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Posted: March 8, 2011 by kerimccoy in KeriM
Feel the cold tear drops fall down from your eyes,
hear the car start it's engine
watch it drive away.
 Your voice starts to break as you beg them to stay;
play with the strands of your hair and look down so
no one can see you broken
you have to stay strong.

I’m Not Ready

Posted: March 8, 2011 by kerimccoy in KeriM

When they told me it was happening, I didn’t really care

I was just too caught up in my own irrelevant problems,

but when the day actually came and I came to find the packing boxes

all the way up to the ceiling, it felt more like they were

packing half of my childhood away.

It wasn’t just my grandmother’s house,

it was a house full of memories.

The place where my papaw rocked me to sleep,

where I spent countless hours watching Little Bear

while my mamaw curled my hair.

They weren’t just white walls

they seen everything,

the time my sister was in a car wreck and we

all feared for her life…they saw my tears,

but then they seen my little tea parties

and everyone got a cup no matter

what they were doing.

The walls started to whither away after my papaw died,

that’s when they seen me cry for the last time before

a new shade covered the walls making it appear as if it wasn’t

the house I’d came to love for so long;new isn’t always better.

The years passed and I grew up with it

and soon the next thing I know I’m standing in an empty house

wishing I could smell my mamaw’s apple butter and

my papaw’s cologne to feel what simplicity felt like again,

but it had to end as all things do and I turned to walk away…

but I wasn’t ready to let go.



Where I live

Posted: March 7, 2011 by kerimccoy in KeriM

There’s a sharp turn that no one ever sees when

they are just passing, but if you do…

you’ll see my life.

You will get to see the place I first learned to ride a bike,

you’ll see my grandma’s house..that’s where we go for every holiday every year,

& you’ll see the place where my cousins lost their mommy.

Unfortunately you’ll see the place I abandoned,but soon we realized

we needed to come home…minus one person.

You can’t miss the field I played in for countless hours,

you’ll see the place

where I last seen one of the greatest people you will ever meet,

my grandfather.

And if you look closely you’ll see

my heart break and you’ll see it mend all over again

just because of my family.

You’ll see love,hope,and people’s mistakes

but no matter what I know I’ll only have

to walk next door to see someone I’ve

always been happy to see.

My community isn’t anything fancy,

but to me it has something that no other place

has to offer….

my past.

I remember…

Posted: December 2, 2010 by kerimccoy in KeriM, Uncategorized

I remember late night movies.

I remember walking on the beach.

I remember splashing around in the pool.

I remember my barbie doll as I begged for

you to play with me.

I remember our laughter.

I remember you hugging me tight.

I remember the make up,the curling iron, and you telling

me I would be pretty when I grew up.

I remember the late night conversations.

I remember the fights.

I remember when it all fell apart.

I remember how you forgot me, and you have

no idea what I’m becoming.

I remember you,

not what you’ve become.

I remember…

My sister.


It all Started

Posted: December 1, 2010 by kerimccoy in KeriM

It all started when..

he looked into her eyes.

That’s how it all began,

the sleepless nights,

the sweaty palms,

the nervous stomach..

When he shut his eyes,

her eyes was the only thing

he seen..

When he tried to speak,

not  a word came out.

He was never like this,

typically he had the girls

wrapped around his finger,

he knew what to say and when to say it.

But not this one…

Just too hard to Swallow…

Posted: December 1, 2010 by kerimccoy in KeriM

She’s out of her mind

she goes back to him every time.

She sees the people he is with

she sees the things he does,

but no matter how hard

she tries

she can not make her self say


The thought of him leaving is a

thought that is just too hard to swallow.

So she tells herself

this times is different,

he has changed his ways,

but each time is all the same.

Although, the thought of it being over

is a thought that is just to hard to swallow.

He holds her in his arms,

but she knows where he’s been.

Her heart aches as he lies straight to her face,

she doesn’t understand why he does those things.

She needs to walk away

But the thought of letting him go is a thought  that is just to

hard to swallow.

One day..she woke up

the sun was shining.

She realized something

as she turned over in her bed,

and he was no where to be found.

She was better than the life he was

forcing her to live.

So, she walked to the door,

took one hard gulp and swallowed

the pain,hurt,and the sorrow

she took her pride

and walked out of his life

without saying goodbye.


I’m from

Posted: September 14, 2010 by kerimccoy in KeriM

I’m from blue skies and starry nights

From tall pine trees and from porch swings

I’m from yard games to brother and sister fights

From competitiveness to hugs at night

I’m from lighthouses and lakes

From riding so many rides your stomach aches

I’m from Keri, Jean, Ellen, and Sue

From she’s names after me and I’m named after you

I’m from “I can” even if you say “I can’t”

From hard work and try again rants

I’m from “I miss that” and “remember when?”

From I promise you’ll see them again

I’m from overcoming you’re fears to laughter and tears

I’m from memories of the past

From love that through it all will last

about me!-first post

Posted: September 13, 2010 by kerimccoy in KeriM, Uncategorized

Hi! I’m Keri McCoy and I go to Logan High School.  I’m 15 and I’m in the 10th grade.  I have one brother and one sister and they are both older then I am. There’s not really much I can think of to say about myself so I guess I’m done.. 🙂