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Posted: May 20, 2016 by dadams30 in Dontae!

Time sometimes seems long and slow, but is it really? Some people try to predict the future, but why? Times can be boring, sad, stressful, and even painful, but the key words were time and can. Time can be a million things, but it’s up to us what it will be. One of the world’s biggest problems is the future. Some scientists try to predict the future. They spend so much time studying, researching, and experimenting the future, but do they realize how much time of their lives they’re wasting. If they calculate all the time they put into the future, the time would add up to days, maybe weeks, maybe months, and it’s sad, but maybe even years. Not to mention, most of the time they’re wrong. Everyone who has predicted when the world is going to end has been wrong. They spend so much time on the future. The sad thing is, the future is not guaranteed. Individual future is limited, and through my religious beliefs, so is the world’s future as a whole. Time is like a caterpillar. It changes and passes too quickly. A butterfly isn’t always a butterfly. Matter of fact, it starts off as a caterpillar, and it quickly turns into a butterfly. A caterpillar’s whole life is based off of change. A caterpillar’s life isn’t long and beautiful because once they turn into a butterfly, their life is almost over. Imagine if these scientists were caterpillars and butterflies. They spend so much valuable time on something that isn’t guaranteed. As sad as it is, my future could only be a day long. Maybe not even that. The future could be long or short. Nobody knows. I could die today. I wake up everyday knowing that I might not make it through that day. So, I don’t risk my chances. I live life to the fullest everyday. I never take anything for granted because I know we truly aren’t promised tomorrow. Time is never stagnant, no matter how slow it may seem

One Last Cry

Posted: April 15, 2016 by dadams30 in Dontae!, Uncategorized

Adieu or goodbye, leave the tears in the past or hidden behind our eyes.

Realize the fact, if you dwell on the past it will hold you back.

You can’t change the past so focus on where you’re at.

It will always exist, but don’t let it break you.

Dwell and it will take you, so just let it make you and motivate you.

Turn the negative to a positive, let it inspire you.

Concentration on the past tends to tire you.

So let it go, and learn to say goodbye.

Choose not to turn back, after one last cry.


Posted: April 13, 2016 by dadams30 in Dontae!, Uncategorized

I look out the window, greeted by a sky of blue

Mountains and clouds create the beautiful scenic view

The Sun is shining, don’t let it fool you though

It’s very cold outside, and feels about 10 below

The clouds seem stagnant, unlike the wind

There’s a hard breeze that seems as if it will never end

The view is long and very graphic

So much life, even in the traffic

The world is always moving, although sometimes it seems slow

We just got to live our lives, the ones we know

Gone With The Wind

Posted: April 13, 2016 by dadams30 in Dontae!, Uncategorized

There’s a place within me, deep down inside

So much rage and emotion, strong like the tide

The memories are like waves, building up so high

Soon crashing down, as I think about the lies

I’m different from a lot, I don’t like to get attached

I made myself change, I learned to adapt

There’s no room for love, there’s no room for trust

Because soon enough you’ll fall, and get left in the dust

Don’t be stuck up, just don’t let people in

Because as soon as you do, they’ll be gone with the wind