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Never Be Ready by Ali Neace

Posted: September 9, 2009 by aneace in Allie

I’m not ready to go.

I’m not ready to leave

The comfort of my home

And my family.

Will you make it without me?

You don’t want,

But I know you can.

I don’t want to either.

We knew it was inevitable that I had to go eventually.

Only time can tell what the future holds,

 But until then,

I’m not ready to go.

I’m afraid I won’t be successful,

And I know you’ll always be supportive,

But I’m still afraid of what my come

When I’m on my own.

I know I’ll have to grow up fast,

But I’m still not ready to leave

The comfort of my home

And my family.

Sorry… by Ashley

Posted: September 9, 2009 by ramblingnurse93 in Ashley

Well, I don’t really relate to this piece much, but I can speak of those whom I feel I have hurt in some way or another.

This is slightly pathetic but… I’m sorry for that message; I really shouldn’t have said that… and although you were originally the rude one, I still feel the need to say “I’m sorry.” It’s my human nature. We were just friends, but it still somewhat saddens me to know that we used to talk online on a daily basis and occasionally in person. Now we don’t speak at all.
Hmm oh well, I guess the feeling’s mutual between us now.


This is to the point, no need to beat around the bushes. I’m sorry for never saying goodbye. It hurts deep deep down to know that I’ll never get the chance again. To see pictures of you, it hurts. I’m sorry for taking for taking your presence for granted, assuming you’d always be there. That, obviously, wasn’t the case.
& I’m sorry for that.


I could apologize to many more people, but we don’t want to be here all day. Some people don’t even deserve my sympathy or apologizes… but once again, it comes to with one’s human nature; sometimes I just can’t help but to be nice all the time.
& I don’t suppose that’s a bad thing either. I guess you could say I’m the antagonist on the other side of this poem, finally ‘fessing up and trying to make peace or things mutual among one another.

Prefect Time of Day by Robbie

Posted: September 9, 2009 by rmgrove in Robbie

Morning is
a tile floor
cold even under feet with socks
footsteps in a deafening silence

a kitchen window
thick fog covers everything
the sun, barley breaking through

Dad swinging on the porch
sharing a bag of potato chips
scattered moos in the distance

a section of grass
gleaming in a ray of sunlight

a warm summer breeze
blowing the porch swing
back and forth

my mom
my sister
sleeping in the house

a breeze that carries
the smell of pine trees
so strong

the birds in the trees
chirping with excitement
a new day is here

Word of advice to all… by Ashley

Posted: September 9, 2009 by ramblingnurse93 in Ashley


Years ago, my friend had this wacky idea of going to a middle school baseball game at Whitman.. She told me it was a varsity game because she knew that was the only one that we’d want to watch.. Well, we soon found out it was JV but decided to stay for the game anyway..

As the game went on, we had became fairly tired and hardly anyone was in the stand.. So I decided to call my mother to come and pick us up.. I had clearly forgotten she had my dad’s truck, and her phone nor his was in there w/ her.. I finally got an answer at the house and told my dad to come and get us..

10 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed – still no Dad.. I was getting kind of worried..

I get a hold of Mom to come and get us.. She comes and gets us, furious as can be.. I allowed Jenna to sit up front with her while I sat in the back.. I soon find out that my dad was looking for me at Logan’s baseball field, not Whitman’s.. He didn’t know where we were; he didn’t have his phone on him either.. He searched all over the place..

We came home, and all we could do was to wait until he came home..
Until that time, we were just out of luck..

He came home – finally..
And everything was actually good among us all.. Well, not at first but it eventually got to that state..

He was glad to see Jenna and I safe & sound..

So word of advice to all kids: always verify with your parents/guardians where you are going.. Whether it be up the street or down the road.. Doesn’t matter – If not, you might very well end up in a situation like so.. And believe me, you do not want that..

Gone (revised) by Kari Back

Posted: September 9, 2009 by kariface in Kari

You thought you’d always have it;

            it would always be there.

    You were wrong.

You remember its gifts,

                  its wonderful surprises,

            its twists and turns.

You remember its harsh lessons,

     its brutal trials,

            its enlightening experiences.

Without it, you feel nothing like you used to.

Your disposition is a day in October;

            warm and sunny one minute,
   cold and bitter the next.

You want so much to be back on that rollercoaster ride;

            to feel the winds of love and laughter surround you once again.

Some lose it quickly,

                     some hold on to it for dear life.

Those who have it take it for granted,

    neglecting to savor every last drop.

Those without it can only dream of its beauty.


You tried to hold on,

                 but now you’ve realized your childhood is gone.

Adventure by Ali Neace

Posted: May 18, 2009 by aneace in Allie

     We decided to take a hike up the mountain. We had done it many times before. The air was humid, typical for a mid-summer’s day. I was aggravated because my nan made me wear sweatpants; I was prone to get poison ivy every time I thought about that waxy four-leafed plant.

