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Where I’m From…

Posted: January 31, 2008 by vmkimler in Virginia

Where I’m From

I am from the lizard

scampering on the back porch.

From the toad hopping sluggishly

in the cool grass of the front yard.

I am from Saturday morning cartoons

and buttery scrambled eggs and a jelly biscuit.

I am from weekends at Grandma’s

and the sugar cookies Grandpa and I made.

I am from beautiful Southern West Virginia

the only state that feels like home.

I am from the tilled dirt of the garden

and the pickle jar in the fridge.

I’m from hamburgers on the grill in the summer and

home-made vegetable soup in the winter.

I am from the pages of a sketchbook

and a tray of water color paint.

I’m from the shavings of an eraser

and a bar of dark blue clay.

I’m from the charcoal flames of a long, majestic dragon

and the shaded eyes of a furry, cunning fox.

I am from the gentle strokes of a paintbrush

and the lines of ashen graphite rain.

I am from a hard-working mother

and a father I lost long ago.

I’m from sharing a room with my brother

to a sister I don’t really know.

I’m from a lost history book

Whispers in the dark.

I’m from an origin of mystery

of words hardly spoken.

Time I told Myself

Posted: January 31, 2008 by lcbelcher in Lindsey

        I always try to tell myself that things I need to hear, but I can’t always do that and sometimes I don’t even know what I want to hear. It would be wonderful for somebody to tell me all the sweet things, to reassure me and my confidence, but there is no one and I understand that I can only really rely on myself. If I don’t believe that I’m lovely, smart, or whatever else, then I need to teach myself to believe these things, or to at least to make myself so that they are true. I don’t think that anyone can really tell us anything we wouldn’t really rather tell ourselves anyway.

I am not brave

Posted: January 31, 2008 by kaci333 in Kaci

I am not brave. I’ve never been strong. I let people break me and take what they want. One day, my biggest goal, I hope to say I’m unafraid and mean it. My parents sought to inspire fear. It worked. My peers sought to break me down. It worked. My life sought to crush me beneath the pressure. It worked. But, one day, I hope to say I’m unafraid and mean it. I hope to pick up another’s weight and carry it like I could never carry myself. After all, they need me more than I’ll ever admit that I need myself. My soul sought to destroy me. It worked. My mind sought to plague me. It worked. The world sought to bury me. It worked. But, one day, I hope to say I’m unafraid and mean it. That’s all I ever wanted, to say I’m unafraid for just one moment. Until then, I am not brave. Until then, I am not strong. Until then, I will cower with my hope as my only shelter against the monsters I try to fight, the monsters I created so long ago, the monsters that have been my companions for far too long. One day, I hope to say I’m unafraid and mean it, but as of this moment, this instant, this ever-lasting second, I am not brave.

So I cried

Posted: January 31, 2008 by vmkimler in Virginia


So I cried

Lost forever in this world

Why did you have to leave?

Why did you have to go?

You know I can’t make it in this world without you.

Why is the atmosphere suddenly cold?

The chill pulls at my heart,

And breaks it up inside.

I thought you’d live forever,

But I was wrong.

So I cried.

I feel empty now.

Nothing can fill that void.

What makes it worse.

Is that,

I never got to say goodbye,

So I’m lying here like a forgotten toy.

I wanted you to see me graduate.

I wanted you to see me grow

,But now you’re gone, and I’m all alone.

“Perk up,” I tell myself. “He’s still watching me now.”

I know you’re up there,

And I know you see me.

I hope that I make you proud.


Posted: January 31, 2008 by porter08 in Aaron

 “It will only come once, and soon the opportunities, the moments will all just be a slice of your past.” It is hard to believe, but yet it is so true that adolescence only comes once. Not just adolescence, but life in general will only come once as well. That is why we need to embrace everyday and every moment in a day, and live it like it will be our last.  Because there is no promise of tomorrow, and there is no guarantee that we will live to see the next day or even the next hour. Even the dull moments that seem to stretch to eternity and the sad moments should be cherished as well.  The mere fact that we can feel these emotions is a blessing.  So embrace every moment of our irresponsible adolescent lives, cause it will only come once and soon the opportunities, the moments, the dreams will all just be a slice of our past.  

