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Anger is loud

A source of energy and power

But a bitter pill to swallow

Anger is heart racing

An uncontrollable emotion

Anger is the color red

The color of fire and destruction

Anger is powerful

Anger is dangerous

Beware an angry person

Photography Writing

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Is this my life now? I don’t know what shall happen next or where I shall go but I know there is a war where I used to call home. My feet are freezing pressed to the cold wet ground, yet the only feeling I have is that of tiny trembling fingers and gunshot sounds. What did I do to deserve this? Will I even remember the feel of my mothers kiss? They’ve taken her away I still remember it all. Was it the devils work or was it the fate of God’s call? They’re blaming the chemical napalm and it’s burning my flesh, but how can I be afraid when psalms put it to rest? “When I am afraid I put my trust in you.” The Bible said it first so it is what I shall do. My voice has screeched and my eyes have cried, but who am I to shed a tear when others have died? The war is not over, who knows when it’ll end, but soon my soul shall be a vapor in the very wind.


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Blue sky,


The perfect vacation.


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The feeling of drowning,

but not dying.

The feeling of living,

but not breathing.

The feeling of dying,

but still living.


It’s an open cage.

You trap yourself inside,

but the door is blankly open.


An open mind,

an open heart.

But feeling too much at once.

A horrible sensation

that never seems to go.

But leaves you in shock and satisfied.



The successful criminal.

Making lives miserable.

Will You?

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From the long winter nights,
To the hot summer days,
I'll be there,
By your side,
Until I die.

From the rainy spring afternoon,
To the crisp morning air in the fall,
I'll be there,
By your side,
Until I die.

The question is,
Will you be there?
Through all the roug patches,
and the drama,
Will you be there?

I could only hope you say yes.


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Sadness is a house

full of bad memories.

It is not something

that you will find comfort in.

It will tear you apart

like a dog with rabies,

and it will cause you to be silent

even if you want to scream

Sadness is a seashore

with only broken shells.

It is not something

to shelter or protect you.

It will beat you down

and stomp on you, as if

you were an ant hill.

Sadness is an illness

and it will

destroy you.

Boredom is Rage Spread Thin

Posted: May 20, 2016 by jacobvannatter in JacobV


Another day of work.

But I have to do it.

I watch the clock slowly move its old hands,

Its ways to make every second drag for hours elude me.


Last five minutes of class


I look across the class to my friend.

He’s asleep.

I don’t even hear the teacher anymore, it’s just incoherent babbling now.

I look back up at the clock.

It’s only been thirty seconds.

my passion

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my passion is cars i work as much as possible and do my best. As i work i learn as i learn i improve and then i put it all down on the line. i build performance engines and race that’s my passion

Alone Love

Posted: May 20, 2016 by phoebed1 in PhoebeD, Uncategorized

And thought nothing of it

as they dipped into the low light

gone forever

Thinking of the love they lost

and the sour-sweet dreams that follow

into the black, empty void below

As night approaches

the needed light fades to nothingness

leaving you stranded and alone.

Then the light rushes back

slowly but surely it appears

giving that last little bit of hope needed

The love you always wanted

always desired

always deserved

appeared within your eyes

Then gone.

As soon as it was there,

it vanished.

Leaving you in the dirt,



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Worthlessness feels like you don’t matter; it feels like nothing you do makes an impact. Worthlessness strangles and suffocates you like black smoke, to the point you can’t breathe anymore. Worthlessness whispers through its disgusting lips into your ears, telling you that nobody cares about you, that nobody loves or needs you. It consumes your soul as it rots, infesting your core like maggots to a corpse. It transforms who you were and makes you a walking, breathing zombie. It kills you.

The Wall

Posted: May 20, 2016 by Sydney R in SydneyR

Anger is the quiet tick- tick you hear from explosives

Tick- tick


Anger is the brink of frustration

The build up of water behind a dam

Tick- tick


Anger is letting things slide

Smiling and saying, “oh, you’re fine.”

Tick- tick


Anger is the crack in the dam

When things start to slip

And you just can’t take it anymore



Anger is the explosion that follows

The rushing water destroying everything in its’ path

Much like a wildfire consuming and swallowing everything in sight


Anger is the build up


Anger is the break


Anger is the explosion


Ups and Downs

Posted: May 20, 2016 by dw450 in 2016, DaltonW

Always move upward

Rather than down.

Don’t let anyone turn you around.

Keep the smile,

And not the frown.

I’ve been up and down,

But i have never hit the ground!

My friends always tell me

She’ll come around.

But what if she doesn’t,

What if she drowns?

The story goes…

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A pebble,

kicked by a kid

who is walking home from a long day at school.

A pebble,

ran over by a kid who just stole his first bike,

he wanted his little brother

to have his first bike.

A pebble skipped over the reflective waters.

You gaze into the waters,

but you do not see yourself.

You just see

a reflection.

Drifting Away

Posted: May 20, 2016 by tabbycollins in TabithaC, Uncategorized

Here I am.

My earplugs sit patiently on my bed.

They wait for me.

They wait for me to plug them in and explore their sounds.

My book stays quiet.

But on for a moment.

I plug my earplugs in and let the music cleanse my hatred for the world.

My book speaks to me.

I read.

As the words disappear the images become prominent in my mind.

Playing out the scene.

Piece by piece.

Exactly how it should be.

Boredom is rage spread thin

Posted: May 20, 2016 by NoahH in NoahH, Uncategorized

The rage, the aggravation.

In any second I could flip a desk or start yelling.

The rage I feel waiting in this class, It could release if the time would pass.

For when this day is done I will be set free.

Free to let this rage from boredom scream.