What is Love?

Posted: December 9, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley

What is love

When you no longer have it

When you are no longer able

to reach out and grab it

Longing for a certain someone

who’s hundreds  of miles away

Sometimes you sit wondering

to yourself, thinking that

maybe you should have stayed?

Hoping that you’ll have the chance

to be reunited once again

Or maybe just see them

Even if it’s just a passing glance

Sitting next to yourself

wondering if they’ll be alright

Staying up, thinking

hard and long

Being deprived of sleep

Almost every night

  1. deidrabrowning says:

    people need to ask each other that whatn is love? this is a very good peice

  2. I know this exact feeling. Love is such a wonderful thing & this is a great piece!!!