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I Remember

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

I remember the excitement in my eyes

as I ran back and forth waiting for mom to pick me up.

I remember their eyes full of pity

which at that time I couldn’t decipher.

I remember the cold silence in the car ride home

not even a single word spoken.

I remember the awkwardness as I kept questioning my mother

I remember going on with, “How is she?” and “How long can I stay?”

I remember her not having any answers for any of my questions.

I remember the first tear that rolled down my mothers cheek,

The one that I walked over and gently rubbed her face to ask what was wrong.

I remember watching her lips tremble

as she began to tell me that mawmaw wasn’t in pain anymore.

I remember feeling confused,

because wasn’t that a good thing?

I remember the moment that everything clicked,

The moment I fell apart.

I remember the pain of someone reaching in my chest,

grabbing my heart,

and tearing it straight down the middle.

I remember the tears that rolled down my face as if it was just yesterday

The tears that still occasionally fall

I remember her as if she were still here

Because she is here

Watching over me from heaven.

Country Corner Cafe

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

When I was young in the restaurant mom was always on the grill frying burgers and dressing buns with bright yellow mustard stains on her shirt.

When I was young in the restaurant I remember the milk man coming in every Friday with a black crate of strawberry milk.

And during the night we had to mop the floors until they sparkled, wipe the crumbs off the tables, then wash the dishes, until everything was spotless.

We forgot about the dishes once and bubbles went everywhere. I told myself I would never do the dishes again. I’ve stood by that.

When I was young in the restaurant I made money just by socializing and stealing customer’s food. Though this was okay because they weren’t complete strangers.

When I was young in the restaurant I remember my mawmaw telling me stories and cracking jokes to make me laugh.

Now she is gone, and with her she took my love for the restaurant; however, in this restaurant holds many memories that I can cherish.

Within Myself

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

There’s a place withing me that journeys through novels

Shifting through genres like gears in a car

Inside this place within me…

I feel Free.

Like no one else is around

There’s this place within me that I can forget about the real world,

and jump out of reality.

The place I can be Myself.


Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

I asked you for forgiveness,

But you gave me none.

I told you I was sorry,

For more than just one.

Though you tell me it’s alright,

But you’re still trying to fight.

I want the old us,

The laughing…

The smiling…

And occasionally crying.

I asked for forgiveness;

Still waiting for none.

Sorry and Broken

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

I am sorry and broken

I wonder what the message says

I hear voices in my head

I see brightness ahead

I crave one more chance

I am sorry and broken.

I pretend I don’t care

I feel the butterflies in my belly.

I touch the inside of your heart

I worry I’ve lost you forever

I cry for your forgiveness

I am sorry and broken.

I understand I did wrong

I say there’s always second chances

I dream of the future

I try to make you understand

I hope you can forgive me

I am sorry and broken.

I am

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

I am independent.

I want to run away, but yet I stay instead.

I am not a coward.

I am not scared of challenges.

I am like a rock,

Strong and Sturdy.

I do not run away when things go dark,

Instead I learn to make light.

I am not just a glow-stick,

I am a ball of fire.


Posted: May 3, 2017 by kwilliams41 in KaileahW

What’s more difficult than algebra to see?

Can be so noticeable to some,

but oblivious to others?

So hard to read,

but yet it’s right there in black and white.

Though it has many different shapes and sizes,

Nothing is the same.

Depending on the eyes of the spectator,

Decides the perspective.

Everything and everyone has this one thing inside them.

The one thing we like to refer to as,



Posted: May 3, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

All alone I think to  myself

What did I do? Should I lose faith?

It was just in a blink…



I’ve cried many nights

Though you probably don’t care

You’ve done gone and moved on

This still isn’t fair.

We’ve both done wrong things

but that was the past,

so here’s to our future,

that would hopefully last.

You tell me to forget.

That we are just friends…

But, I don’t believe

You believe in that too.



Posted: May 3, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

Everyone has mistakes,

Though not everyone admits to them.

I’ve made an abundance in my life,

However my worst was losing you.

Things take time,

This I understand.

You want days?

I’ll give you weeks.

You want weeks?

I’ll give you months.

You want months?

I’ll give you years,

And in these years…

Lasts forever.

Waiting is hard,

But if you really love someone,

You’d wait forever.




Posted: April 20, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

This one thing can tear some apart.

Only the ones who fight to survive will remain standing.

Distance is a killer.

I am jealous of the people that see you everyday.

I wish I could be kissing you,

Rather than missing you.

Distance is a test.

A test to see how far love can travel.

Some may pass, but others fail.

Though to me…


No matter how painful distance may be,

Not having you in my life could kill.

As long as we can see the same moon…

breath the same air…

step on the same planet…

Then you and I are not impossible.

Distance can’t stop whats meant to be.

Distance can’t separate two hearts.

Distance can’t ruin relationships;

doubts do…

So tell me, what are you doubting?




Time Flies

Posted: April 20, 2017 by kwilliams41 in KaileahW

A liquid moon,
Makes you think of whom?
A soon to be baby,
Or maybe your honeymoon.

A liquid moon,
Holds all your secrets,
As well as your future.

A liquid moon,
Foresees all your steps
Toward all of achievement.

A liquid moon,
Don’t grow up too soon.