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When I was Young

Posted: May 13, 2009 by ccblevins in CierraB

When I was Young

Cierra Blevins


When I was young in McConnell,

I used to run around the yard in my diapers.

My mom would chase right behind me, laughing.

When she got tired, sat on the porch with her iced tea, and demanded that I calm down.


When I was young in McConnell,

I cried myself to sleep because I missed my daddy.

He left to the army.

And when he came home, I screamed and held on to him tight.

I wouldn’t dare let go.


When I was young in McConnell,

I swam in the pool when it was hot.

My mom always got wet because I splashed her when she stepped in.


I used to think that I was the queen of my neighborhood.

When I was young in McConnell,

I rode in my Playskool Jeep and ran into walls, even cars!

I tried to drive away from my mom because I was a “big” girl.

I always tried to be independent.


When I was young in McConnell,

I lay in the bed late at night and watched Sailor Moon then fell fast asleep.

Sometimes mom had to turn the television off because I’d be up so late.

Then I rolled over and watched my fishy night light glow across the room.


When I was young in McConnell,

I went out in the snow and played just to come in to warm soup and crackers.

Then I snuggled under a blanket and fell asleep.


When I was young in McConnell,

I started my first day of school.

I met a lot of new friends I still have today.

I loved school and everything about it.

But that year, I moved away from my kingdom.


When I was young in McConnell,

I moved back and went to sixth grade.

I met my best friend in this whole wide world,

a lot of things in my life collided that year.

I was broke like a wild horse.


When I was young in McConnell,

I discovered that I was a night owl.

Staying up until the crack of dawn, watching my favorite shows.

My mom could never get used to me staying up.

She always told me to go to sleep

I ignored the commands and just carried on.


When I was young in McConnell,

I started my senior year of Middle School.

I met the person sitting right beside me right now.

He is wonderful.

I also learned about teenage life.

I never knew it could be so frustrating.

And I also learned a little bit about High School.


When I was young in McConnell,

I went outside with my little sister and danceed on our back porch.

We played in the rain until we were soaked in mud, water, twigs, and leaves.

We went out in the snow in our bathing suits and rolled around, because our dad dared us to.

 There are many memories that I have of that place, if I had the chance to replace anything, I wouldn’t take it.

McConnell is my home, and there I always want to stay.

I don’t think that I will ever forget that place, no matter how hard I try.

Cierra Blevins

The Place I Live by Cierra

Posted: May 11, 2009 by ccblevins in CierraB

-You pass a Chevron gas station, it has been there for years.

-You will cross a bridge to a tiny store on a street called Sandy Bottom. That place lives up to it’s name, it is really sandy.

-You will go around a sharp curve, houses fly by one by one. Then you will see a fire station at the end of the houses. I grew up around that place.

-You will cross the railroad tracks beide a house that has been standing since 1908.

-go straight, to the “Cow Creek” sign. Follow the ducks to the fifth house on the left, the place I live. I am soon to be taken from there.

Impossible to track.

Posted: May 8, 2009 by ccblevins in CierraB

I lost you competley yesterday. You moved to Ohio, out of my life. Of course, things like this happen to me. I went to your grandma’s house to say goodbye to you, and you weren’t the same. I’m sorry if I done anything wrong.

We grew up together, you, me, and your brother, Chuckie. For almost half of my childhood, we would sit up on school nights and play games on your ancient game systems. “Kids will be kids” she would say. You mom could never afford the nice things. We would build tents out of blankets, and make secret rooms. Then we would all get in a group, and play with G.I. Joes. Then when you were gone, me and your brother, Chuckie would sneak in to a room, and kiss each other on the cheek. I had quite the crush on him. It took two years to sit and try to think how many times we would sneak in to a room somewhere.

Then when I moved, and you moved, it wasn’t the same. You moved to where I moved from, and I moved to where you moved from, In your old house. We only spoke to each other at school. Then you moved away, out of my life forever. I wish that I could find you. But youre impossible to track.