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Posted: June 9, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

It is still

So quiet that even a pen dropping could seem like an atomic bomb going off


The only sound is the waterfall, the cave behind all my tears

seems to get smaller and smaller

until the waterfall errupts like a volcano on the island of agony


I only wish I could go back to the cave behind the waterfall


Where tears dry and never rain down


Posted: June 9, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

There is a barrier between land and sea

though it is not physical


A mental mindset barrier of ignorance and understanding

There is life all around, but the ignorant do not think killing a tree, an animal, a plant takes a life

No matter how big or small


The understading can come to terms

The sea needs a friend


Someone who wouldnt give it love and destroy it in the end


Someone who would care for it like the mother it so needs

Posted: June 9, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

Life has a funny way of telling us things


The young beg to grow older

While the old beg for an extra breathe


All she could do had been done

All the kindness had been given

And now our tears have yet to decease


Maybe if we wait we’d see her again..

So as we live on planet earth

we may sit and be weaping

we may hope to see her, like how she saw God


And it all started with sleeping

Why I Write

Posted: June 9, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

Each word I need released is easily written on a page but never spoken aloud

Each word means more than any will ever understand

Because the only good thing about the words in your head is that you never feel alone.

Posted: March 23, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

A world of all inner thoughts

but no actions

“People are so mean”

Skank! Loser! Freak!

“She’s my best friend,ily!”

One of the fakest people I have ever met

“I LOVE your outfit”

What dumpster dive did she salvage that from?

“All I wish is for world peace’

Homicide, I hate everyone, go away!

What are we? Who have we become, and why?

Now a days behind every keyboard we each become a peace activists and confront all the wrong and fake positivity.

I have done it, you done it, we are all guilty.

The universe has became a greedy place that only reflects upon self empowerment and sets a goal to crush every happy moment someone else may have.

“Do they mean that?” “Were they being sarcastic?”

Our fingers now either tremble over the blue cubed box that sends our personal message throughout the stratosphere or putting up a braceful cold front stating that we are not afraid of others.

The fear, the laughter, the anxiety, the drama

it all slowly builds up inside

Until it once hits you again


The Pure Sky

Posted: March 18, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

You are fragile, folded wings,

just tired from the night sky


You don’t have to force yourself to smile at anyone

But its okay, to smile for yourself…


To lose you would break me

But anything worth the fear is worth the fight


All I want is one more day


Its been 10 years my feline friend,

rest with ease.


You should be happy

For you are no longer fragile, but open winged

resting in the night sky.

Caged Bird

Posted: March 17, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

Like a caged bird, you kept me under wraps

You left me blinded in darkness

You were the only ounce of light I encountered through the darkness

The only cheerful thing in my cluster of surrounding gloom

You were the only glimmer of happiness in what seemed to be the saddest kind of universe

The world went dark as the spark grew light

The new words not from your mouth, which were never spoken became a beacon in the night

A new wing maker came to save me

Storing independence and grace in its structure

And the best part is, you never had to tell me so I could feel beautiful

Beautiful, with my broken wings.

One Day

Posted: January 14, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

One day I will stop this storm you’ve made.

One day I will be released from these golden chains you have cuffed me with.


You do not own me

You do not control me

You do not know me


One day I will tell the world the stories of how beauty has become a figure of speech, for you have shown me even the most enchanting sights have the ability to form a horrific monster from the inside out. Who knew beneath all that glory was a beast crushing every ray of hope I still had left inside….


I am older now, I have prayed that I may be wiser than I was in the beginning.


Sometimes I see you, applauding myself that I no longer feel the weight of the now rusted and cracking chains that once confined me to the thought of anything else but you.


The storm on my behalf is long gone now, but I can’t quite say the same for you.


You still have the look, each time I catch your glance I see it.

Today your storm still has the calm roar of confusion. A kaleidoscope of emotion still continuously run through your veins.


I must ask, however.

How do your golden chains feel?

Are they as heavy as mine once were?


One day you will learn your lesson, so good news for you

Today is the day.


Posted: January 14, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

Though I am 53

There is a girl within me

That will forever be young and free


A girl who’s soul was meant to be

Meant to be wherever she was happy


She lived a life that seemed to last

But she never knew how fast it would pass


Today I turn 96

Believe me, its true, for there is no clock to fix

Who knew time could fly by?

Who knew how quickly it felt to die?


Today I am an angel

Who is beautiful and thin

Inlying in the heart

Of my granddaughter’s grin


She is young

She is the one


Posted: January 14, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

If you love something let it go

That is a lesson I hope we all know.


Months have gone by since she has given you her heart

Then you left, out the door to depart.


I hope you only got stalled on your way,

Because you’re her only love til this day.


While losing you, is the factor she has known

She didn’t realize how high the cost would go.


While you no longer think of her, for this she knows is true.


For the rest of her life, no, eternity, she will always love


8 Ways To Avoid Boredom In School

Posted: January 14, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH, Uncategorized

1.) Ride the school elevator with the lights off

2.) Explore those places you’ve never been in and behind the doors you’ve never opened in the building

3.) Ride trash cans (the ones with wheels) like gladiators and have a battle

4.) Play ‘sardines’, which is basically hide and seek, throughout the school

5.) Announce over the intercom system

6.) Hallway Surf

7.) Run around the gym and scream your head off!

8.) Be a rebel, wear your hat in the building


Posted: January 13, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

And you’re a liar

Every single thing you’ve said

Every single I love you,

I need you, I will never leave you

Were all made up

I used to think that to have a friend

like you was a treasure

That you were like constellations

Because you shined like the starts,

And I thought I had connected them to form you.

But darling, you are not one

Of the shining stars up in the sky

But you are the black hole

That sucked up every aspect of my life

And I was dumb enough to believe you.

And I was left with nothing.

You’re a liar

And you will never be as beautiful as the stars in the sky.