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Just Me, the Deer, and the Shot

Posted: November 7, 2009 by tylerbrownng in TylerB, Uncategorized

Just Me, the Deer, and the Shot

It’s just me, the deer, and the shot

The deer may run

The wind may blow

The snow may be thick

But, I can still shoot

I’ve got five shells

No obstacles in my way

No snow in my scope

The deer haven’t saw me yet

No body scent blowing in the wind

It’s just me, the gun, and the shot

I slowly raise the gun

Flick the safety button off

Smell the warm, moist gunpowder


Running In The Dark

Posted: November 7, 2009 by gamerqueenjessicab in JessicaB


Is it always me

Who gets stuck in these

Situations I can’t find

Ammo or grenades monsters

Keep following and I

Can’t find my partner he’s

Probably doing better than

Me I think something brushed

My leg and I still have no

Ammo maybe this flash bang

Would work oh my gosh

It did legs move faster

Almost to the door the

Door slams shut behind

me and all I hear is


“Isn’t this one big family reunion?”


Why do I feel as if my nightmare has just begun?

“Just Me, My Heart, and a Dream”

Posted: November 7, 2009 by csimpkins101 in CaraS

It’s just me, my heart, and a dream

friends have their doubts,

Family dreams otherwise

They all try to talk me out of it

But I don’t acknowledge them

I keep on believing

No doubts

No changes

No regrets

My mind is set, and my heart is pure

Just me. my heart, and a dream

I take off running

I stumble

I fall