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Painting a Picture

Posted: May 4, 2017 by natfowler17 in NatashaF

Who are we?

  • not Picasso
  • not Da Vinci
  • not Van Gogh

simply teenagers with art supplies at our disposal


Who wants to look like Mona Lisa?

  • not me
  • not she

her plain face, not painted, showing her embellishments


Where are her eyebrows?

Where is her pursed lips?

Where is her painted expression?


She is happy in her own skin

Her smile is content

Beauty is from within, not some painting on your face


“Home is where the Heart is”

Posted: May 4, 2017 by natfowler17 in NatashaF

They say, “Home is where the Heart is.”

but my heart is homeless

looking for a place to shelter and warm her


She lurks in the shadows of the single street  light

too afraid to be seen

She roams the streets far past the midnight hour

lonely and cold


But she is hidden in the dark until morning comes.

She turns to run.


Beating sporadically,

she runs in shame and humiliation.

I haven’t been able to catch my breath since.


I used to be able to find her

lurking in the shadows

flying above the clouds

running past me

until her arteries were blocked by the same fear that caused her flee


The say, “Home is where the heart is,”

but if I cant find my heart,

will I ever find my home?





Posted: May 3, 2017 by natfowler17 in NatashaF

I made you wait and wait for me

I made you think it was meant to be

I made you somehow believe

I made you fall in love with me


I made you put your life on hold

I made you stay locked outside in the cold

And after all the hell I’ve put you through,

It’s my turn to wait on you


Posted: April 20, 2017 by natfowler17 in NatashaF


Watch me mourn with the earth

as raindrops slide from my foliage;

watch me dance through the breeze

in celebration.

Watch me as I am Plucked from my home,

relocated where there is a nicer view.

A view of me:

Me, not dancing in the breeze

Me, no longer in celebration,

but placed in the beautiful bouquet

on the dining room table.

Watch me

Watch me deteriorate,

watch me wither away – petal by petal –



Winter Solstice

Posted: April 20, 2017 by natfowler17 in NatashaF

Winter Solstice

light fades

dawn Breaks

Darkness has a Bitter taste