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Posted: June 3, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

My dog’s picture sits below my television set, while I’m watching TV. Memories flood my mind each time I glance upon it. I used to have such fun times with her each time I came home from school. My parents bought her when I was young in the second grade. We played with each other each time I came home from school, and whenever I went outside. I believe she died due to a swollen part on her leg busting open and becoming infected, as she used to have an enormous bump hanging from it; however, it was nowhere to be found once she had died. I wish these memories of my dog were real once more.


Posted: June 2, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

I remember how you used to talk to me about upcoming games, and how we discussed what it could be like, or how much fun we would have with it when it came out. I remember we talked about trading cards based off of famous shows, and how you offered me a powerful card for my very rare card that wasn’t powerful. I remember how you tried to get me to watch a certain TV show, but I refused. Then, later on, I became addicted to that show. I remember how we always played around the house and you always tickled me into submission. I remember playing a game at your graduation because I didn’t understand how important of an event it was in your life.

Now, you’re struggling on your own, and I never see you.

She is my…

Posted: June 1, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

She lives in Gilbert,
I live in Logan.
We are young.
She is in 8th grade,
I am in 10th grade.

She is the one who came to me for relationship advice.
I am the one who explained to her what I would do in her situation.
She is the one who followed my advice.
I am the stranger that was surprised by her actions.

She is the one I am in love with.
She is the one who loves me.

She is Katelyn Dingess.
I am Austin Smith.

Life Changed

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

A time that life has changed was when my papaw died in 2005.  He died in my house, just outside the room that I was in. When I learned of the news, I was devastated. Mom was a complete wreck. Several people, including me, cried at his funeral. He was my favorite person to go and visit, as we always got along and played games all the time. As of this day, I still miss him and wish we could still play cards together.

She Thinks I Don’t Know

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

One secret that I know people hide from parents are snuff/chewing. For one thing, I disagree with this. If they told their parents, they could perhaps get help to get rid of this horrible habit or addiction. They might get yelled at, but who honestly isn’t upset when they hear that their child is addicted to snuff? Secondly, you’re lying to your parents, which is a sin. You should never lie to your parents about anything, small or big. Finally, if you got addicted to it in the first place, then more than likely someone got you hooked onto it. This shows that you give into pressure easily and are easily influenced by others. Some would even say that you can’t deal with life without a crutch. This is just one of many supposed “secrets” that people hide from parents or other people.

Where I live

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Austin Smith in AustinS

You will come onto a decrepit road, right after crossing a rusty, small, and beat down bridge. You will see a sign that reads: “Hickory Lane.” Surrounded by towering trees and weeds on both sides, the place may seem scary at night. Soon, however, there are houses on both sides, bringing a sigh of relief that you are not lost. My house would happen to be the third on the left. Right behind it would be a monstrous mountain covered by a thick forest. Occasionally, you can smell a well-done steak or wood burning. Just beyond my house is a magnificent field with horses and grain on it. My area is very quiet, and you can hear numerous creatures communicating just in my backyard. It is a very peaceful place, and I love it.


Posted: December 2, 2010 by Austin Smith in AustinS

There is a slim kid, who is intelligent and friendly. Every day, he does his work and discusses things with his friends. He even helps them out on occasion. But there’s more than just that. When report cards go out, people seem to change for just a day. He answers people’s questions about his grades, he is met with insults of all kinds. Only his friends in AP seem to congratulate him for his work. Who are these people to insult me for making the highest grade in each class that I have? Should they not be happy that someone is making something of themselves? Who are these people to say anything to me?