So I cried

Posted: January 31, 2008 by lcbelcher in Lindsey

It seems that some days I can never cheer her up. It is depression? School? Family? Friends? I just want to see her happy; my best friend.Pessimistic maybe or just low-self esteem but she’s always so sad it seems to me.When she smiles, it’s like an angel sharing its light with the world.In that baby-doll face and those dark green eyes, mysteries lie within that smile.But she doesn’t. She doesn’t smile and she keeps crying, crying and I can’t help.So I cry too, because her misery and her silence tear at my heart.The only thing that could make me cry more Is if she smiled.

Preface & Heartsong

Posted: January 31, 2008 by Autumn in Autumn

If you can’t tell, I adore the beach. I’ve been dying to go back and relive last summer over and over again. It was the closest to a perfect summer I’ve yet to have, and the decidedly optimistic hope that this summer will be even better is very real to me. The biggest difference between the past and the future? I will walk on to the beach as a child for the final time, and I will leave the beach an adult. 

Standing still or changing
Waxing or waning
The only song—my dearest wish—I choose
     to listen to, to not ignore
(The breaking waves, the salty air
Piercing my eyes and lungs alike)
No other thrill will do for me
My heart belongs to the crashing sea
It so accepts, endears me to
A perfect, peaceful, pretty view
When I’m ashore—sand, setting sun
I feel as though I could stay
     for an eternity
          or two
Forget about my life away from the waves
Keep to myself—to the ocean, the sea
Alas, I leave with sighs and wistful looks
Time that once stopped is in motion again
To set a foot upon the sand is the greates joy I could presently feel–
To turn my back—it nearly kills

My Journal Entry 1.30.08

Posted: January 31, 2008 by eltee in Eltee

“There’s a place within me” is the only line that really speaks to me from this morning’s prompt.  There’s no real jumping off point that I want to write from though.  I’ve read this poem out loud to my students, and I really don’t like it.  I generally tend to dislike poems made of 4-line stanzas that have this particular beat and use of end rhyme.  This isn’t a poorly written poem, and I like the innovation of the final stanza which breaks that rhyme and rhythm of the quatrains, but overall, what’s stuck with me now is the quatrain feeling of this poem, and so I’m stuck for something to write about.  Yesterday I got something I really liked in my writing, but today I’m not getting anything.  It’s OK.  I trust the process.  I know that if I write EVERY DAY then I will be far more likely to get more good pieces in the end.  Even if this prompt isn’t speaking to me today, I need to write, even if it’s the crappy kind of writing I’m doing right now. 

So what do I want to write about? . .

