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When the outside world is filled with light,
the moment I hear the air-raid siren,
its needle sound,
the fire has come.

Undying hate rings out.
The smell of silence is so old,
the reflection of his decay.
This was your exile
in the brief country, nearby,
so lonely that two could not stand it.

Sometimes I still have a sense of being followed.
A hand wind brushed past me.
A laughter, black and streaming,
footsteps in the shadow of memory
move in dreamy motion.
You can’t escape your life record.

Dear… By Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 3, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

I wasn’t enough,
I can’t be now,
I’m sorry.
Words on my mind I never could say.
Please stay?
Wave goodbye to a taxi.
I’m sorry.

I’m not the useless one
When it comes to us.
Have a great life.

I’m almost enough,
Trying every day,
I’m sorry.
Forgetful, lazy, stupid.
I’m trying.
I’ll do better
I’m sorry.

I’m supposed to be enough,
I’ll get there,
I’m sorry.
Always, all I can say,
I’m sorry.
Hold on for me,
To me.
I’m sorry.

Untitled by Lexi Morgan

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I miss you again.
Laying here,
Surrounded by sadness.
Please stop thinking.
I need you again.
Please stop thinking.
The music is killing me,
But I can’t turn it off.
I have to face this
Before it eats me alive.
Please stop thinking.
Please come back.
I miss you again.
I need you again.
Please stop thinking.

A Black Locust’s Lullaby by Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 3, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

My lifespan is not long, but neither was theirs, so I suppose I’m a good fit. I was planted to remind the people of Salem that the “sin” they fought is not the only sin to fight. I was planted for the witches. Their remains tell me stories when no one else cares to listen; they live again through me. They tell me their sorrows by night as my leaves curl and droop. It’s a gruesome bedtime story.

They tell me how the wind made them dance, how the creaking of the gallows lulled their spirits to sleep. They tell me that the flowing river sings the sweetest songs. And they also tell me how they prayed vain prayers as they donned their mock halos, and how the tug of the rope punctuated their last amen.

Why? by Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 2, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

Dancing in the breeze from the corpses of fellow trees,
They ask me
Crying beneath my roots in cold, stone tombs,
They ask me
I’m fertilized by their misery,
Their long-forgotten prayers,
Their mournful cries of
I weep for them,
My leaves shy away from their ghosts in the night.
Dawn is breaking,
Here comes the axe.
I stand as they stood:

Again by Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 2, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

You’re leaving
They’re screaming
At me,
Each other.
Tears as heavy as a heart thrum against my pillow
Pull it together
It will be okay
I’ll see you
Just breathe.

Things a Mirror Knows by Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 2, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

What does a mirror know?
“I look bad today.”
For beauty,
For love.
It knows dust,
And blinding sun.
Morning sun.
What does a mirror know?
“I look pretty today.”
Every day.
Bright eyes,
Funny faces and lipstick kisses,
And favorite ways to fix hair.
What does a mirror know?
What we sometimes forget:
We’re all beautiful.