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Cherry Blossoms

Posted: June 3, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

I am a tree. Cherry Blossom to be exact. I am planted in the yard of the Henry family. I’ve seen many days, and even more seasons. Years ago, when I had just started to grow, the Henry family moved in. It was just a women and a man. A cute couple.
As the family grew, I did too. Soon just after five years, I had grown up like magic. Every year I watched as the children came out to play, and I felt them as they pulled on my branches.
Over those years, I watched each kid take their first steps outside, it was so amazing. I watched the man build swing sets and jungle gyms, for the kids. I even felt when he tied a tire swing to my thickest branch. I’ve seen it all.
Each season came new things to bare. With spring came harsh wind and storms, summer brought heat and humidity, fall brought me going dead, losing my beautiful leaves, and winter brought me death and sadness. But each spring I would fully bloom. I’d put on my flowery pink dress. I love when the winds blew it around, I was dancing. Dancing in the wind. In the summer, i would lose my pink dress, but put on a green one. I loved feeling the warm summer breeze, loved seeing the kids out playing, and a night having them sleep under me. In the fall, well fall and winter, I lost everything, my dress came off, and I got cold. Winter’s were awful, every year when the children came out all bundled, I wish myself, that I was all bundled up too. But winters here don’t last long. And soon, it was back to spring.
With each season that passed, I knew I was getting closer to my limit, my death, my falling over and rotting. Fifty years after the Henry family moved in, I’d seen my last spring, A few months into winter, I felt my branches falling off, my last branch fell at the peak of spring. I am no longer the huge pink dressed tree. I am dead and fallen over.
But I do know one thing that doesn’t hurt me, even though I died, somewhere in the world,
another tree is being planted, or sprouting up. And that makes me happy.

A Man’s Hands

Posted: June 2, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

His hands are cracked and dry like desert sand. They are compassionate and soft, on the inside.
As you look in those hands, you’ll see a hard-working man, and man who puts 110% in everything. Hands that are rough but gentle¬†with children. Someone who is full of love, full of a nurturing touch. Those hands are wild like a storm,
but calm as a lake when everything falls back into place.

Tale of a Family

Posted: June 2, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

This really isn’t a story of all, it’s a tragedy. A tragedy of a family ripped and torn by hardships. A mother, father and one son created this tale. It was November 17th, 2007 when Roger came home to break some horrible news. He was fired, with no education and he had no hope. Despair and worry came over Jane as soon as Roger came in. Roger’s once well paying and providing job was gone, no more income. Roger and Jane had it all, perfect house, nice cars, and a beautiful son.
On the rainy day in November, Roger drove home spasmodically, he was a mess. As he drove he contemplated all the things that could go wrong now. He knew that him and Jane had saved no money, he knew what was coming. When he arrived, Jane greeted him as always, hug and a kiss, how was your day sorta thing, but this time she knew it wasn’t a normal day. Roger came right out with the bad news,it nearly broke Jane’s heart. Her world was spinning and upside down. They promised nothing would tear them, that they’ll make it through, Roger knew differently, he wouldn’t believe it.
Months go by and the toll of a loss of income as settled in on Roger, he feels unimportant and no longer the provider. Jane and Roger are starting to fight and struggle more. Fights grow more intense, and the feeling of unimportance is taking a toll on Roger, he stays out later and longer, and comes home uncaring like. After a few days of arguing, Roger leaves to go out, normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Hours go past, Jane worries more and more. Then it’s the next day, still no Roger. She decides to call him, with no answer, she panics. Frantically calling everyone, even the police. Everyone in town knows Roger wouldn’t abandon his family. Not just out of the blue like this. Roger is buddies with a few of the officers, even they know Roger.
So a search is out, all the community is helping. Checking every remote area around, they find nothing. Jane decides to call Roger’s mother to tell her the news. They are both devastated. Josh, Jane and Roger’s son, asks all the time where daddy is, but Jane can never give a truthful answer. The search continues for months, and with no signs of Roger at all, luck for finding him, is slim to none.
It is now five years after the disappearance of Roger, five years since that day daddy never came back. Jane doesn’t get along with Roger’s mom, but pulls through to keep Josh away from more tragedy. Jane has not been on a date, and she still to this day, wears her diamond gold wedding ring.

Every sound in every second

Posted: March 15, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

In the morning, she feels the cold bust of air. She feels the sharp knife like pain. Through out the morning & afternoon, she sees the air, she sees the fresh brisk air that’s hid from her for so long. In the quick moment, the air & pain fills her lungs. As she gets up, slowly working her joints & you hear & see her life change instantly. Each step she takes, in her mind, replays the every sound in every second during the crash. She collapses, perfect tears stream down her angelic face. The all run for her as if everything was over, she yells & screams & fights. She fights & that is all she can do, is keep fighting.

Hurt & pain

Posted: March 15, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

In the summer of 2008, I watched as my life slowly spun around me. As the night wore on, I realize I’m alone, surrounded but alone, in my mind. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. I was held back, back by doors. Once i returned home, the reality set in. This house was no longer what I called home. It was what i called the sharp knife used to stab the brutal truth in my heart. As I stared out my window thunder & lightening crashed & bolted. I realized nothing will ever be the same again. I was no longer the twelve-year-old girl everyone saw me as. One month later was my thirteenth birthday, there was no happiness in me that day. Three days later, I awoke to the strongest man in my life deteriorating right in front of me. Everyone was changed, including me, the already heartbroken little thirteen girl.

Learn, run, feel, play & hear

Posted: March 8, 2011 by MarandaLynnell in MarandaM

Learn from the experience of past flings, realize there is nothing better. Run your fingers over every crease, let your imagination take over. Feel your hands rub & touch, jump into the complete joy of first loves. Play into the perfect feeling of looking to into forever, cry at the simple feeling of being in love. Hear your hearts skip a beat, tune into the rhythm your hearts create. In February, come alive with the feel of your first kiss. Surrender all fears & doubts, let your dull black & white life explode with everlasting warm & cool colors.