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No Matter how Much I Try

Posted: May 14, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

No matter how much I try to prevent my stuff from breaking….

My brothers are there to mess it all up.

And when im gone

I come back and somethings missing

My brothers try to tell me they dont know where its at.

but…….(Yeah Right)

Im not stupid as they think I am

but….No matter how much I try… it doesn’t happen

intro by beau allen

Posted: May 13, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

 Beau Allen and he’s fourteen years old. Also he has wanted to be a professional skateboarder since sixth grade. Also  his birth day is August the fourteenth. And if he don’t proceed in being a professional skateboarder. he wants to be a person that works at crime scenes.

Outside 6:30 AM

Posted: May 11, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

Early in the morning rise into the street

                                        get me my skateboard and I’ll stuff shoes

                                       on my feet


                                       My body still tired legs still weak do a couple

                                       tricks run inside get ready fix my hair through the

                                        hall is sleeping parents and child


                                        Run back out wait about five minutes then it happens

                                         the bus comes, I get on and set with my friends, then

                                        I get off the bus, go in the school, wait thirty minutes

                                        DING!! That’s the bell, upstairs in the hall way it sets

                                        my class room, the room where I’m at now

Friends by Beau

Posted: May 11, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

It pushes me away from my friends when they do drugs and do illegal things. All the time getting in trouble. But the thing is I know when they do it and when they do it. What they do is actually killing me to know that my friends do that kind of stuff. I( really don’t need my friends doing that. Also I hope they know that it’s not cool to me. Also it’s that I cant stop them from doing it. It’s there body that there killing not mine. And the stupid thing is…..they try to hide the smell with cologne. But I hope the know that it just makes it worse.