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Inside Every Celebrity Is a Mechainzed Weapon

Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

Pounding chest

Starry eyes

The fear inside eating away

At every shred of humanity

And every once of will

Fear is the plague

That feeds and grows

Fear is the consumer of all

The eater of peace

The eater of worlds

Fear is always there

It lurks and waits

And strikes down the weak and fearful

Fear is the thought that eats away

At everything and all

Fear is a disease

Fear is a threat

Fear is Fear

I don’t like change

I want everything to stay

The way it was

How perfect it was

The more memories you have

The harder it is to let go

The urge to pause that moment in time

To savor the last possible moment of sanity

Before it turns into chaos.

I don’t want to grow up

I don’t want to leave

I want to rewind into the past

When I knew nothing of the outside world

When I was still a curious kid

Climbing up doorways

Thinking Nickelodeon was thought-provoking television.

I know I can’t stop the inevitable

I have to face it soon

And I’m not ready.


Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

In the icy winter

When the sky is engulfed in black

And the eery white is all you see

A cold desolate wasteland

Of endless white

Among the winter desert

On the highest icy ledge

Is a tree

A single solidary tree

The story this tree holds

Is unknown

And unable to read

Those who gathered at the tree

For refuge

Along this white vastness

Or a reminder that beauty exists

Even in the most barren of places.

If Only

Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

If only the world could see you

How I see you.

A boulder left inbudged

By even the most earth shattering events.

Hidden away and protected

Where no evil can hope to find you.

This veil that covers

Your true self


Unable to be pierced.

You are the rock of inspiration

For everyone and everything

You cannot be broken.

All Apologies

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Point of view from Tom Grant

April 5, 1994,

Kurt Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

Or at least that’s what the officials say.

The scene I investigated was not a suicide,

It was murder.

Nothing adds up to suicide

The shotgun used, the angle of the wound,

The chemicals found in his body

He would’ve been unable to shoot any kind of gun

Or weapon.

But for right now

Let’s just remember him

The legend he was

And the impact he could’ve made

If he lasted just a few more years.

I will spend the rest of my life

To bring justice to Kurt Cobain

And bring closure to all of his fans.

*Tom Grant was a Private Investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt after he checked out of rehab days before his death.

*Grant has since followed the Kurt Cobain Murder Theory and has published several books and other works about it.

Broken Box

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

March 4, 1994

Point of view from Courtney Love

Kurt’s in the hospital right now

In a coma

He overdosed on painkillers and champagne last night.

What an idiot!

So now we’re stuck here in Rome

On Nirvana’s European tour

But the rest is going to have to be canceled.

This may have been an accident

But I think he deserves it.

Maybe he’ll get a nice lesson out of this.

Probably not,

Kurt isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

All of this is so sudden

The fans, the cheers

I never expected any of this.

We shouldn’t be the biggest band in the world right now

That isn’t us.

We just released our third album

and planning a European Tour.


That’s out of the country.

We even have an acoustic gig with MTV

Later in the year.

How I even agreed to that,

I have no idea.

I love playing music

And writing music

It’s my life

But this fame is almost too much.

Beginning of the End

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

February 24, 1992

Point of view from news reporter

Rock sing Kurt Cobain

Was married to fellow musician Courtney Love

On this February day on Wakiki Beach in Hawaii.

The wedding was attended by friends and family of the couple

But many fans watched the celebration from afar.

Kurt Cobain ser a new fashion trend

By wearing green pajamas

To his own wedding.

Talk about fancy attire!

Courtney is expacting

The couple’s first child

That is due later this year.

*Kurt and Courtney first met at Satyricon Nightclub in Portland, Oregon, January 12, 1990.

*Frances Bean Cobain was born August 18, 1992.

Surprise of the Century

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

We’re shooting a video today

We’ve got this fake gym

With cameras seemingly everywhere you go

And there’s at least a hundred people

I don’t even know

Here as extras.

The guys at the label want to do this

They’re releasing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as a single.

