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Posted: June 12, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

Sadness is not absence-
the forces in my life
are pushing me away
and creating a black hole
where there should be happiness
sadness is not arctic, either
it’s a lonely, forgotten black
the pigment we choose to
decorate our bodies with
whenever another hole is formed
in the center of our hearts

what more is there to say?
sadness is the presence of all that’s wrong
of the things polluting our positivity
weighing us down
anchors in the vast sea

hello, death

Posted: June 12, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

I wish I didn’t envy death so much, but I can’t help it. He can take someone’s life in the blink of an eye, or he can spy on them because he’s infatuated with their existence. He knows all that’s happened, he can see it whenever he’d like, and he knows all that’s going to happen. He’s been to wars and tragic events, and he always shows up on time for work. Death must feel heavenly because people are terrified by his existence, terrified of the day they’ll come in contact. Not me, though. I welcome you, death, and you must favor me most of all because I look best in a black gown.

Posted: June 12, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

You left me stuck in your memory
drowning in the scent of your cologne
with the smell that lingers for hours
creating this instinctive recognition of my past
when someone walks by
with the slightest hint of you
I struggle to form words
and I feel my heart collapse

Posted: June 12, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

Life is speeding rapidly
on a sunny day
it’s about enjoying things
but remembering that your body,
your home
is a fragile compartment
for your soul
and one simple mistake
forgetting your seatbelt
and crashing into that sign
you thought you didn’t see
will make you remember
in that split second before agony
that you’d forgotten the seatbelt
it’ll flash suddenly to you
because you’ll remember
those sunny days
you’ll never be able to enjoy
before you could remember
to brace for impact


Posted: March 16, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

there should be a place in my mind
where it is my solitude, my escape
where there is light in the room,
and there is contentment in the air
a place in my mind,
where instead of scurries and zigzags,
there is soft melodies and butterflies,
where there is peace and quiet
a place in my mind,
where my thoughts can be at ease,
and my heart can remain happy


May, 2012

Posted: March 16, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

Three winters ago
we sat inside, drinking our coffee,
staring at the glistening driveway
that we’d both fell on earlier that day
we stared at the naked trees
and when they’d dances, it reminded us of the sparkles protecting the limbs

Three springs ago
we sat on the front porch with our sweet tea,
watching the sparkles melt from the trees,
soaking the earth while the trees waited
for splotches of greens and bird nests
and when they chirped, you chirped back

Three summers ago
I sat at your memorial service, holding my breath
watching the butterflies sway to the melody of your songs
the preacher passed out candles and handed the first to me
I couldn’t listen because the butterflies separated,
and when they flew out the window, you flew out too



Posted: March 16, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

don’t expect me to speak the thoughts
clustered throughout my wondrous mind
because writing saves the sanity
so desperately begging to escape
from my wicked dreams and abilities
because writing captures the essence of my mind
rather than forcing it out
of a cup with no lid
spilling on the table
spilling all the liquids
creating a jumble of messes
that I so desperately reach for a towel to clean up
because writing helps those 3am tears on a Tuesday night
the tears my body creates to remind me that
my mind is a dictionary
awaiting the print of my hands
across a paper that contains scribbles
because in my mind the people around me are constellations
in dimensions that remain unknown
dimensions not yet discovered or explored
so I can’t expect other constellations to fathom
the idea of my jumbled stars
when they are still oblivious
to the fact that they do not know
what to call themselves
so how can I expect them
to know what to call me


Posted: January 15, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

I miss the feeling
of having you tuck my hair
behind my ears,
clean my glasses
when you found them
lying around,
and hearing your guitar
stream throughout the house
even when I’d get angry
because I couldn’t focus
on the things you said
I did not need

I miss when you’d tell me
that boys are dumb,
that I was too pretty for them,
or that I didn’t need to wear
thick black wings
surrounding my eyes
because to you,
I was the prettiest lady
you’d ever seen

I miss when we’d lay awake
in the living room after
everyone else had gone to bed,
and we’d talk about how one day,
I’d have the world in my hands,
how one day,
I could break someone’s heart,
and they could break mine

do you remember
when you told me that
you were the only man in my life
that would never break my heart?
do you remember
when you kissed me on the cheek,
slammed cake into my nose,
and told me happy birthday?
do you remember
telling me that
high school would be miserable
but one of the greatest memories
of my life?
you were right
but my favorite memory
will always be

Posted: January 15, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

maybe the reason
humans are capable
of loving incautiously
is not because they choose to
but because they are forced to

maybe long before humans
every courageous soul
that has ever loved or lost
that has ever bonded so deeply
with another soul
has created a collision
a labyrinth
a labyrinth that’s sublime
that humans are made up of these souls

maybe humans can only love
because their soul
is made up of other
brilliant souls
that have loved passionately
so vividly that they
became as one soul
and gave that soul
to a new first heart beat
an innocent infant
with a small mind
but infinite soul


Posted: January 15, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015, Uncategorized

I find myself in odd places
often times, the worst to be
I grow where I’m unexpected
where I shouldn’t be,
but while I am beautiful,
I’m also a weed in the garden
I am wild
I am untamable
I am unwanted by many,
but preferred by some
because my petals
soak up the sun
and I am untouched
I am unplanned
I am alone
but I am surrounded
by the unappreciative


Posted: January 13, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

there’s a place somewhere in me
where my blood stops flowing
and my heartbeat is no longer clear
where i am unsure of myself
and unsure of what i desire most

there’s a place somewhere in me
where my heart aches for the distanced
but my mind plays for the known

there’s a place in my heart
where you are my escape route,
my unending opportunity
but there is a place in my mind
where you are the deep zone
and i am a young girl
where your waves swallow my body
and force air from my lungs
where you are no good for me
but i am only good for you


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recklessness is a sure way of self-immolation.
it is no guidelines, boundaries, or rules.
recklessness discovers a person through unknown surprises and adventures that push you to climb steep obstacles that you are most likely to fall from.
“nobody remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.”
recklessness is teenagers searching for their naked soul:
the one they lost while covering it up for the parents that never approved.
recklessness is a wicked mind with a restless lust for more.