I want to write about the satellite that’s going to hit the earth next month.  I just read in the morning paper that a super secret spy satellite that was launched sometime last year experienced massive failure upon launch, and as a result is falling out of orbit.  Since the satellite  weighs more than 10,000 pounds it likely won’t burn up when it re-enters the earth’s orbit, and so the satellite, either in large pieces or in smaller bits will be hitting North America at the end of February or first of March.  Just think.  In one month from now it will be payday again.  The Internet may be down, and Brenda will be on the intercom calling teachers down to the office for something, when WHAM! – somewhere a satellite will chunk down on us.  Mr. Martin, Mr. Pragmatist, said “Well, I guess it’s better to be hit by a lot of little pieces than one giant piece.” as we had breakfast.  It made sense to me right then, but since breakfast I’ve been thinking about the whole dropping a penny off the empire state building scenario, and I’m experiencing doubt about his theory that it’s better to be hit by a small piece than by a large piece of orbiting super secret spy satellite.  It won’t be better to be hit by any piece of the satellite. The really scary thing to me this morning is that they (the amorphous THEY who might be either NASA scientists or employees of some super secret government agent designed to deal with possible extra-terrestrial threats) won’t have even a general idea of where the satellite is going to hit North America until the thing is about 60 miles above the earth.  Sixty miles isn’t that far – it’s what – from here to Charleston?  I can drive that in 50 minutes.  Think how fast that 60 miles will pass for an object traveling at HURTLING speed.  HURTLING!  There is a satellite HURTLING toward the earth.  Now I know that North America is a huge place, and the satellite could end up anywhere, but doesn’t it seem that North America is a pretty small place, relatively speaking, when there is an object HURTLING toward it?  Do you feel like our little town might have a bull;s eye right on it?   This satellite thing could end up being nothing much at all, or it could end up being something serious.  The problem is, you just never know how to take these things.  I mean, Y2K turned out to be a bust, didn’t it?  So did Jerry Falwell getting called home to God if he didn’t raise 20 million dollars in six months.  But somewhere along the line one of these dire predictions is going to come true – maybe the one we least expect.  So what is my point?  I don‘t know.  Maybe it’s that, if I expect it, I’m staving off the terrible possibility of the hurtling satellite, so I’d better think about it a lot between now and then.  Or maybe, it’s that I can’t change what’s going to happen, since it’s out of my control, so I just need to fuggedaboutit it as the Italians say, and live the next 30 days with no expectations of catastrophe.  Whatever my point is, I’m sure I’ve spent too much time thinking about this subject right now, and as it turns out, even though I couldn’t write about the prompt, I still had something about which to write!  I knew the process worked!

Time Somebody Told Me

Posted: January 31, 2008 by porter08 in Aaron

Sometimes I really wonder what time really is. Is time maby just an illusion of the mind? What is the “REAL” concept of time? I wonder at times if there really is such a thing as 24 hours in a day. At times I wonder why we go by hours, minutes, seconds. I wonder if there really is 365 days in a year. Just like a circle, where does a circle start, and where does a circle end? Likewise, when does one day start and the next day end? When does one year end and a new begin? Why is it that time seems to run together? What is truly different between December 31st and January 1st? So is time just an illusion of the mind?

About Time Somebody Told Me…

Posted: January 31, 2008 by vmkimler in Virginia
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Time Somebody Told me

How I looked for so long

that I carried my loneliness

so heavily on my shoulders

That I was pushing further away.

Time Somebody Told me

that my eyes were so bright

How I could light up the room

with just one smile.

How they haven’t seen me smile in so long.

Two years of depression can do

a lot to one’s soul.

Time Somebody Told me

How good I could make them feel

That I was necessary to go on.

How our friendship would last forever,

and nothing will ever go wrong.

It was about time somebody told me!

So I could quit living amongst the dead.

So I could wake up

start anew

start fresh

see how each new day is

full of wonder and hope.

That I should keep on living

That you would make your father proud…

It was time somebody told me…

It’s Time Somebody Told YOU

Posted: January 29, 2008 by eltee in Eltee

It’s time somebody told you

That life isn’t fair

And bad things sometimes happen

Even to good people 

It’s time somebody told you

That the happiness we have in the world

We create for ourselves

Happiness doesn’t come from            


                      A big house                                   

                                         An expensive car

Happiness comes from our day to day attitude 

It’s time somebody told you

That in life we all have to work hard

Free rides aren’t free

And if the only price that’s paid for the ride is pride           

                    Then even that is too high 

It’s time somebody told you

That work is the antidote to evil

And success means marching toward the goal           

                               Never turning off the path. 

It’s time somebody told you

That the greatest attitude is love 

            a new command is given – that you love one another

and a life of forgiveness is the only way to have peace in your soul 

It’s time somebody told you

that what comes around goes around

the wheel of Karma turns ever on

And in life we harvest what we plant. 

It’s time somebody told you

That life is what you make of it           

              And you can’t depend on others for your happiness. 

Hello world!

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