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Posted: May 20, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized

The feeling of drowning,

but not dying.

The feeling of living,

but not breathing.

The feeling of dying,

but still living.


It’s an open cage.

You trap yourself inside,

but the door is blankly open.


An open mind,

an open heart.

But feeling too much at once.

A horrible sensation

that never seems to go.

But leaves you in shock and satisfied.



The successful criminal.

Making lives miserable.

Alone Love

Posted: May 20, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized

And thought nothing of it

as they dipped into the low light

gone forever

Thinking of the love they lost

and the sour-sweet dreams that follow

into the black, empty void below

As night approaches

the needed light fades to nothingness

leaving you stranded and alone.

Then the light rushes back

slowly but surely it appears

giving that last little bit of hope needed

The love you always wanted

always desired

always deserved

appeared within your eyes

Then gone.

As soon as it was there,

it vanished.

Leaving you in the dirt,



Posted: April 13, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized

Releasing the burning pain inside,
It tears
It knows.

Ripping you apart piece by piece.

Extracting your hopes of sanity,
Leaving you emotionless,

Pain fills the empty space,
Waiting again,
Until you scream.


Posted: April 13, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized
Free as the blowing breeze,
Black as the night, 
A lonely symbol of fright. 
Used as a place of horror. 
Dishonest and untrusted,
Its feared by the Holy Light. 

It screams like it's laughing,
and has talons like knives.
They rule they sky.

Tis the lovely animal, 
Embedded into my soul, 
That shows tremendous strength.

The Raven
Who's shadow is hell.
Who loves to be feared.
Is the spirit that resides within my bones.


Rolling Waves

Posted: April 12, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized

Like gentle waves,

It comes rolling back.

The memories forming unforgettable pictures and emotions.


Black or white,

Never grey,

They reform the long nights.



slowly rolls down their cheeks,

crushing to the pillow holding their head.


Blurry faces.

Wrong actions.

Repeated over and over in slow motion.


The strained cries held back during those times filled the silence now.

Crushing pain digging though the ribs finally breaks through.

They collapse.


All of the memories,

flanking back to their line of vision.

Scratching at their emotions,

pushing on their feelings.


As soon as it started;

It ended.

The rouge memories returning to their home again,

waiting until the next time they can escape.


Haunting them from all of eternity,

they rush away.

Just like the rolling, crashing waves.