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I am from poem

Posted: September 15, 2010 by gregnewsome90 in GregN

I am from the football in my house.I am from the fourwheeler in my driveway. I am from the bicycle in my front yard which has a flat tire. I’m from mudfork which is a good huntin place.  I’m from the mother of me & my brothers. I’m from my grandpa who is dead now. Under the couch is a shoe box of spilling pictures a thing of lost faces beneath my dreams. I am from great moments of my life leaves fall from a great oak tree in our front yard

The big dark cloud

Posted: September 14, 2010 by gregnewsome90 in GregN

Far in the east there is a dark cloud that makes me wonder if it’s going to rain or not

In this dream I walked to see my family that had died an passed on over the many years that they have been up in the sky I miss them very much people just don’t know

I know the things I’ve lost which is some family members and some pets that I used to have that I wish I still had and that I want back very badly but I know they are in a better place which is peaceful an quite I wish I could have some of my family back that has passed away