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A Slice of Something Real

Posted: May 18, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

I was born off the Atlantic Coast in the middle of a grunge era. I adore the

West Virginia hills. I bought a heart shaped box made out of ivory that I keep a necklace

my grandma bought for me. I have lied to the world. I never admit to me liking being sixteen.

My friends’ faces have lost their innocence. When I was two, I over-dosed on Children’s Motrin because

I thought it was candy. My favorite thing to do is pray and my favorite time of day is dawn.

They are the only favorites I possess.  I still hear my paw-paws hack early in the mornings. I have met about a

quarter of West Virginia. I cry when my sciatic nerve hurts. I love blankets and kitties. I plan on

being so happy I can’t stand it. I am Elysse. I want to be independent.


E. Burkhamer

A Parody

Posted: May 14, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

(To UL/17/F/223 This Monument Is Given by Logan High)

She was founded by the church to be,

One who kept her eyes shut when it was time to pray.

And all the kids her age agree

There were many things she didn’t do or say.

For in everything she did she aimed to please,

With the common want and not need,

Only herself and God to a certain degree.

She didn’t fight because she didn’t care,

For the records will show her to be fair.

(Among the As everyone waited to see,)

Occasionally there’d be the dreaded B.

Her peers will say she didn’t cause much of a fuss,

There isn’t much she wouldn’t do for us,

and she utterly refused to ever cuss.

Medical records will show they weren’t too fun,

Two herniated discs and not just one,

But her parents would say the surgery was a success.

She dreamed to rise about everyone else,

She’d undergo this process in a so-called stealth.

A future, some hair, a promise, and a drive.

Cliques around town might have their talk,

Attentiveness was never found to be present.

An unwavering idea, which in fact turned out to be a hard walk.

She broke her heart to date in high school for hopes she wouldn’t have to again,

Although she knew it was never a sin,

But she’s bad at endings and only wants to begin.

Was she different? Was she skilled? The question is bad:

If anyone pondered her happiness, she’d be anything but mad.

E. Burkhamer

Snip by Elysse

Posted: May 14, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

     This reminds me of times or a time when I thought something would be fun if I just did it. In a split second, I would never be able to get back what it made me lose. Like when I thought it would be fun to cut a section of my hair because I found those school scissors with the funky colors on them that barely would cut construction paper last summer. I snipped it near my chin, and it fell instantly into the sink lying dormant and unattached to my head. All of my hair was not the full twenty inches anymore. I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. Why did I cut my hair? Although it was only a section, you can’t tell, and hair grows back, it taught me lesson. Something, anything, I try so hard to keep, like above a 4.0 average,my reputation, and even my virginity, can disappear in a split second if I make an impulse decision like I did the day I cut that section of hair. Needless to say, I don’t cut sections of my hair anymore.


E. Burkhamer

When I Was Young

Posted: May 13, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

When I was young in West Virginia,

I enjoyed the serene quietness of the dawn,

the hope of a new day,

and the chill of the wind in the mornings.


When I was young in West Virginia,

everyone I knew had the unique mountain

dialect that beckons me home.

People smiled and waved for no apparent reason

and gave kind unspoken gestures.


When I was young in West Virginia,

I sat on the porch watching and listening to

humming birds hum hum hum on by,

eating sweet nectar.

I watched a baby deer follow its’ mother

into the woods,

and heard frogs croaking at dusk.


When I was young in West Virginia,

the seasons changed as I grew accustom

to the current one.

The blue skies glowed against the rich, green

mountains in the summer time,

and the fresh scent of autumn was a reminder of comfort.





When I was young in West Virginia,

I took walks down the country roads

staring at God’s beautiful creation.

I rolled the car windows down

letting the splendor satiate me in happiness,

and rode bikes along the rail road tracks

while I watched as the sun set against my

home among the hills.


When I was young in West Virginia,

my family and I ventured to see the

nature that surrounded us;

we listened to the roar of Blackwater Falls,

stood atop Seneca Rocks and gazed at miles,

and felt the freezing breeze of Canaan Valley, like the arctic.


When I was young in West Virginia,

Jackson’s Mill memories filled my heart with

ecstasy like an old friend I see every once in

a little while.

The Council Circle’s song echoed in my heart,

and I found my best friend there.


When I was young in West Virginia,

I sought peace in the wildflowers growing

alongside the highways,

and I sat up just to watch the fog roll in and out.


And I realize, I am young in West Virginia.

E. Burkhamer

A Blessing

Posted: May 8, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

Peace to you dark gray passengers seat

Peace to you right hand, switcher of the gears

Peace to you morning, evening, and night sky


A blessing for the scent so delectable in the air

Your skin, so soft, rested arm in the middle


A blessing for the volume that is always high

while you sit idle, fixing your tie


A blessing for stop lights and how I wait just to

see you smile


A blessing on that parking lot

where you’re teaching me to drive


A blessing for the road- varied in the coverings of ice that holds until full trees cast shadows

An empty orange Tic-Tac container, empty Ale 8 bottle, a CD or two, and my purse at my feet

A blessing for the wheels that get you here and are yearning to return- I’ll keep you safe in my hands of prayer, holder of the steering wheel

A blessing for the times I’m not there and the longing you feel


A blessing for the lines and asphalt

The thing that separated us before, but shall no more


Peace be on you, lovely

Peace to the brightest smile with the strong detailed face, keeper of the keys


Posted: May 8, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

Remember the times you held my books while I tied my shoes. Remember the homework reminders at the locker.

Remember the stories we share from times after and before the bells.

Remember how we’re always late for third period. Remember me asking you to go to breakfast with me and your reply of no.

Remember the arguments caused from a disagreement on schoolwork. Remember passing notes even though you sat right beside me.

Remember the years we have grown and the moments we thought we had it all figured out. Remember the pain of aging another day and the relief to rest our heads at night.

Remember the wildcat that is embedded on our t-shirts and in our hearts.

Remember the days we make each other want to cry. Remember those salty tears held back under composure released in a worse statement than the one before.

Remember that hurt. Remember that anguish. Remember what our friendship is based on.

Remember we shouldn’t be enemies.

Remember to not take for granted one another’s presence, laughter, stories, and help.

Remember to bite your tongue.

Remember strength in unity and weakness in division.

Remember to be my friend…


Posted: May 8, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse



dawn is

dewy grass

clouds hovered across the eastern horizon


a light jacket

crisp wind

fog heavy overhead


a bird

saying hello


a new day

yesterday gone



a warm bed awaits

after a sleepless night


and up

in the sky the colors smell fresh

and he’s

lovely when the sun peaks

rushing blood to my cheeks


the tender morning glories

alive in the moment


the touch of his hand

warm in the breeze