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Inside Every Celebrity Is a Mechainzed Weapon

Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

Pounding chest

Starry eyes

The fear inside eating away

At every shred of humanity

And every once of will

Fear is the plague

That feeds and grows

Fear is the consumer of all

The eater of peace

The eater of worlds

Fear is always there

It lurks and waits

And strikes down the weak and fearful

Fear is the thought that eats away

At everything and all

Fear is a disease

Fear is a threat

Fear is Fear


I don’t like change

I want everything to stay

The way it was

How perfect it was

The more memories you have

The harder it is to let go

The urge to pause that moment in time

To savor the last possible moment of sanity

Before it turns into chaos.

I don’t want to grow up

I don’t want to leave

I want to rewind into the past

When I knew nothing of the outside world

When I was still a curious kid

Climbing up doorways

Thinking Nickelodeon was thought-provoking television.

I know I can’t stop the inevitable

I have to face it soon

And I’m not ready.


Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

In the icy winter

When the sky is engulfed in black

And the eery white is all you see

A cold desolate wasteland

Of endless white

Among the winter desert

On the highest icy ledge

Is a tree

A single solidary tree

The story this tree holds

Is unknown

And unable to read

Those who gathered at the tree

For refuge

Along this white vastness

Or a reminder that beauty exists

Even in the most barren of places.

If Only

Posted: October 10, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB

If only the world could see you

How I see you.

A boulder left inbudged

By even the most earth shattering events.

Hidden away and protected

Where no evil can hope to find you.

This veil that covers

Your true self


Unable to be pierced.

You are the rock of inspiration

For everyone and everything

You cannot be broken.

All Apologies

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Point of view from Tom Grant

April 5, 1994,

Kurt Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

Or at least that’s what the officials say.

The scene I investigated was not a suicide,

It was murder.

Nothing adds up to suicide

The shotgun used, the angle of the wound,

The chemicals found in his body

He would’ve been unable to shoot any kind of gun

Or weapon.

But for right now

Let’s just remember him

The legend he was

And the impact he could’ve made

If he lasted just a few more years.

I will spend the rest of my life

To bring justice to Kurt Cobain

And bring closure to all of his fans.

*Tom Grant was a Private Investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt after he checked out of rehab days before his death.

*Grant has since followed the Kurt Cobain Murder Theory and has published several books and other works about it.

Broken Box

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

March 4, 1994

Point of view from Courtney Love

Kurt’s in the hospital right now

In a coma

He overdosed on painkillers and champagne last night.

What an idiot!

So now we’re stuck here in Rome

On Nirvana’s European tour

But the rest is going to have to be canceled.

This may have been an accident

But I think he deserves it.

Maybe he’ll get a nice lesson out of this.

Probably not,

Kurt isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

All of this is so sudden

The fans, the cheers

I never expected any of this.

We shouldn’t be the biggest band in the world right now

That isn’t us.

We just released our third album

and planning a European Tour.


That’s out of the country.

We even have an acoustic gig with MTV

Later in the year.

How I even agreed to that,

I have no idea.

I love playing music

And writing music

It’s my life

But this fame is almost too much.