.
I feel anxious to see my grandfather at the hospital
I touch the lives of many or at least hope I do
I worry about what my future will bring
I cry when I think about how I lost my best friend
I am craft and unique
I understand sometimes you just have to take a chance
I say live everyday like your last
I dream about seeing my friend again
I try to make everyday a good day
I hope to one day see the world
I am crafty and unique

A Slice of Life: by Kelsey Crum

Posted: October 10, 2012 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

What’s as confusing as every day life itself?

Can be as smooth as honey?

Then, hard as a rock?

Comes quickly

But there’s no way to control it?

Can take you to places you’ve never seen?

Or leave you right where you stand?

Just when you think you know the answer,

Someone pulls the rug out from under your feet and laughs

Older, wiser people

Always try to give advice,

Sometimes it just makes things worse

Don’t stress about things too much

Because if you do,

Life will pass you by.

In the blink of an eye

It’s done and over with

It will all be in the past

A slice of life called


A Slice of Life (By Ethan Gartin)

Posted: October 10, 2012 by Ethan G in EthanG

Do you know the future?
To whom will you be married?
Will you have kids? How many?
Will you have a job? What?
Will you be happy or alone? Or both?
What things will you find enjoyable?
Who will you enjoy those things with?
If you know what you want now, your mind may change.
It may not.
Someday, we all find the answers,
Whether we look for them or not.
In the moments that will come to us
As the piece of life we call
The Future.

What’s More Confusing?

Posted: October 10, 2012 by alisonadkins in AllisonA2

What’s more confusing than losing a loved one?
Quick, unexpected
Without any warning?
Taken before your eyes
When everything seemed perfectly normal.
Why did God take them now,
When we’re not ready to let them go?
He has a plan for everyone
Even if we don’t understand what it is.
Maybe He didn’t want them to suffer anymore,
Or maybe He was just ready for them to come home.
Some things are hard to understand at the time,
But eventually things will begin to make since.
It’s all just a part of growing up.

Moving On

Posted: October 10, 2012 by alisonadkins in AllisonA2

I asked you if you loved me,
but you never answered.
I gave you my time,
but you didn’t want it.
I gave you my hand,
but you didn’t hold it.
I tried to make you a part of my life.
I tried to be close to you.
You ignored me.
Now that I moved on,
you want in my life.
You want to be close,
but I wasted enough time on you.
I moved on.

I Remember.

Posted: October 10, 2012 by alisonadkins in AllisonA2

I remember the smell of Mom’s bread baking in the oven.
I remember being surrounded by family on every holiday.
I remember fighting with Morgan over the front seat.
I remember splashing through the creek just to catch a salamander.
I remember walking to church with my mom.
I remember riding my bike through the park with my dad and sister.
I remember making cardboards slides to slide down the hill with baby powder.
I remember leading Morgan into a fish pond on a scooter
And I remember going to the hospital the same day
to get a cast for her broken arm.

I’m a Dreamer by Katlyn Mollett

Posted: October 10, 2012 by katlynmollett in KatlynM

I am a dreamer.

I want to yell, but instead I whisper.

I see my existence everywhere I turn.

I see myself in the calm of night.

I am calm too.

I am the census no one returns.

I am calmer than the ocean waves.

I am not as sure as the stars, which know their purpose.

That’s not me.

Will it ever be?

Don’t relate me to your stereotypical image.

I am not socially awkward.

Don’t say I am the hunter, when I am the prey.

Don’t match my outer appearance to my inner.

Please feel my heartbeat.

Feel the blood rush through my veins.

Look into my eyes and see my story.

Watch me shine, though not as bright as the luminous stars.

Watch me  fall, but I will regain my balance.

See joy in my eyes and hope in my step.  Watch as the rain showers over me, making me the person I am.

Watch me as I regain my voice, and hear me as I yell.


Posted: October 10, 2012 by Ethan G in EthanG

I am the gentle observer.

I watch what I want circle and mock me.
But I just smile and laugh.
I disguise desire.
I overlay emptiness.
The hole in my spirit wishes to be filled,
Even with cement.

But I deny such a feeling,
Though I understand its existence.
As I watch, I am an observer.
Not a regulator: I take no action.
Not a commentator: I voice no thoughts.

I just watch as I wear this artificial smile.

By Ethan Gartin
Told from the perspective of Yukkiteru from Mirai Nikki.

Why can’t I?

Posted: October 10, 2012 by josephcolley in JosephC

You tell me you’re happy.
You say everything’s fine..
But when I look into your eyes,
I can tell you want to die.

You know I’m here for you!
I tell you night and day.
I’m just a shoulder for you to cry on,
Yet you want to keep me dry.

I Want you ‘truly’ happy
And you said “that’s what you make me”
..but then I look into those luscious green eyes..
Why can’t they smile too?

I know your world’s not perfect.
And before, Neither was mine
However YOU made my life perfect..
Why can’t I do that too?

I am Me.

Posted: October 10, 2012 by gracianarose13 in GracieD


Headstrong, stubborn, proud, and outspoken

Sister of Richard

Who feels the urge to write, the need to accomplish great things, and unsure about growing up

Who needs to figure out life, to stop procrastinating, and to learn to think before speaking

Lover of Chinese food, creativity, and a certain brand called Converse

Who fears being alone, fear itself, and losing the ones she loves

Who gives headaches, heartaches, and laughs

Who would like to see the world, equality represented, and kinder people

Resident of a southern West Virginia town


Trevor.. by Kelsey Crum

Posted: October 10, 2012 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

I asked to forget about you

But you still pop up in my mind

I gave you what I could

But in the end it all failed

I gave you what you wanted

But you were never happy

I tried to make things work,

To not be so upset,

To just keep trying,

Nothing ever worked.

So I gave up,

Which depressed me even more

You don’t know

How much your words

Hurt me

And you don’t know

That my heart still longs for you,

Even though my mind screams “No!”

You don’t know

How much it would mean to me

If you at least

Told me how you feel

Instead of being distant

It would give me closure

To know how you feel

I asked to forget about you,

But my heart won’t let me