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the rising

Posted: April 14, 2016 by amberea12 in AmbereaD, Uncategorized

we are the rising we are here to help peolpe if they need us

when they are in trouble and we are there to save them

so if someone is about to attack they call the rising so we can be there to save them

we are the superheros that fight crime in the day and night if someone needs us

so thats why we are call the rising

girls rising

Posted: April 14, 2016 by amberea12 in AmbereaD, Uncategorized

We are the girls are makeing everyboby believe that girls are not just looks

girls are capbulle of doing things on there own with out anybdys help

so we are the girls are rising to make others believe are not just about looks

girls dont need looks to get inanywhere without in life

girls can get anywhere in life without looks and other stuff

girls dont need makeup to get boys are jobs peolpe like girls with there natural looks .

we are the girls who are rising .


scary movie night

Posted: April 13, 2016 by amberea12 in AmbereaD, Uncategorized

I was at my cousin house house me and kayla was watching the conjuring and eating popcorn

so after  we watch the movie we went to bed then we heard a really loud scream

so we thought it was coming from outside but it wasn’t it was coming from inside the house

so we found out someone was killed in that house we didn’t know what to think

we was really scared we couldn’t sleep that night because all we heard was a girl screaming

we went to my mom house the next day and told her what happen

my mom didn’t know what to say .


a night at camp

Posted: April 12, 2016 by amberea12 in 2016, AmbereaD

So me and my friends where at camp telling ghost stories 

so we has getting ready to make a fire and then someone kidnap one of my friends

so me and my others friends want looking for tabby and hope she is okay

Rachel p.o.v I hope we really find tabby because she is my best friend and i love her as a sister

so we found this cave and we went in there and we found tabby alive and well

we ask tabby if she was okay and she said no he tried to kill me but he didn’t

we went back to the camp ground and got are stuff and went back home