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Across the sky

Posted: May 20, 2016 by rheanna12 in RheannaW, Uncategorized

Dance on tiptoe across the sky.
Your eyes shine in moonlight.
I watch my baby sleep.
Once a pon a time you were me.
Your death brings me sadness.
But it has done so much good.
For when you were alive your words were meaningless.
Taken for granted.
Your actions had magnificent meaning.
At the time I didn’t know that once you were gone your words would grow.
They make sense now.
And I wish I could hear them one last time.

Daughterly Love

Posted: April 15, 2016 by rheanna12 in RheannaW, Uncategorized

So excited, nervous.
Going to the place where all good thoughts exist.
Warm chocolate smell drifts through the air waiting to be added to coffee.
A bang from two doors,
a slight roar.
We’re off!
Minds being allowed to play.
Cheese burger scent filling the air,
as the adventure begins.
An hours away from home.
Twigs being crushed from an old cemetary.
“It’s a ghost!”
“I love you,” laughing back at the remark.
Tiny white balls sprinkled on two similar tongues.
Once again, two more bangs,
another roar.
Visibly passing red hats with white balls inside of stores.
Now, not a call, or visit.
You’re an hours away from me, again.
But this time,
“you’re dying dad.”
Silence, complete silence.
Sniffed and whispered,
“I love you.”


Posted: April 13, 2016 by rheanna12 in RheannaW, Uncategorized

As I sit on the cedar wood porch, I hear my name being called,
the voice is so familiar that I nearly cry,
I go inside the home,
answer back,
but no one is inside,
it continues to call,
the more I follow it, the more I stumble and fall.
I’m almost there,
it isn’t an echo anymore,
I fine myself back on the cedar porch,
I was calling my name,
hoping I’d hear,
that I can make it when the road isn’t clear.

Rocks Thrown

Posted: April 13, 2016 by rheanna12 in RheannaW, Uncategorized

Can take you up to the stars
Or throw you against a rock.
Truly you can’t expect the unexpected
because things happen without a warning.
For the good
For the bad
Only time can tell
Only time can heal.
And as you go to bed with tears in your eyes
worrying about tomorrow.
You can walk around with a smile on your face
a frown only the past will know.
Because what tomorrow brings are emotions only you can show.
In the end you’ll stand strong
but for now rocks will be thrown.