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Everything Will Be Okay

Posted: September 26, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH


Im so confused



Death is staring my papaw in the eye as he lay in the hospital

The doctors say he should have already awaken

but still he lies there not even knowing he is here.

Before all this had happened, everything was fine.

Then the heart attack hit him like a cinder block crashing,

hitting his chest so hard.

I don’t understand why it had to be him,

but still I pray, hoping everything will be ok.

I understand that one day, everyone will share their face with death

But the pain, tears, and everything you go through is so hard.

And still I yell for help.

Then a voice whispers in my ear

” Everything Will Be Okay”


Posted: September 26, 2011 by aburroway in AdamB

Play at Wacken Festival

Play at Download Festival

Play on Warped Tour

Sell a million records

March with Phantom Regiment or The Cadets

Collaborate with Coheed and Cambria

Meet George Hopkins

“He-Man, you’re two steps off the 45!’

Math Hysteria

Posted: September 26, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

The bell rings.

I sit cautiously in my seat.

She talks about what we’ll learn this year.

45, 45, 90 triangles. 30, 60, 90, as well.

Algebraic expressions

And how to calculate logarithms.

Factoring polynomials…

I don’t even know what those are.

She picks up her marker

And writes the words ‘sin, cos, and tan’ on the board.

Blue letters that spark nothing but confusion.

As she begins to work the problems,

I just stare in complete awe.

And this is only the first day.

Isn’t math great?


Posted: September 26, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

There’s a place within me

that cries like the wind

That acts like everything is ok

when all i want is my pain to mend

There is a place within me

that is as deep as the sea

but all i want to do

is run and set my emotions free.

There’s a place within me

that wants to scream and shout

because all of this built up inside

needs to be let out

And as you see, it’s my emotions

that I don’t want everyone to see

So i smile, and I laugh

but that is all

for I don’t hide nothing else,

not nothing at all.

Yes, everything else I do set free,

for I am myself

and that is who i want to be

Broken Healing

Posted: September 26, 2011 by aburroway in AdamB

Your tears hurt me more than you could ever know.

I try to make the pain go away,

but to no prevail.

Every tear you cry

is a day cut from my life.

Every word and every breath have no meaning if caught in pain.

The shallower the breaths

the further it breaks my heart,

and your heart could never find repair.

If I could write a paragraph to make every tear go away,

and every letter brought you closer back to life,

You know I would.

Day Dream

Posted: September 26, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

Last night,

I looked up to the stars,

wishing you was here.

Wishing I could get the chance,

to hug you one last time.

To be able to say


This morning I tell myself:

Your not gone forever and that

I will see you again.

But as of right now,

Even though your far,

your my Guardian Angel

watching over me,

while sitting on a star.

I’m free

Posted: September 1, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

I am a dreamer

I want to be free,

but instead Im trapped

I see myself as one lonely person,

a smile nobody ever seems to see.

I am a caring person too.

I am a person who has feelings

I am harder than a rock.

not a strong man,thats mean and wrong

basking in bubbles in the moonlight

dark and scared,

bright and beautiful and blonde

Not as me

Not as me

Dont relate me to a man,

I am neither strong or big.

Dont say i’m a bird,I can not fly

Dont match my wings to a black spiders spider web

Please feel my passion,just brush me off your shoulders

Glance my way and see that I’m not gone

Watch me cry,though i do compare to a cry baby

watch me mourn with sun,as raindrops fall from up ahead.

I have a heart thats brighter than the sun,

Watch these words become my wings,

and then,

Watch me be free.

I’m No Longer Afraid To Fly

Posted: September 1, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

I am imaginative

I want to fly, but sometimes I’m afraid to spread my wings and set free.

I felt as curious as a cat to know what would become of me.

I felt locked down, trapped by a sense of fear.

I am not fiesty like a cat; although, I am gentle and friendly like one.

I am not mean like a snake. I feel as peacful as a bird.

I wanted to spread my wings and fly.

To soar through the air and feel free.

When God came into my life, I was no longer afraid to fly.

I no longer felt being trapped or a sense of fear, for God lifted me up and took all of my fears.

Now I am strong, as strong as a lion, as free as a bird.

I feel a sense of happiness, safety, joy, and free.

And when the wind caught my wings, I opened them and flied.

 I never would imagine myself ever being locked down, trapped, afraid.

Watch me as I praise him, thank him for all he has done.

For God Almighty has made me stronger and for that I’m no longer afraid to fly.

