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Day Wishes

Posted: March 18, 2015 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

Saltwater threats me with eternity

It burns my eyes and my heart

My arms are pushing

I’m trying to push forward

My feet are kicking

Everything inside of me is screaming

These memories are killing me

I can see the surface

I can see the air

I’m just having trouble getting there


Posted: June 2, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

A puppy’s tears have

Brothers and sisters they’ll miss forever,

A butterflies have

Harsh rain.

A giraffe,

Tall trees.

A whales tears

Have sand in them.

Mine have closed doors

And phone calls

And yours

Have loud words.

My Happy Tree

Posted: June 2, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

Happy, it’s been a long time

Since I’ve seen you last.

I hope your leaves are

Still fresh and green;

I hope your branches have grown strong.

When I left you,

You were young like I was.

I hope my secrets are still

locked within your trunk.

I hope you can still feel

My hands and feet

Trying to climb to your canopy.

Happy, I’m sorry I left you there,

With mom and dad.

You’re the last thing I remember seeing

After the car was rolling and I was leaving.

I’ll miss you forever, happy,

I hope you miss me too.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

This tragedy is like no other,

My road is bound by the

Rails of dark reason.

Icy visions from the past

Reply for the future.

Something was lost,

Yet nothing was found.

Unhappy and at home

Like a fly to my mother.

She opened the door and

Smacked me out.

I was free as the wind

Free to stay in everyone’s home.

Her ghost lingers with me,

So I never really feel alone.

There’s is some comfort in believing that

But in our hearts we know

We are all inevitably alone.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

Rain has a way for forcing me to sleep.

Maybe it’s the soft lull of sounds

Coming together, creating a symphony.

Plops of little drops in standing puddles,

Pitter-pats of rain on glass,

All in a relaxing harmony.

Cool, blue light that covers everything

And a degree or so cooler

Comfort me more than my eyes can stand.

Soon I am cocooned in my blankets

Fast asleep, all because of the rain.

What She Expects

Posted: May 30, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

She wants me to be

Just like everyone else

To take up the habits every one else has

All the other women in my family are identical

So why wouldn’t I act just like them

But maybe she doesn’t really want that

Maybe she just expects it


I couldn’t dye my hair

Any different way

Or shop at any different place

Or bring home straight A’s

She will always think the same


Individually is dead, I guess

Birds of a feather

Flock together

And there I stand on two feet

With two hands

And one single mind that

Only works for me.


Posted: May 30, 2014 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

Air flowing through my canopy,

I rest my gaze upon the sea.

Citizens with crows atop their heads,

Have no idea they’ll soon be dead.


Myrtle and Laurel litter the grounds:

The finest fragrances to be found.

Children playing with toys of plush,

Everything will soon be crushed.


Happiness in streets as fine as gold,

Citizens chattering with stories untold.

Pompeian’s now basking in the sun,

Their lives will soon be undone.


In the blink of an eye

Children watch their mothers die.

Exotic animals run and dash,

Only to be choked on falling ash.


My bark, once twisting and turning,

Is alive with a painful burning.

My leaves and olives unnerved,

The city of Pompeii becomes preserved.