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When the outside world is filled with light,
the moment I hear the air-raid siren,
its needle sound,
the fire has come.

Undying hate rings out.
The smell of silence is so old,
the reflection of his decay.
This was your exile
in the brief country, nearby,
so lonely that two could not stand it.

Sometimes I still have a sense of being followed.
A hand wind brushed past me.
A laughter, black and streaming,
footsteps in the shadow of memory
move in dreamy motion.
You can’t escape your life record.


Posted: June 2, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

Deceptively pretty.

Beautiful with the morning dew settling on the soft red petals.

In the dark,

They’re as deep red as my beating heart.

One touch.

Just reach out.

It won’t hurt you.

“Trust me…”

Don’t trust it.

Don’t trust it.

I did.

All I got was red…

Red dripping to the lying petals to display their insincerity.

Sharp, Sharp thorns…

Just one little raindrop spreads out

The red.

It’s gone now.

The pretties can find some more


Mine won’t be wasted anymore.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

The lonely walk down

the aisle of truth

to my light of judgment

shreds my nerves and

collapses my heart and lungs.

Harsh ears and eyes wait their turns

just as I waited mine to

serve myself up on a silver platter.

Then it begins.

Each word spills out of my mouth

like a waterfall into the ocean;

each drop is so insignificant

but adds to a greater cause.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

I’m running

in a foggy haze.

The sky is a bright pinkish purple color.

The gravel under my feet is slippery;

I stumble.

But I keep going.

Running and running,

I don’t know what toward.

Maybe I’m after that falling star

at the far end of the sky.

Perhaps, the leprechaun’s pot of gold

is hidden among the trees.

Or maybe I’m searching for the untouchable spot

where the sun meets the moon in a changing of the guards.

I just keep running

toward something,

or maybe nothing.

I pull my jacket hood over my eyes.

I’m in a dark jungle

oblivious to the dangers lurking around me.

I feel a pounce on my shoulder…

I pull the hood back

and awake with a start.

Wake up little girl.

It’s time to go to work.

A Heavenly Place

Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

Go where those others went

to the far side of the sky

where, perhaps, hate is not a word,

and the sun and moon, forever in a race,

stop and exchange a passionate greeting to

gain their light back

in order to shine on the earth.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

Cry. Go on.

Let it out.

Drown out the splatter of tears

falling like rain

onto your shirt and sheets.

Get every last drop out of your eyes;

wash them, so they can see again.

Then listen to the silence,

the soft thump-thump-thumping of your heart.

It’s ready to get back out there.

So, wipe those tears,

and expect more soon.

That’s just the way life is.

So I Did

Posted: May 30, 2014 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

Standing there,

it wasn’t fair

that you had to go.

As you walked away

wasn’t it fitting for Heaven to say,

“Here’s some rain to fix the scene.”?


When it started to pour

you turned and, I could tell, longed for

me to run to you.


So I did.


My feet splashed the fallen rain

as the decreasing distance severed the pain

of watching you leave.

With a bounding leap,

I was off my feet

and in your arms in seconds.


The rain grew in power

as if reminding us that our hour

was gone.


You still had to go.


You told me to walk away,

so you wouldn’t be tempted to stay,

so I did.


In the pouring, beating, pounding rain.