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What is done in the night . . .

Posted: June 12, 2013 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL, Queen of Kings

What is done in the night reveals itself to the sun.

Emotions are caught with the wind but contained by the rain.

I was forced to love in Rome.

My soul was captive by the board.

Our children were a result of power.

There are no connections.

But then there is Cleopatra.

Her beauty paralyzed my vision.

Her voice was a new ecstasy while her soul danced

with me hand in hand.

I fell in love with every chamber of her heart.

Even the doors that have yet to be opened.

-Mark Antony


Posted: May 28, 2013 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL, Queen of Kings

Her city is beautiful!

I caught a glance from afar.

Outsiders are astonished from miles away.

I am astonished.

Home of the biggest sacrifice on the Mediterranean.

Home of the separation of wheat and tear,

from dynasty to slavery,

from the essence of power within the walls as they pulse with the heartbeat of Amun.

It is as if each block was held by a different god.

It is as if she truly is Isis.

Her palace is the resting for the gods.

-An Outsider

*Amun was the god of creation.

Posted: May 22, 2013 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL, Queen of Kings

She’s beyond the measure of beauty.

The dark silk shines as it falls into place so perfectly under the gleaming sun,

enlightened by the gods of the sky.

Her vision is just the same. The brown ring glows to reflect her passion.

She is held by pure gold.

Her palace floods with fragrances from around the world.

Other kings arrive with an offering of only the best!

Her beauty is known, but her history is not.



Posted: May 22, 2013 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL, Queen of Kings

I miss her. I need her.

                                  I miss her presence.

I can smell her fragrance;

It’s everywhere.

I smell it as each day rises and sets.

It is as if it was sent from the throne of Isis.

She was made for my assistance.

She was made to be a queen,

And that’s what I’ll make her

                                          a queen.

The Queen of queens

-Mark Antony


Posted: May 21, 2013 by lukacsbetsy in BetsyL, Queen of Kings

Our queen tells us of Rome.

She confirms the rumors of the birds.

She ensures Egypt’s power will remain.

She promises fortune and fame.

I trust her.

We trust her

She is prosperous

by her own ways.

-Egyptian Citizen