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Death(Book Thief Narration Rewrite)

Posted: March 23, 2015 by garytrammell47 in GaryT

I don’t see why people are afraid of me

I am natural, part of the order in life

I will escort your soul some day

So you should be glad that I exist

It’s all I know how to do


Ice cream

Posted: March 19, 2015 by garytrammell47 in 2015, GaryT

A small ice cream shop

I ordered blueberry, how convenient

She was fixated on me, glaring with a blueberry stare

Love at first sight?

I understand why that’s such a popular belief

For the color of my desert was fading out

It seemed dull and dead

Compared to the shade and tint of her eyes

I can compare her to the ice cream I got that day

Sweet, blue, a joy

The one difference is

That look she had, over time, it stayed

And unlike that ice cream

It didn’t melt

Distortion, Choices, and Dancing

Posted: March 19, 2015 by garytrammell47 in 2015, GaryT

Distortion, the change of something, of a person

We get thrown into a pit

No one in our corner, we’re alone

We makes choices without knowing a definite outcome

Many become paralyzed, the fear of the unknown

Or we could let our own demons eat us alive

No one but ourselves can save us

Misery loves company, and its invitingĀ us in

Will you give in? I won’t

When the devil asks to dance with us

We better say never

Because a dance with the devil

May last us forever