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Posted: September 15, 2010 by jessidanielle2011 in JessiT

In this dream I walked;

I walked to the other side of life.

I walked where being happy and all smiles were a must,

and no tears were shed.

A place where we could be together without

there being something in the way.

However, that was only a dream.

Eventually, I’ll have to wake up to reality that

it’ll never happen and I’ll have to accept that fact.

But, at least I can say it was great while it lasted.

Even if it was only a dream.

Smile. :)

Posted: September 15, 2010 by brittany1795 in BrittanyH

Smile when the sky is gray, smile when everything is going wrong. Smile when you’ve been lied to, smile when people keep things from you. Smile when you’re chose over for someone “better.” Smile in the rain, while you dance. Smile at your mom, just because. Smile at your dad, even though he may not be your “real” dad, he still loves you, no matter what. Smile when your world turns backwards and every which way. Smile when you meet new people. Smile when you reunite with old friends. Smile at elderly people, they love that. Smile at your younger sister, especially when she gives you a “masterpiece.” Smile at your brother when he makes the cutest face when he’s in trouble. Smile for every picture you take. Smile at the sun, the moon, the stars. Smile at nature, smile at God, Smile for no reason at all, just smile 🙂

I Am

Posted: September 15, 2010 by hutch24 in KevinH

I am short and athletic.

I wonder where I’ll end up working after high school.

I hear crowds of people cheering my name while I’m at the free throw line.

I see crowds of people cheering me on as I take a three point shot.

I want to go to college.

I am short and athletic

I pretend I’m playing professional basketball.

I feel the excitement of the crowd as we win the state title.

I touch a dream.

I worry about college.

I cry that I’m getting ready to graduate.

I am short and athletic.

I understand that the real world is only a year away.

I say that I believe in God.

I dream about graduating college with a master’s degree in sports therapy.

I try to make good grades every year.

I hope to get a good job in sports therapy.

I am short and athletic.

two tone

Posted: September 15, 2010 by jonathanlukacs in JonathanTL

Most days I’m Jet Black
dark and quiet
sleepy and board,
not talking and going though the day without a care

some days I’m Neon Green,
bright and noticeable
talkative and full of energy
always moving and in a good mood and friendly

But today I’m going through the day without a care
because I’m Jet Black


Posted: September 15, 2010 by britnimishelowe in BritniL

Where can I go when all doors are closed? When the world shuts me out, forgets I exist…I am a ghost. Who do I turn to when life throws me away, refusing to let me breathe, forcing me to wonder this world without oxygen, but not giving me the ability to die? What do I do when Heaven becomes a distance, and Hell a few feet way, and the calling of my name is already in flames? Who am I? Besides my name? Am I a lover or a fighter, a hater or a betrayer? The one who tried to make everything right, by doing wrong again. Why do I find myself hanging here, noose around my neck, chair beneath my feet. Wouldn’t you have made the same mistake if you were me? Tell me now, nothing but the truth, demolish the lies. A betrayer, that’s what I am known as, the unworthy one? So I betrayed, but did I not try to make things right? A dark mind you say, a horrid soul, an unknown ghoul. The devil himself? I have many questions, before I enter my home, in which pain is encountered. Are you holy? Do you breathe with clean lungs? Are you a liar, a cheater, a thief, a greedy person, do you lust? What is the difference between you and I? Is it in the commandments, Thou shalt not betray thy son? I haven’t seen it if so. I hadn’t known until it was too late, then it was mine own life I took. Living wasn’t what I wanted, especially after murdering the one I trusted and the one who trusted in me. The silver pieces in my hand as I kicked away the chair.

What would Jesus do? I think as I enter the flames of Hell.

I am from poem

Posted: September 15, 2010 by gregnewsome90 in GregN

I am from the football in my house.I am from the fourwheeler in my driveway. I am from the bicycle in my front yard which has a flat tire. I’m from mudfork which is a good huntin place.  I’m from the mother of me & my brothers. I’m from my grandpa who is dead now. Under the couch is a shoe box of spilling pictures a thing of lost faces beneath my dreams. I am from great moments of my life leaves fall from a great oak tree in our front yard

She fears him

Posted: September 15, 2010 by melissa2012 in MelissaH

She fears him. She sneaks through the house afraid of her own shadow. She hears loud footsteps coming down the hallway; she runs for the nearest door. The hallway seemed like a long path to destruction. She knew that she couldn’t escape. He slowly walked towards her with a machete. She could feel the vibrations from his heavy footsteps. She wanted to run but she couldn’t…she was frozen with fear. He drew the machete close to her back. She could feel his warm, hot breath on the back of her neck. He grabbed her on the arms very tightly and forced her to turn around. Terror was in her eyes as she looked at him through his dark mask. She was going to scream, but he grabbed her throat and slung her up against the wall. Breathing heavily, he let go of her. Her eyes were bloodshot from the struggle. He put the sharp knife to her neck. She was absolutely certain that she was going to die. He stood there staring deeply into her eyes. She begged him to let her go and desperately tried to reason with him. This made him very angry. He slammed her up against the wall one last time. The force from his push made her nose bleed. He stabbed her in the chest. Then she began to fade away from the world. Slowly, her vision began to blur and turn grey. She died quickly after. The last thing she saw on this earth was a dark mysterious mask.