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Posted: October 10, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

You will come upon a hill

Where it’s as hush as the still night

This is the place where im from

beyond the mountains are adventurous trails you can walk or ride on for hours

Its a place where everyone knows one another

The trees tower over the neighborhood surrounding it, giving it shade on the bright, sunny days

Its a place where all the kids go out and play

Its Four Seasons, my neighborhood, my home

It’s where I belong.


Goodbye for Now, but Not Forever

Posted: October 10, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

We’ve been together since we were little kids

we’ve played softball since we were miney miners

now after all that time we’ve grown up

sprouted up like weeds in the garden

and after four long years in high school they are leaving

time has gone by so fast, I just can’t believe it

& a little after graduation, it will be time

Time to say goodbye

not forever, just for a while

I know we will keep in touch, so that makes me smile. 🙂

Split second

Posted: October 10, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Split second, thats how much time I had to choose between injury, life, or death.

Still yet to this day it’s scary to think about.

I was driving back from Charleston, doing speeds of about 65 mph.

I was coming through Chapmanville and the ride had been smooth along the way

& at that very second I noticed a car pulling out on the highway, directly in front of me.

At that very moment I saw my life flash before my eyes

Being about 10 feet  away from crashing into him, I had no choice

In a split second, I was forced to either hit him, or veer into the passing lane, for I was going way too fast to stop.

So I veered into the next lane, and thank God there wasn’t a car in that passing lane or the results could’ve been disastrous

Thank God.

Loved Ones

Posted: October 10, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Loved ones

passed and gone

when all you have left to remember them are past memories alone

you think of the good times

and you think of the bad

and every once in a while you might get sad

but as time goes on, the weak get stronger

and although you miss them, you begin to accept what has happened

you realize that death is a part of life

but every night before I go to bed

I roll over to see that picture of Grandpa

sitting on my night stand.

Great Grandmas

Posted: October 10, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH

Going up to great grandmas

I loved visiting there, but the one thing I couldn’t stand were the meals she made for me

peas, spinach, and even carrots

I think she did it purposely, she knew I hated them

She would mke me sit there for hours until I finished

so I threw a fit, I kicked, screamed, yelled, cried and even left the table

but I ended up back in that chair with a whipped hind end

but that never stopped me

so I tested her

but I wasn’t getting anything past her

but I’ll never forget the battle I put up for hours with Great Grandma

Laid to Rest

Posted: April 17, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH, Marilyn Monroe, A Life in Poems

Everything now seems to be my fault

I get blames for this and for that

I just want to get some sleep.

I lay in bed with many thoughts running through my head

I take my medicine, but its much more than I’m prescribed

Thump, thump, thump goes the beat of my heart

An hour passes by and I close my eyes

Thump… thump…….. thump.

Footnotes  : Marilyn died on that night of August 5, 1962. The

autopsy shows she dies from barbiturate poisoning, a tragic drug

overdose. The many sleeping pills she took, took a toll on her body

and put her to rest forever.

Bad Off

Posted: April 17, 2012 by antoniahill15 in AntoniaH, Marilyn Monroe, A Life in Poems

Marilyn doesn’t quite see it

But she is getting bad off

Her health continues to deteriorate

Due to the increased dependency on drugs and involvement in an unhappy marriage

She shows up on the set late

She cant even get her lines straight

She’s now consulting with a drug therapist

He prescribes her barbiturates and tranquilizers

But still she shows up late

1 hours, 2 hours, sometimes even 3

She’s killing herself but that’s something she still cant see

I see it’s the stress she’s trying to escape

But by time she realizes it, it’s going to be too late