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Pray For The Dead

Posted: May 20, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

I will get on my knees.

I will pray to you in my way.

I will love you in my own way.

I will hate you in my own way.

Love is what brought us to this point,

pain and hate is what will make us leave.


The New Breed

Posted: May 20, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

I’m sick and tired of being afraid,

I’m sick and tired of hiding my hatred towards you,

so this is it.

Right here,

today is the day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

When you die,

I wont shed the first tear,

I will feel no pain.

I refuse to be the victim.

It’s my turn the be the devil masked in a pretty face.


Well Respected Men

Posted: May 19, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK

I come from well respected men,

dangerous men.

Cigarettes and whiskey.

Motorcycles and leather jackets.

Don’t look them in the eye unless you’re shaking their hand.

They will always speak their minds,

never hit a lady,

never disrespect a lady.

These well respected men kept me safe like a princess in her own tower of hell.

The man that meant the most got taken away by the holy ghost. 

While he’s happy,

I got sucked in by the temptation of Lucifer.

Innocence lost, hope gone.

I guess the pain was too much for us to hold onto each other.

So when you see me,

know that these well respected men taught me well.

I will never back down from anything.

These men show no fear,

and now neither do I.


He had brown eyes,

not like the black brown,

not the brown that you just discard.

But, the kind of brown you look really hard to find.

He had beautiful eyes,

long brown hair,

that hair slicked back into a bun.

A little bit of scruff,

 a pretty white smile.

We talked, and he got uncomfortably close.

I was okay with it.

He talked to me like he knew me,

and seeing as we just met I was fascinated.

I knew it wouldn’t last long,

but his childlike smile made me want to never leave.

At the moment I had him and nothing else,

and now he’s gone.

And I’ll never see him again.

And now everything aches for him,

and everything begs for him.

I’ll Spit On Your Grave

Posted: April 15, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized


You hit me the first time,

it hurt.

You hit me the second time,

it hurt but I acted like it didn’t.


when it came around to the third time,

I didn’t feel the slightest pinch.

See, you yelled at me almost everyday,

I learnt how to block it out and honestly not care what you said,

I still don’t.

You hit me almost everyday, and I started to fight back.

Funny, huh?

How that works.

You made bruises seem beautiful,

I made your ugly black soul look white.

Not anymore.

I’ve numbed all of this pain,

for such a long time,

I’m made of stone.
Not even you could break.

I have made all of your faults seem like nothing,

and no one believes me anymore.


when you die,

and burn in the fires in hell,

I won’t shed the first tear,

I’ll spit on your grave.

Posted: April 15, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

Oceans are strong,

but I’m stronger.

Love may not last forever,

but ours does.

Moments are like ripples in time,

they never last,

they don’t stay long.

But the memories do,

and no matter what I do they just wont leave my head,

But I love you,

and you love me too.

Dance In The Fires

Posted: April 14, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

I’ve danced in the fires far too long,

The people in this world are vultures,

waiting to sink their teeth,

into none other than,


I’ve danced in the fires far too long,

I’ve listened to children cry for hope,

I’ve listened to myself say “I’m leaving”


I’m here.

I’ve danced in the fires far too long,

Now that my lungs are far from the smoke filled air,

I can breathe,

I can see,

I can hear.

Every ounce of hope is within my bones, and I’ll scatter them everywhere.

I’ve danced in the fires far too long.