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Lost within Life

Posted: January 11, 2012 by travisplumley in TPlumley

When will I learn

that sadness is only

a passion of reconcile

It only brings me back

to the moments

I don’t wish to relive

A feeling of remorse

flooding the valley

of my mind

bringing me lower

and lower

like a sinking stone

into the ocean

until it hits rock bottom

Then from there,

I can only go back up

I’ll Watch it Burn

Posted: January 11, 2012 by travisplumley in TPlumley

I don’t know why

We do the things we do

We lost it all

Lied to

And abused

But your tears

are all dried up now

and when it’s all gone

I’ll wash this blood

off of my hands

and let it all burn

Just let it all burn

and get lost in you eyes


Posted: January 9, 2012 by travisplumley in TPlumley

She thinks I don’t know

the limits she’s willing to break

the prices to pay

the heartache

and everything she has to endure

As she kneels down

in front of

the hands of fate

time passes by

as just a perpetual blur

I lay my life down


She thinks that I don’t know

When Angels Begin to Fall

Posted: January 9, 2012 by travisplumley in TPlumley

When it comes down

to the frail, bare wire

when those tears begin to fall

The sun moves forward

And the moon high in the sky

begins to draw

They shed a light on a side of you

that no one has ever seen before

And the one who loves you

notices something isn’t right

(Courtesy of Facebook)

but knows you need some time

When is it not a good time to be frustrated?

What is Love?

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley

What is love

When you no longer have it

When you are no longer able

to reach out and grab it

Longing for a certain someone

who’s hundreds  of miles away

Sometimes you sit wondering

to yourself, thinking that

maybe you should have stayed?

Hoping that you’ll have the chance

to be reunited once again

Or maybe just see them

Even if it’s just a passing glance

Sitting next to yourself

wondering if they’ll be alright

Staying up, thinking

hard and long

Being deprived of sleep

Almost every night

I’m Old Greg

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley




Muscular bodies mangled together

Both trying to prevail over one another

Both fighters going in and out

bobbing and weaving

With an occaisonal

right hook here,

a left jab there

And it seems as if both fighters

pants are too big,

because they are fighting over a belt

Dark Cloud

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley, Uncategorized
Far in the east there is a dark cloud

away in the distance

I can see the gloomy giant coming closer

I tried to run

but in this dream I walked

I can see it, hear it, and feel it

destroying everything in its path

everything was gone in an instant

I know the things I have lost

during that day of epic proportions

But it seems as time ticks away

I lose more

If the dark cloud were a man

and the world a woman

all I would say is,

She fears him

But for the cloud to be so dark

it brings no rain,

a dry dream

sending everything into a miserable drought

Taking, but never giving

But if not for this dastardly cloud

bringing destruction and agony

Where would this writing be?

I would not be writing these lines

We would be having a celebration

because the world would be joyus

But things just don’t happen that way

And with a few strokes of ink,

I retold the tale

of the Dark Cloud

Far in the east