     The mountains called to me, however, and I could complain no longer. We started up the path behind my nan’s house: I knew we were in for an adventure, even if we had to make our own. We passed headstones and plastic flowers on our way, for the graveyard was the path.

     Our hike continued in companionable silence most of the time. Eventually we reached the facing of a giant rock formation. We pulled out our rope and pretended to be rock climbers. Once on top, we rested on the edge, looking down on the world we would soon have to re-enter. The orange sun was starting to go down, so we took the fastest route down the mountain. And that was sliding down on our behinds, tons of fallen leaves to cushion.

     When we finally reached our destination, which was the faded bluish-gray house, my nan made me wash off, but she should have known sweatpants wouldn’t keep the oil from that fiendish plant off of me. The itch was nothing new to me, so I put anti-itch cream on and tried not to scratch. Of course my cousin didn’t get it. She was always the lucky one when it came to things like that.

controversial topic by Kelli

Posted: May 18, 2009 by kelliakers in Kelli

Hunting is now such a controversial topic. Its either people 100% disagree, 100% agree, or could honestly care less. I, however, agree with hunting. I love the watching the excitement rise from people from the preparation, scouting, and the final hunt. It’s all so common to me. My dad has hunted for as long as I can remember; I guess someone could say I was raised in the sticks. But, I can’t call myself a hunter, because I’ve only went squirrel hunting a couple times and I was too loud and never killed anything. I can see hunting in my future one day though, especially with a bow. Not so much a gun; they scare me. The pulling back of the string, release on my wrist, finger on the trigger ready to pull. It’s all such a rush to me.

Life’s a chance

Posted: May 18, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

Life is a chance

Alex Estep


I have done things that I wish I had not, our minds are made up in a split second and although sometimes we know we shouldn’t do things, we do them anyway ready to handle whatever consequences may come out way.

Most of the time I don’t think about the “what if’s” that could often turn fatal, I just decide and whatever happens, happens.

Life is about taking chances, and if it’s not, then why are we here, we take a chance each time we step a foot outside the comfort of our homes, never knowing if a mass murderer or beautiful day is waiting on us.

Life isn’t about taking chances, Life is a chance.

A Slice of Something Real

Posted: May 18, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

I was born off the Atlantic Coast in the middle of a grunge era. I adore the

West Virginia hills. I bought a heart shaped box made out of ivory that I keep a necklace

my grandma bought for me. I have lied to the world. I never admit to me liking being sixteen.

My friends’ faces have lost their innocence. When I was two, I over-dosed on Children’s Motrin because

I thought it was candy. My favorite thing to do is pray and my favorite time of day is dawn.

They are the only favorites I possess.  I still hear my paw-paws hack early in the mornings. I have met about a

quarter of West Virginia. I cry when my sciatic nerve hurts. I love blankets and kitties. I plan on

being so happy I can’t stand it. I am Elysse. I want to be independent.


E. Burkhamer

I sometimes wonder.

Posted: May 18, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

I Sometimes Wonder

Alex Estep


Sometimes I wonder how a room of people can agree how cruel and heartless it is to kill a animal, yet the same people think abortion is acceptable.

I wonder how they see a difference in the two. Both animal and child are innocent, and helpless, both of which never harmed a soul. Something beautiful a miracle God allowed happen.

The only difference I find is that one was created with your help, and ready to throw it away like a piece of worthless trash, that nobody would ever desire.  You say you don’t have time, you can’t afford a child.

Look around, there is a person that can afford children, which would love to start a family with someone they love, but cannot.

You are not only killing an innocent, your ruining a couple’s dreams of ever having a family. And not that that have you not realized all the danger you have put yourself in, of the illness which could consume your being.

Sometimes I wonder if people ever think before they act, sometimes I wonder if people ever think period.

When I was young on the move in Logan

Posted: May 18, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By:Desirae Akers


When I was young on the move in Logan

I remember I never had much friends

I was never in one place long enough to make any.

I remember I never had the chance to ride the bus to school,

I always walked alone on the long narrow bridge

that same bridge I tossed petty rocks into the muck of the water on my way home.


When I was young on the move in Logan

I went to my grandma’s every weekend.

There she would always fix me my favorite dish,

hot noodles with butter and shredded cheese.

Often we had sits on the front porch to watch the rain lash on everything it touched.

Now days I would be lucky to even get to hear her voice.


When I was young on the move in Logan

I was a canvas to my mother.

She used me to make a new picture everyday.

She always dolled me up with her bright eye colors and red lipstick.

I remember the aroma of the perfume she sprayed on me

and the likeness we shared when she was finished.


