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Posted: March 23, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

A world of all inner thoughts

but no actions

“People are so mean”

Skank! Loser! Freak!

“She’s my best friend,ily!”

One of the fakest people I have ever met

“I LOVE your outfit”

What dumpster dive did she salvage that from?

“All I wish is for world peace’

Homicide, I hate everyone, go away!

What are we? Who have we become, and why?

Now a days behind every keyboard we each become a peace activists and confront all the wrong and fake positivity.

I have done it, you done it, we are all guilty.

The universe has became a greedy place that only reflects upon self empowerment and sets a goal to crush every happy moment someone else may have.

“Do they mean that?” “Were they being sarcastic?”

Our fingers now either tremble over the blue cubed box that sends our personal message throughout the stratosphere or putting up a braceful cold front stating that we are not afraid of others.

The fear, the laughter, the anxiety, the drama

it all slowly builds up inside

Until it once hits you again


Death(Book Thief Narration Rewrite)

Posted: March 23, 2015 by garytrammell47 in GaryT

I don’t see why people are afraid of me

I am natural, part of the order in life

I will escort your soul some day

So you should be glad that I exist

It’s all I know how to do


Sleep by Lexi Morgan

Posted: March 19, 2015 by Lexi in LexiM2015

I lay down my head,
Close my eyes,
And beckon,


There is a gentle dragging
As gravity urges me down
To the center of the earth.

The ground moves down with me,
An elevator to the unimaginable depths
Of this mirage of a planet.

I will know what labcoats know
And I will prove them wrong.

Only those in Hell can know
What Hell is and what it’s like.
I will know the secrets of the earth.

Drift slowly, child,
Feel the layers of reality peel away
As you descend further through yourself.

Shed your skin, slithering soul loose to explore.
Rest your robot bones, ethereal heart.
The time is now.

Time to wake up, child,
And see the truth of your soul.
Dream, that you may see the world

Without limit.

Ice cream

Posted: March 19, 2015 by garytrammell47 in 2015, GaryT

A small ice cream shop

I ordered blueberry, how convenient

She was fixated on me, glaring with a blueberry stare

Love at first sight?

I understand why that’s such a popular belief

For the color of my desert was fading out

It seemed dull and dead

Compared to the shade and tint of her eyes

I can compare her to the ice cream I got that day

Sweet, blue, a joy

The one difference is

That look she had, over time, it stayed

And unlike that ice cream

It didn’t melt

Distortion, Choices, and Dancing

Posted: March 19, 2015 by garytrammell47 in 2015, GaryT

Distortion, the change of something, of a person

We get thrown into a pit

No one in our corner, we’re alone

We makes choices without knowing a definite outcome

Many become paralyzed, the fear of the unknown

Or we could let our own demons eat us alive

No one but ourselves can save us

Misery loves company, and its invitingĀ us in

Will you give in? I won’t

When the devil asks to dance with us

We better say never

Because a dance with the devil

May last us forever


she is my mother

Posted: March 19, 2015 by sierrex3 in SierreH

She is my Mother / who carried me for 9 months

She is my mother/ Who continues to do wrong

She is my mother/ Who loves me unconditionally

She is my mother/ who sits up nights crying/ wondering what she did wrong

She is my mother/ I wouldn’t trad for anything

She is my mother/ Who wonders if i should be the mother/and she should be the daughter

She is my mother/ who questions everything she does now

She is my mother

and no matter what she will always be

“my mother”

The Pure Sky

Posted: March 18, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

You are fragile, folded wings,

just tired from the night sky


You don’t have to force yourself to smile at anyone

But its okay, to smile for yourself…


To lose you would break me

But anything worth the fear is worth the fight


All I want is one more day


Its been 10 years my feline friend,

rest with ease.


You should be happy

For you are no longer fragile, but open winged

resting in the night sky.