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Posted: May 5, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

Our eyes shut tight,

in the forever dark night.

As your lips embraced mine,

I felt time stop.

A feeling a weightlessness fell over my heart,

like a wave crashing into me.

I knew deep down that I loved you,

with everything in my soul.

Little did I know you felt the same,

you were the first to say those three precious words.

Like a prayer…you whispered them in my ear,

you smiled like a fool when I whispered them back.

Now it feels like saying it once a day just isn’t enough,

you say it everyday, every hour and smile just like the first time I said it.

There’s no way to hide that I am…



In love,






Posted: May 5, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

The rush of adrenaline,

Your heart beating a million miles,

There’s nothing, but you and the ball.


Time slows down as you go up to serve,

You throw the ball up in the air,

You’re ready to pounce.


As you watch it come slowly closer,

You feel your feet leave the ground,

Your arm extends up and goes back,



The ball soars over the net,

Within seconds it’s been returned,

You dive,



Give it all you have to get to the ball in time.

Like it’s your last game.

It’s not just a sport it’s my life.

It’s not just my life either,

It’s my passion!

Making it to States: To-Do List

Posted: May 4, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

Train Daily

Eat Healthy

Work as a Team

Work with our coach on being a better coach

Crush all our enemies

Dominate at Regionals

Work our way to the top

Prepare for states

Stock up on Monster, and Gatorade

Kill it at states

Bring home a major victory

Go home and cry because you have school tomorrow!

The Perfect Bouquet

Posted: May 4, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

You might think the perfect bouquet would contain roses.

There are so many more beautiful flowers.

Pink carnations, white daisies, yellow tulips.

Throw in a couple of magnolia’s, maybe some daffodils as well.

You see the perfect bouquet doesn’t just have to be one type of flower.

Just like flowers, people can be different. They can be mixed together, and made into the perfect bouquet.


Posted: May 4, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

Heavenly warmth is felt around the fire.

Yet outside is bitter and cold.

The snow falls slowly, coming down second after second.

Soon the urge to go touch the snow, and feel it’s cold embrace are too strong.

You step outside only to want the warmth of the fire back.

The snow has come to a slow trickle.

A lone snowflake lands on your nose then quickly melts away.

Just like the memories of a warm summer sun.

You smile to yourself.

Winter…has finally come.

A Liquid Moon

Posted: May 4, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

A liquid moon moves gently among the long braches.

Snow sparkles like glitter on the ground.

There is a chill in the winter night, and it goes bone deep.

It freezes everything it touches.

Everything it touches…

Yet here I am embracing this cold.

Letting it chill me to my very core.

It is comforting to feel this shocking cold.

As I open my eyes I see my breathe.

I need to go back inside.

To the warmth.

From the comfort of indoors, I can see a liquid moon moving gently among the long braches.


Posted: May 4, 2017 by dconley369 in DestinyC

Outside I see delicate petals of a tulip.

The untouched beauty of the flower.

I look up and see a fluffy white cloud.

I realize that it looks like cotton candy, and laugh.

As I gaze around I spot a red fox.

It is jumping and chasing what I imagine is a mouse.

The fox comes up a second later with mouse in it’s mouth.

It dawns on me just then how beautiful everything looks.

I love just how wonderful nature is.