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Carpe Diem

Posted: April 15, 2016 by mvinson16 in MirandaV, Uncategorized

“Carpe Diem.”- Horace

Seize the Day. It means taking the world as your own. To grab onto it and never let it go. When you seize the day you control it. When I hear this quote I think of achieving a goal or taking action. Riding on my own self-ambition.


Posted: April 14, 2016 by mvinson16 in MirandaV, Uncategorized

It’s different on the inside where no one can see.

 Your free to be yourself and no one can judge you on what you want to be.

 Others can pretend to be your friend, but they only care about themselves in the end.

They take and they take but never receive enough.

They will all leave you once they’ve had too much.

It’s better to acknowledge this and be your own friend.

It’s only yourself who will be with you until the end.

I Am Me

Posted: April 12, 2016 by mvinson16 in MirandaV, Uncategorized

I am from cozy cushions and snugly blankets. From loud music and thick books. From picture frames and vanilla scented candles. And endless loving comfort.

I am from dog barks and car horns. From family and friends. From church services and basketball games. And polite conversations with chatty neighbors.

I am from parks and trails. From sports courts and festivals. From freedom and bravery. I am from Logan County.

I am from the Mountain State. From September 11 and freedom. From the Statue of Liberty and the National Anthem. I am from West Virginia- wild and wonderful.

I am from Tar-heels and coal-miners. From Irish, Dutch, and Indian ancestors. From Jesus Christ and die hard believers. I am from crazy nut-jobs but I love them anyway.

I am from a simple home. From a humorous husband and an amazing child. From a hard working job and time with my family. And a wonderful and loving family.