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Last Night I Dreamed…

Posted: March 18, 2015 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW2015, Uncategorized

Standing there I stared at the sun until I was blind

My skin suffocating me and thousands of birds beat against my chest.

There is a breeze dancing through my hair, I turn that way.

Insects are creeping around on my feet.

Maybe that’s what the birds are trying to get to.

I am walking and it’s okay because I hear the waterfall.

My legs stumble and trip over roots.

I suppose there really is blood pumping inside of me;

I have fallen into a rose bush.

Soft stones are under my feet. Smoke assaults my throat.

I can hear the breeze again. I turn that way.

Predators growl; I keep walking.

The tips of my fingers kiss the tree bark and

All of these tornadoes swirl in my stomach fighting each other.

I think there are bubbles in my head, but maybe

It’s just my eyes missing the way

The stars light up the sky at night

And how flower petals open inviting the butterflies.

I still can’t see.


Posted: March 18, 2015 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW2015

Rivers Rush and water twists over jagged rocks

Continuing all in one direction

Heat beats all over my skin and the flowers perk up

To soak up the sun

There is nothing to do but lay and enjoy what a beautiful


I mean day.

How bold of the trees to rustles their leaves

And welcome the birds and the squirrels

To live in their branches

How nice of the soil to hold everything in place,

To help everything grow

Could I ever be so bold?

What I mean is:

The birds fly so high and flap their feathers

They know where they’re and they

Still remind so free


What about you and me?

I was actually talking about the way

The fire flies are just like glitter at night

And how I like to catch them

And how you’re a catch too.