I am a Christian

Posted: September 1, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA, Uncategorized

I am a Christian.

I want to do good,

but sometimes I sin.

I see myself as a messenger of God,

a way to lead people in the right direction,

a guilty soul like many others, and

I am not perfect.

I am the christian some people disclude.

I am a body ment for serving God,

judged for my religion

by people confused at life,

hoping they will see the way.

Don’t relate me to all the others.

I’m different, but in a good way.

Don’t say I’m a liar,

God is in fact real.

Please hear my heart,

Speaking to you in hopes,

you’ll understand.

Glance my way and see

my happiness.

Watch me grow and prosper

living for God,

though I do not always do the right thing.

Watch me ask for forgiveness and continue living.

Watch me share my happiness

with the world,

as a Christian.


Posted: September 1, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

I am a flower.

One that has not yet


I do not speak

unless spoken to.

I am quiet.

Do not think of me as outgoing.

I am not.

I prefer to keep away from new people,

from uncharted waters.

I am smart.

People are intimidated.

I am not a cheat.

I earn my success or failure.

Over time I have been broken,

but I grow stronger everyday.

I am not a pushover.

I will fight back.

I do not use my body as a weapon.

Instead, I choose words.

You think you’re better because you can hit people.

I know I am better because I can walk away.

I have the power to change the world.

Now all I need is

the courage to use it.

Fortold Mockery

Posted: September 1, 2011 by travisplumley in TPlumley

Open up your eyes
Prove the point that is sworn to me
Even blind ones see through your story
Begin on me oh mighty one
Destroy me with the powers that be
I’m still standing here
My heart still beats a million strong
I’m calling you out, prove to your followers that you exist
Bring down your fury like the scriptures document
Judge me
Tell me that I am not worthy for you
Bring down your fury like the scriptures document
Judge me
Tell me that I am not worthy for you
Rid me from this hell you’ve created and wipe my slate clean
Blind me with your light as though you never wanted me to see
Still I find myself waiting for the answers to come
My patience is wearing thin once again
Wipe my slate clean
Wipe my slate clean
Wipe my slate clean
When the trumpet sounds your so called second coming
Am I supposed to be trembling in fear
Wipe my slate clean
Wipe my slate clean
Wipe my slate clean
Thou shalt not bear false witness

About the Author

Posted: September 1, 2011 by deidrabrowning in DeDeB

Deidra Dawne Browning was born August 10,1994 at logan Memorial Hospital,she enjoys going to the movies,and running aroung with friends everyday in differant places to meet new people.She mostly loves to hang with her family,because thet are her hero’s.She loves to be with them so she can tell them everything that is wrong and they can help her.To this day she lives with her family in Holden W.V where she attends school at Logan High School where she feels the courage to write about whatever she likes.She enjoys family,friends,and school.On her spare time she enjoys reading books and baking for her mother and with her mother.

About the Author.

Posted: September 1, 2011 by briannaadkins in BriannaA

Brianna Lynn Adkins was on September 14, 1993, in Logan, West Virgina. Growing up, she moved back and forth from her hometown and Daytona, Florida. She is the second born of four and considers herself to be a motherly figure to the younger two. Her hobbies include reading and writing poetry, soccer, and reading books. As a child, Brianna wrote many short stories that varied in genre. Although she does not write horror stories, she is a big fan of them and an avid reader of the type. Brianna associates all work to past events in her life and emotions she has towards her topics. She feels her writing is a way to relieve stress and frustrations.

About The Author

Posted: September 1, 2011 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Antonia Hill was born on May, 9th of 1995 in the Logan General Hospital. She has lived in Logan, WestVirginia her entire life, and she attends Logan High School as a junior. Antonia is the oldest with a younger brother and sister. Antonia enjoys the outdoors and the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. She loves writing about her emotions, God, nature, and even life itself. She loves to entertain others with her pieces of writing. She loves many genres of music. She is also a family oriented person and would be lost without God in her life.

About the Author

Posted: September 1, 2011 by alisonadkins in AllisonA

Alison Adkins was born on January 15, 1996. She currently lives in Logan, West Virginia with her sister, aunt, and uncle. She attends Logan High School and is in the 10th grade. She often writes about her life and the things that has happened to her. She also writes fictional stories that are probably more suitable for children. She is a christian and she sometimes tells people about God through her writing. She hopes that by reading about him, people will understand and be a follower of God.