I think it’ll flop.

The world isn’t ready for us

It’s a five minute song about nonsense

No one wants to hear that.

We’re being forced to do this

Cause we’re under contract.

Let’s just get this over with.

Makes Me Sick

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill

She’s a wonder isn’t she?

She understands me

And who I am

I get so sick around her

And sometimes the feeling is too much.

It’s like an anuerysm building inside

But it’s a good thing.

Everyone says I’m too obsessed with her

But I don’t think so.

Kathleen Hanna wrote “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit”

On my wall.

She said it was about tobi,

But I didn’t understand.

That phrase means something

Something beyond the words.

It’s like an anthem waiting to take shape.

*Kurt dated Tobi Vail after his relationship with Tracy Marander fell apart.

*Teen Spirit is the brand of deodorant that Tobi wore.

*Kathleen Hanna was also a member of Bikini Kill.

About a Kurt

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Point of view from Tracy Marander

This becoming hard

I do all the work

And he does nothing.

He won’t get a job

He doesn’t even get dressed in the morning.

I love him,

But I can’t do this anymore

I’m tired of being the only one working.

I’m tired of having to steal food for us.

All he does is paint pictures

He paints everything.

He thinks he’s an artist or something

He’s talented, but being talented

Won’t get you anywhere in this world anymore.

He plays guitar too

And is in some kind of band

But whenever he plays around me

He keeps playing the same chords over and over

And mumbles stuff as if trying to write a song

But whatever,

I bet it’s not even about me.

* Kurt dated Tracy Marander for a while and lived with her in her apartment.

* The song “About a Girl” is about Kurt and Tracy’s relationship.

Jam Session

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Point of view from Krist Novoselic

I met a dude today while hanging with

The Melvins at their practice space.

His name was Kurt.

Something stood out about him from the rest

Of the guys there.

He was a free spirit

And seemed to have a profound knowledge on the world

But you could tell he had some problems.

Anyway, he was really passionate about the music

I could see.

So I invited him to jam with me sometime

In the upstairs room of my mom’s salon.

He said he’ll bring his guitar

And we’ll play some music.

Probably some Sex Pistols, Ramones, stuff like that I guess.

He seemed like a cool guy

But man, was he out there.

Under the Bridge

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

This is where I am now

Kicked out of my home

With nowhere to go

But the muddy banks of Wishkah.

Shielded by only a bridge and a tarp.

All my friends are fish

And this river keeps me company.

There must be something more

Something in the way

Somplace to call home

At least for a little while.

Underneath the bridge

On the banks of the Wishkah River

Is where I am now

Reduced to this

Where nothing is truly mine.

*Kurt dropped out of high school two weeks before graduation and forced to live under a bridge.

A Child in Need

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Fighting, Screaming

Why are you doing this?

Loud voices and harsh tones fill the room

As the sickly child lays there

Coughing and unable to breathe.

Scareed and frightend

Now crying

“Can’t you think of your son for one minute?”

His mother screamed.

“I am, that’s why I’m taking him away from you!”

His father’s words rung deep in the child’s ears.

Tears fell on his cheeks

But sobs were covered up by incessant coughing.

The child lying helpless in his bed

Need help,

And was ignored.

*Kurt was sick with bronchitis for most of his childhood.

*His parents divorced when he was seven years old.

As You Are

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

He’s just a normal person.

Two eyes, two ears, a mouth, and a nose.

All because he is different

They treat him like an animal.

But I see no difference

He is my friend.

Though I am hurt and mistreated the same,

I don’t mind.

People leave me alone for the most part.

Sure, they call me names like “gay” and “homo”

But they don’t interact with me.

They don’t know who I really am,

But I accept the names they call me.

I consider myself gay in spirit

But not in actuality.

They may not like it

But I will give them a reason

To leave me and my friend alone.

*Kurt was bullied for being friends with a homosexual student in school.

*He reportedly spray painted the phrase “god is gay” on the cars of his bullies.