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Posted: October 10, 2010 by Preston E. Hepler in PrestonH

Last night

As you sent your goodnight next

I thought of a song

Wishing I could find one that described our relationship

This night I tell myself your my everything

The one and only

The one I want to love

To spend my time without fighting

Only laughing and talking

It really is like the song

You compared to me

And how you feel towards me

The truth really is

Nobody But Me


Those With Golden Faces, by Coffins Shall be Claimed

Posted: October 10, 2010 by BrandonConley in BrandonC

Vigor unwaivering

Strength unmatched

Beauty impeccable

The ghosts will take you…

Eyes pointed north

Mouth taped shut

Ears non responsive

The earthworms await…

Death will approach from behind

Casting shadows in all directions

Inarticulate angels silenced once and for all

Beauty will fill the graveyards.

These Words Upon My Lips Will Be Ignored

Posted: October 10, 2010 by BrandonConley in BrandonC, Uncategorized

These words upon my lips will be ignored,

But our aimless struggle will continue.

Statues cast in dollar bills erected for fallen soldiers..

This Oil Barrel Crusade will fail…

And we will be deserted by all but our shadows.

A child will arise and take hold of our system…

Only to be destroyed at the helm.

In our darkest hour Unity will not save us.

Yellow ribbons will not comfort us.

Hollow verses can no longer guide us.

The Hawk of war will descend…

Genocide will prevail.

These words upon my lips will be ignored,

But the cost of ignorance is a great one…

And the time has come

Our debt is due.

I remember

Posted: October 10, 2010 by travisplumley in TravisP

I remember

I remember those long hard nights

sitting alone in a room barely big enough for a bed

I remember waiting all day

long enough so I could see your face

I remember being alone and feeling down all day

until you came along and gave me that spark

to brighten back up my pathway

I remember those weekends where it was nothing but fun

avoiding home as much as possible

always staying on the run

I remember the screaming and yelling

all those nights

filled with nothing but turmoil and strife

I remember you calling my phone

saying something was wrong

or asking to hang out

because you haven’t seen me in so long

I remember your comfort

just when I couldn’t take life anymore

you were there to hold me

I remember those long, hard nights

I still remember


Posted: October 10, 2010 by lhsadkins in TannerA, Uncategorized

I lay here, alone.

Wondering when this misery is going to end

Wondering how it began.

Its chasing me, I have no clue why, or what, or how

I see the darkness, I fear the darkness.

This creature has no fear, no care in what is going on

The only thing it wants, is to get me, and to be honest

There is no escape, no way to get away from this entity

I think to my best ability

Nothing seems like it will work, nothing will seize this creature

And as I lay, I begin to think of all the negative things

As if I am already done for

Then, right out of no where, like an electric shock

A boost of energy and confidence just bursted into my mind

Would you give up?

Or would you stand right back up, tall and proud

With your head held high, as people watch in amazement

Not worrying about whats going to happen

All you know is, you did your part in the world

You stood tall, and fought through all the threats and put downs

Through the name calling and the disrespectful people that walk these grounds

All you know is, you lived your life.

The Magical Time.

Posted: October 10, 2010 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH

Childhood is playing on the playground,

touching the sky with your feet as you swing as high as you can.

Childhood is getting a band aid over the scrape on your knee. Childhood is coming home to mommy’s twice-baked potatoes and shake ‘n’ bake chicken.

Childhood is having your dog as your bodyguard.

Childhood is having your daddy scooping you up and putting you on his shoulders.

Childhood is singing and dancing with mommy in the kitchen.

Childhood is running as fast as you can when you hear the ice cream truck coming.

Childhood is waiting for daddy’s truck to pull in.

Childhood is the smell and taste of honeysuckle.

Childhood is finding the magic at Walt Disney World.

Childhood is dressing up for Halloween, bright eyes as you open presents on Christmas morning, and hunting eggs on Easter.

Childhood is saying bedtime prayers with mommy and daddy every night.

Childhood is wanting something, but once you get it, you don’t want it anymore.

Childhood is a memory.

Our Love

Posted: October 10, 2010 by kelsey nicole in KelseyB

Our love was a lie.

I wanna die.

I wish you could see.

See how much you meant to me but, this relationship was one-sided.

You don’t love me and never have.

You use me all the time but, I am done and over you now.

I am glad you were mean to me and mistreated me because it only made me strong and I have learned.

Learned so much more than I ever though you could teach me but, it’s over now what’s done is done!

I don’t need you anymore but, one day you’ll wakeup and realize what you lost.

When you do I’ll be gone and you’ll regret everything you’ve ever done to me.