When I was young on the move in Logan

I always stayed up late with my two older brothers.

We sat on the soft sofa playing their video games,

or watched horror movies that scared me so bad my eyelids were glued open.

I was terrified to sleep alone; afraid of the nightmares that came.


When I was young on the move in Logan

all the things I once loved took a break.

I remember the hard times rather than all the good times.

I learned through those times to ignore and make best with what I had.

That was the childhood I had, the fun I had before all the bad stuff happened.

It seems like it all went too fast, but if I could, I would never go back.


Drunken man

Posted: May 14, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By: Desirae Akers

 Drunken Man

What is going on through his mind as he savors his forbidden drink?

He does it so much I don’t think he ever has time to think.

I know he does it for himself; selfish bitter man.

He doesn’t even realize how it effects me.

He’s to drunk to talk to you without yelling.

He’s to drunk to be serious.

He’s to drunk to even bother spending time with you when you really need him.

He always forgets.

You figure after awhile he’ll just give up and quit, but it’s in him forever.

A drunken man is in him forever.

I just learned to deal with it when he drinks all the time.

I don’t want him to know that he makes me mad.

I tried that once before, but it blew up in my face.

He must use it to  get away from everything, from me, from the family, from work.

I don’t really know.

I’ll never understand why.

Deep down inside though, it always bothers me.

He always bothers me.

The smell of his breath when he gets in my face.

His stupid attitude about everything.

He might as well not even be there.

Because when he’s drunk, he’s never really there.

There You Were

Posted: May 14, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

There You Were

Alex Estep

There you were in that big, red, swing laughing as he pushed you higher and higher.

The sun smiling down on you, birds singing around you, and the wind blowing your hair from your face, the day couldn’t be more perfect.

There you were with a crowd of people, eating a slice of pizza and cheering him on as if it were only the two of you at those football games.

Before he went on the field he blew a kiss from his fingertips which you caught and threw one back.  You smiled as he pretended to put it in his pocket and save it for later.

There you were waiting for him in the Toyota, as he was getting near the two of you locked eyes, making it impossible for you to stop smiling.

As he got into the truck he reached into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulled something out, yet, when he opened his hand to reveal what he had, it was empty. 

He saw the dumbfounded look upon your face and smiled then you remembered it was kiss he saved earlier.  He always knew just how to make you smile.

There you were being woken up in the morning with a kiss on your forehead as he whispers “C’mon, I have something to show you.” 

As you climbed up into the white truck you paid no attention to the music playing around you, only to the hand that rested upon your knee.

There you were on the tailgate of his truck, his arms wrapped around you, holding you close, it was the only warmth you needed.

The smell of pine all around and the warmth of the sun created the perfect atmosphere.  The beauty of the sun rising just above the horizon nearly took your breath away.  He leaned in closer and whispered “There is nothing more beautiful than you.”

There you were six and a half months later, with no swings, smiling suns, kisses or sunrises and there was never a perfect day.  You were tired of all the drinking and all the drugs, tired of washing the clothes that smelt of strong vodka and marijuana, but most of all tired of spending endless nights crying yourself to sleep.

There you were trying to deal with a break that just wouldn’t mend your body tired and weak.  Then one day it was over and you were free again. You were laughing with your friends, without a care in the world; you turn to him “Goodbye, my friend.” You say to him.

And there you were forgetting him, but never the lesson he taught you, and once more you whisper “Goodbye old friend.”

Where I live-Alex Estep

Posted: May 14, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

Where I live

Alex Estep


You will come into an old run-down town, whose buildings are chipping away due to bad up-keep.

You must drive far away from these buildings, far away from them all to get there.

Although you desire to see what type of people live here, do not turn back now.

It is beyond the railroad tracks, beyond the food markets, there is a fork up ahead in the middle of nowhere.

Signs advise you to turn right or continue on the path from which you began, turn right and follow the winding stream, it will lead you all the way there.

Painful Reminiscence by Alisha Runyon

Posted: May 14, 2009 by lisha09 in Alisha

You remember her.

Sitting on her favorite section of the couch and watching her favorite soap operas.

You remember very vividly the theme songs of every show.

On snow white winter days she would tell you not to sit on the heater vent;

afraid you would burn the house down.

You often stop what you’re doing and realize how lost you might be if she were gone.

So to pass time you sat behind her on her flower pattern couch and braid her hair.

Hoping one day you’ll have the same beautiful curly locks.

As the cold seasons passed you remember watching her read her Bible,

wondering if anyone could possibly have read it more than she.

You’re not very sure what would happen if she were to just leave all of the sudden, then you have to

block out those thoughts for fear they’ll taint your dreams.

Then you wake up from a dream you wish was reality.

That’s when you realize that you need to stop living in the past and let everything be as it should.