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The worst time of my life

Posted: May 5, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

It all started the moment I closed the door. I had enough time to go to my room and sit down on my bed. As soon as my bottom hit my bed my mother came running in screaming , crying , and freaking out. She was trying to tell me something , but she couldn’t catch her breath long enough to get it out. So I sat her down on my bed and told her to catch her breath and then tell me. Once she calmed down and caught her breath she told me that my father had been majorly hurt today at work. I instantly asked about my brother because he works with him. My mother said that he was okay , and he was with my dad at the hospital with my father.

She asked me if I wanted to go see him now or later. I really didn’t want to go at all because I didn’t want to see him like that. I was strong though and said now. Once we got there I started getting more and more nervous. When we got to the room the door was closed. My mom looked at me and asked me if I could handle this , but I wasn’t handling this very well inside. I put away my fear and nerves and said yes. She opened the door and walked in the room. I waited a few minutes to build up my nerves. After I was okay I opened the door to walk inside. Once I got far enough to see him I instantly fell to my knees and started balling and crying. He looked horrible. His face was cut and bruised. His right leg and left arm was broken. He was hooked up to every machine the hospital had. I tried to get up and be strong for him , but when I saw him all the strength I built up left me. My mother came over and helped me up , and told me everything would be okay. Once I was okay I walked over to him and began to talk to him. While I was talking to him telling him how much I loved him he started to cry. It made me start to cry also. He looked at me and stared saying “ I love you so much and I hope you know that. I’ll be okay I am strong. So are you and never forget that.”

Once he told me that I broke down and couldn’t control it. I walked over to the chair by the window and sat down to try and calm down. My mother came over and said that we were going go so that I could shower and get ready for school tomorrow. So I went over to my father and kissed him on the head and told him that I loved him and told him that I would come back tomorrow and I would be a lot stronger then. He looked at me with the saddest face. It made me start to cry more and worse. So I hugged him and kissed his forehead and said I have to go , but I promise I’ll come back tomorrow and see you. He looked at me and told me that the doctors told him that he might not make it over night. It broke my heart I grabbed my mom and started balling and crying. I couldn’t believe it was me that all this was happening to.

So my mom walked me out to the car and told me that she would be right back. She walked away and went into the building. As soon as she got far enough to where I couldn’t see her I started digging for something to take the pain away. I found nothing. When she came back out she had my brother and they were both crying. They got in the car and acted like they were okay. The whole car ride home was nothing but sobbing. Once we got home we all went our separate ways. The next day I got up for school and called the hospital to talk to my dad. The nurse answered and I asked for my dad. Once he got the phone he said “ Hey baby.” We talked for a while and then it was time for me to leave and catch the bus. So I told him bye and that my mother was picking me up from school to go see him and he said that was ok. Well after school was over I went outside to find my mother , but she wasn’t there yet. She’s never late when she picks me up from school. So I sat on the bench and waited. When she pulled up she said sorry I’m late I have thing at work I had to finish. We stopped and got something to eat and then went straight to the hospital.

When we got there We went up to the room and waited outside while the nurses fixed him up. When they let us in I walked over and said “Hey daddy how you feeling.” He just looked at me and he looked so weak like he just wanted to give up. He said “Hey baby , I love you so much and I’ll always be watching over you. “ I looked at him with a really weird face and then he asked for my mother. She walked over and he told her that he loved her and to never forget that. He grabbed both of our hands and kissed them and then his hands dropped and the monitor started beeping. When I looked up his heart had stopped and my father was no longer with us. I started screaming , punching walls and going crazy. I was screaming at the doctors blaming them and with one pinch I woke up and that was all a dream.

Forever Missed

Posted: May 5, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

I remember holding your hand while crossing the road. I remember  everything we done and places we went. You left us without a warning or a goodbye. We excepted that in our lives. You are forever missed.


Posted: May 5, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

I’ve waited on many thing. I’ve got many things , but there is one thing I’ve waited on and never got. That thing is you.

Times with you.

Posted: May 4, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

My times with you were great , but now they’re gone. I know we didn’t always get along , but in the end you were still there. I miss the times when we laughed together. The times when we would go out and eat together. I miss the times when you would hold me close and tell me you loved me. I miss the times when we would go out just to be together. I know people have a time to go , but why so soon. It was like I was just meeting you and then poof you were gone. Now that you’re gone I know that I should have cherished those times way more then I did. I never thought that day would come so soon , but it was your times so I had to let go.

This little thing.

Posted: May 4, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

There is this thing inside our head telling us she’s gone , but we tell it no she’s strong. She has been through a lot in her lifetime , and we know that. With the cancer at 19 and the titanium eroding at 34. We knew it was rough , but she held it together made it through for us. She went back the hospital on 2-6-17 and was told that her gallbladder was bad and she had pancreatitis. We talked to her before they took her back into the surgery. She told us she would message us when she came to. It was 3 hours later and still nobody had heard from her. She didn’t call or message anyone. We were all worried about her. We all told ourselves that she was okay and that she made it through great. 2 hours later still  no call so we all gained hope and said that she was going to be okay. 1 hour late she called and right then we knew not to think negative and to always be positive.