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Posted: June 10, 2015 by ashmollett in 2015, AshleyM

Loud, sharp sounds

Echo long and wide

My sound and emotions are one

Joined together by one burst

It is questioned whether happy or sad

Until everything goes silent

Waiting for the end gasp

Either filled with joy or with pain

The lungs common heart break

Leads belief everything is alright

Yet while alone,

In private the screams

Turn to tears that flood down my face

A Beautiful Day with my Guardian Angel

Posted: June 10, 2015 by ashmollett in 2015, AshleyM

Look Outside

The sky is beautiful

A bright yellow sun shining

A breeze barely blowing

My hair back

With a soft touch

I look up and smile because

I know you’re watching me

Play like a young kid again

Because while I’m out here

All of my worries fade away

Like they never existed

I feel my guardian angel right beside me

Giggling as I stumble over climbing rocks

And I realize

We are happy as one

Frolicking and leaping across the yard

Before I go in,

I look up once more

And I see a sparkle in the sky

And I know it’s you

I love you.

I love you the Yellowest

Posted: June 10, 2015 by ashmollett in 2015, AshleyM

I love you the yellowest

Like a bright sun

A shooting star

A smiley face sticker on a young child’s hand

I love you the reddest

Like a red eyed monster destroying every toy in its path

Like tender skin after being prodded with a needle

Like a feverish child’s thermometer

I love you the greenest

Like the trees blooming in April

Every leaf different

Like time spent on our backyard adventures

Like your green girlfriend from Petco

With her half mangled body

I love you the pinkest

Like the flowers that bloom in May

My forever Valentine

Like the soft baby blankets I wrap

You in for snuggle time

I asked…

Posted: June 9, 2015 by ashmollett in 2015, AshleyM

I asked you to play

But you said no

I asked you to go shopping

But you were too busy

I asked you to watch a movie

But you gave me no attention

I asked for a friend

But you already had one

I asked you several questions

But the only answer was no

I asked for a hug

But you pushed me away

So Finally, I quit asking

I was sick of being rejected

I need you now, more than ever

But I’m not important

I am neglected by you

But you do not mind

I am crying because

I have lost you

I am what I am 

Posted: March 17, 2015 by ashmollett in AshleyM

I am a piece of breakable glass

I am controlling because I have 

learned about being walked all over 

I am from a small town in West Virginia 

Wild and Wonderful 

I am a dirt loving girly girl 

Who was raised to respect 

I am what I am 


Posted: March 17, 2015 by ashmollett in AshleyM

Look down on the lake 

What do you see? 

Not the young,

Pig tailed diva 

The water changes 

No , now you see words 

That cover the young girls face 



But the largest word 


Because all the words 

Eventually became her 

A Year Ago 

Posted: March 17, 2015 by ashmollett in AshleyM

A year ago 

I was your focus

Your muse 

Your main concern 

I had your attention 

Now I’m alone 

Emptiness all around me 

You say I’m needy 

I say I’m loyal 

We grew apart 

Big deal 

For you maybe 

With you 

friends are for convenience

Our relationship is finished 

You’ve crossed the line 

I can see your ribbon 

But I don’t want to cross 

To lose the race 

But I can’t stay idle forever 

I will eventually 

Cross the line